Resqueeze Reusable Food Pouch 6 oz

Resqueeze Reusable Food Pouch 6 oz

Resqueeze is the perfect reusable squeeze pouch ideal for feeding soft foods to infants, toddlers, and school-age children. Resqueeze is a convenient, cost-saving, and environmentally conscious alternative to existing market offerings — one-time use food pouches. Simply pour your favorite applesauce, yogurt, smoothie, or puree into the bottom opening and squeeze and Resqueeze! How are we different? Resqueeze is larger than competitors – giving versatility to grow with baby’s growing appetite (add more or less) – the size also provides a larger fill opening for easier filling and cleaning. Resqueeze is the only reusable pouch with a double-dual zip-seal, no leaks! We offer a see-through fill line to know what’s inside. And Resqueeze has fun kid-appealing graphics that we’re sure your babe will be clapping for joy when they see you pull out the Resqueeze.

Main features

  • Includes 4 reusable resqueeze pouches with 6 oz capacity, clear fill line and measurement markings
  • Top-spout extra wide bottom opening for easy filling and cleaning (no filling gadgets required)
  • Heavy duty dual-zip closure for no leaks
  • Hand-wash recommended for best clean, dishwasher friendly (top rack) for sanitation, freezable
  • Constructed of layers of nylon (for strength and durability) and food-grade plastic (bpa and pvc free)

Verified reviews


Easy to use and clean PLUS made in the USA!

I had been usingLittle Green Pouch (4-pack)for almost four months before trying ReSqueeze. I have converted. I didn’t realize how many challenges I was having with Little Green Pouch before trying this pouch.Having the spout up at the top has made it easier for the kiddo to feed himself. Plus, it creates fewer crevices to clean. It’s easier to just stick a bottle brush into ReSqueeze and get it spotless.Filling ReSqueeze can be more challenging because of the spout being on the top. I found it’s easiest to cap it, stand it up in a cup, and then fill it. The opening is larger than Little Green Pouch, which is nice.With Little Green Pouch, you can stand it up to fill it, but the bottom part of the pouch has these crevices that are near impossible to fully clean. I have to take a thin knife to the crevices to scrape out the food, or else it just stays there no matter how well I scrub.The material on ReSqueeze is thinner, but I haven’t found that to be a negative in any way after a month of use.Plus ReSqueeze is made in the USA! Who doesn’t like creating jobs at home?

Alisha Newtonia, MO

Serve their purpose

I like these so far and my little one likes them, but from the reviews I read, cleaning them was supposed to be easy. It’s not hard, but it’s not what everyone else said it would be like. I read people say that there were no cracks for food to get stuck in, but it definitely gets stuck in the seems on the inside, the zips at the bottom and around the mouthpiece at the top (inside). I wouldn’t recommend putting them in the dishwasher because you definitely won’t get the stuff out of the cracks that way. I discovered this after putting them in the dishwasher. Even with a bottle brush it’s a bit hard to get the stuff out around the inside of the mouthpiece. I will continue to put the lids in the dishwasher tho.Also, after initially taking the caps off, the little teeth that connect the caps to the pouch (like the teeth at the bottom of a lid on a bottled drink) are still attached and all crooked and just look cheap. It’s not a deal breaker, but certainly isn’t awesome. Makes the lid look junky.However, it does serve it’s purpose and my son who is 2, eats out of them and likes them.I like the fact that i can put things with a bit of texture in there and it doesn’t get jammed up.These are the first reusable pouches I’ve ever bought, so I don’t have anything to compare them to.

Diane Clay City, KY

use every day

We love these. New favorite baby product. Dishwasher and freezer safe, fits with attachments like the nuk straws and spoons, & I know exactly what she’s eating. We freeze purees in ice cube trays (like the mumi and bubi ones) & I put 3-4 different 1oz cubes and maybe some cereal or spices, then when it defrosts I squish it all up. Or we put in yogurt and smooshed berries. Or half yogurt half pureed whatever. Works great!!

Georgia Saint Thomas, MO

Fantastic pouches!

I was looking for a reusable pouch and this is it. The 6oz is great for my 16mo old who goes through easily two store bought. Can mix grains with fruits etc. and the pouches handle a variety of liquids thickness. From smoothie thick to thinner fruit only purees.The sealable zip-lock is hands down awesome. Never had a spill. Clean it with the bottle brush and if my LO has eaten while we were out, I do keep the cap on it until time to wash so as to facilitate cleaning. These are a dream!

Rachael Brooker, FL

Does not hold what it says it does.

Easy to fill, but it holds much less than it says it does. I think the pouches should hold what they advertise.

Deirdre Barton, OH

Nourish vs ReSqueeze Food Pouches

ReSqueezeProsClosing zipper is more sturdyLess prone to overfilling and subsequent explosionEasier to open pouch, pouch material extends well after the zipper (1/2 inch compared to 1/4 inch)Double ZipperConsExpensive at 3/pieceSingle pouch design, Yellow animal with orange and blue animalsHolds slightly less than Nourish pouches due to extra pouch after the double zipperI purchased ReSqueeze to start off, needed more because we started to freeze food too, purchased Nourish BrandNourish BrandProsHolds a little more than ReSqueeze (approx. 1/2 ounce more)Much much cheaper (1/pouch) than ReSqueeze (3/pouch)3 different color stylesConsZipper is single seam, easier for overfill caused explosionsMore difficult to open the pouch, not much pouch material after the zipper (1/4 inch compared to 1/2 inch)Bottom line, if money is no problem, buy all ReSqueeze. If money is better conserved, buy Nourish and don’t overfill!

Rae Gibbon, MN

great for babies who want to feed themselves

My baby wanted to feed himself starting from an early age, so these were a great option for those days when he absolutely refused to be spoon fed. He would get excited if I pulled out the pouch and he knew what was coming. I’ve rolled them up, squeezed them and no problems so far. I like that they are reusable and fit the caps of the store bought baby food pouches.

Faith West Columbia, TX

Just okay. Seems cheap.

I was glad to find these, really wanted a reusable pouch option since I make my own food, and hate the thought of spending extra $$ on store-bought ones, then just tossing all the packaging every time.These are a good idea, but seem cheap. They look and feel just like the store-bought ones, and don’t seem like something that should be used and re-used. The first time you open the cap on top, the little "teeth" that keep it on perfectly just snap right off, just like a one-time-use variety. I realize you can just get replacement caps like other reviewers mentioned, but that sort-of defeats the purpose of buying reusable in my opinion. I needed something that would last and work well for many uses.Also, a major gripe I have is how hard these are to clean. There are about a million nooks and crannies in the badly-designed top that take forever to scrub out after all the pureed food gets in there. Yikes. It just seems to me that the manufacturer just took the exact mold from the one-time use ones, and added a double zip-loc style closure to the bottom. Yeah, that’s exactly what must have been done. Could be so much better.I just found the Boogin Head SQueez’Ems Reusable Food Pouch at Walmart, and the price and design are so much better! Unfortunately, it looks like Amazon only carries the old version, which has bad reviews because the top was snap off instead of the new version which screws on. Understandably, the old version spills when you squeeze, because the top just snaps off. But they’ve fixed this problem, so if you can find the new version or Amazon starts carrying it, I’d highly recommend it!

Jewell Mayer, MN

Great product.

Really like these pouches, much better than others I have tried as my daughter can get all the food out with no difficulty. I use an empty "motts" applesauce container to measure the food as that’s the perfect amount with no spills. I had 1 out of the 8 pouches leak (very slow leak), but I still use that one, just don’t use it for storage like I do the others. Great product though, saves money. Wish I bought these earlier.

Lorna Little Lake, MI