Resqueeze Reusable Food Pouch 6 oz

Resqueeze Reusable Food Pouch 6 oz

Resqueeze is the perfect reusable squeeze pouch ideal for feeding soft foods to infants, toddlers, and school-age children. Resqueeze is a convenient, cost-saving, and environmentally conscious alternative to existing market offerings — one-time use food pouches. Simply pour your favorite applesauce, yogurt, smoothie, or puree into the bottom opening and squeeze and Resqueeze! How are we different? Resqueeze is larger than competitors – giving versatility to grow with baby’s growing appetite (add more or less) – the size also provides a larger fill opening for easier filling and cleaning. Resqueeze is the only reusable pouch with a double-dual zip-seal, no leaks! We offer a see-through fill line to know what’s inside. And Resqueeze has fun kid-appealing graphics that we’re sure your babe will be clapping for joy when they see you pull out the Resqueeze.

Main features

  • Includes 4 reusable resqueeze pouches with 6 oz capacity, clear fill line and measurement markings
  • Top-spout extra wide bottom opening for easy filling and cleaning (no filling gadgets required)
  • Heavy duty dual-zip closure for no leaks
  • Hand-wash recommended for best clean, dishwasher friendly (top rack) for sanitation, freezable
  • Constructed of layers of nylon (for strength and durability) and food-grade plastic (bpa and pvc free)

Verified reviews


great product…perfect for little ones.

These are perfect for our needs. We have a one year old who loves the pouches, but makes a huge mess. She accidentally squeezes the contents out of the pre-filled varieties just by holding them, but is so independent that she won’t let us help 🙂 . These are large enough that I can put the food in (enough for a one year old) with no waste, and there is still plenty of room that when she holds it, it doesn’t squeeze out the top.They are easy to clean…we use a round brush and it fits inside perfectly. They are dishwasher safe, but the go flat in the dishwasher, so I prefer to hand wash. The zip seal is on the bottom, and has not leaked at all.Side note: the tops are the same size as many store bought pouches, so if you lose one, it really isn’t a big deal.Overall, I would highly recommend. I am ordering a second set.

Sharlene Glen Dale, WV

Well made and works with squeeze station

These seemed very well made and the zip lock at bottom gave me no problems at all. We used it with the Infantino squeeze station and it worked great. In fact I would almost say using it is necessary. I found that when filling it by hand everything oozed out when I tried to close it. We did like the larger size. Cleaning was fairly easy but I did not use my dishwasher to prolong life. My only real complaint would be price. I like to make many of these in advance to freeze but that is rather cost prohibitive.

Billie Mount Sterling, WI

we use them every day

these things are really great. we’ve had them a week or 2 and have used them basically every day… they’re super easy to fill and clean – just rinse out and put in dishwasher! we’ve been putting 3 frozen puree ice cubes (i use the mumi and bubi trays to freeze whatever looks good at the farmers market) and a spoonful or 2 of baby cereal… when we go somewhere we bring them along, and it’s been awesome. (we sometimes defrost ahead of time, or if we’re going to be gone a while they defrost in the diaper bag or car) i love knowing exactly what she’s getting, and not spending $1.50-$2 for the ready-made pouches every time! this is seriously one of my favorite baby items.

Arlene Lakeville, IN

ReSqueeze + ChooMe tops = happy Mama and baby

I researched several different reusable food pouches and ultimately decided to purchase the ReSqueezes. So far, this has been a great decision. My son hasn’t learned how to squeeze them on his own yet (he’s 6 months old), but today I put a ChooMe top on one and he went to town. It was so exciting! The choice of the fun graphics helped to initially catch his attention. He’s a curious boy so if something catches his eye he wants to investigate it. Choosing a pouch with the spout on top was the right way to go, especially in these early stages. I can’t imagine how awkward it would’ve been to try to teach my son to use the pouch on his own with one that has the spout on the side. In all my research I saw both good and bad reviews of the seals on all the different pouches. The ones on the ReSqueeze held up to me squeezing on the pouch for over 10 minutes today; they feel very well made. And I have confidence that if they fail that I’d receive incredible customer service from the company. I sent an email via the web form on the ReSqueeze website and the founder responded and we’ve corresponded one other time as well. In the first email I told her that I appreciated that they were having the product made in the US (I love the reduction of the carbon footprint) and the second email was to tell her that I’d tried the pouches and was thrilled to see that my son liked them. This is clearly a "hands on" company producing a fantastic product that’s made in a responsible manner.

Lucia Bedford, OH

New look still great

I’ve bought these twice now. I just can’t say enough. Even this new look, a bit more streamlined is great. Functional. I love that I can get my oatmeal apple prune mixes in and I’ve never had a spill yet, and my LO really squeezes… Bravo well done.

Nettie Crookston, NE

Great buy

Great pouches made of very strong plastic, easy to fill and to wash whether by hand or in the dishwasher. I just wish they were bigger !

Briana Wofford Heights, CA

Love these!

My son who refuses to be fed by me will now eat yogurt! These things are super helpful. They’re great!

Marta Newport, NH

Easy to use and clean

These are great reusable food pouches! They are very easy to use and clean. My friend has the little green pouches but says that food gets stuck in the corners and they are a pain to clean. Resqueeze has a great design they are rectangular like a regular Baggie so things don’t get stuck around corners. I soak mine because I am soaking bottles and sippy cups anyway but I don’t know that you would have to to clean them well.

Mitzi Roberts, IL

These are great!

I make my own baby food so these are great for storing her food to bring along. Easy to clean with a zip on the underside. I can throw a couple of ice cube tray frozen foods into it and go! Cute too!

Randi Cannon Beach, OR

I like that they’re dishwasher safe

I use these to have my 11 month old self-feed yogurt. They work well and don’t leak, though I don’t store them on the fridge with food. I like that they’re dishwasher safe.

Ramona Cincinnati, OH