Rest Assured

Rest Assured

Positions baby on back for safe and secure sleeping as recommended by the Surgeon General and SIDS Alliance. Soft rolls keep baby in position. Super absorbent mat holds liquid Away From Baby.

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Great Alternative to Snuggle Nest

My son was a big baby (8.6) and grew out of the Snuggle Nest in a month. Once he started wiggling a bit, he slid down the mattress onto the bed! The item is a bit overpriced. Rest Assured is a good alternative which accomodates more growth. If you’re concerned about suffocating your child, he/she is safer in a bassinet. Since he was my first, I thought I could live without a bassinet, but found that the crib is much to big for a tiny baby. The mattress on the cradle we bought was quite thin and uncomfortable and so next time I will purchase one of those well padded bassinets. I felt badly about buying a bassinet once I had commited to the cradle and as a result my son slept with me for about 2 months on our futon! Some babies seem to want to sleep in your arms ONLY in the first few months, so I am aware that one can’t always fault the product! The good news is that he has transitioned to his crib beautifully by 2.5 months, but he will only sleep on his stomach. I was scared at first but he is rolling over now so I no longer am concerned. They tell you not to sleep with your baby or let them sleep on their stomach, but at the end of the day you must do whatever saves your sanity and allows you to function.

Luella East Liverpool, OH

PLease check with your doctor

The SIDS alliance suggests not using anything in the crib, including any of these sleep positioners or wedges, because the baby could kick his way down and suffocate against the foam bars. The truth is that you will probably not need it. Babies naturally sleep on their backs if placed that way. I was given this as a gift when I was in the hospital and when my doctor saw the box he suggested that I return it. He said that these things come in and out of style and for some reason have come back in fashion again, but can be a big risk for SIDS- scary!! My baby is now 4 months old and we have done fine without a product like this.

Odessa Kiowa, CO

A must have

Keeps my newborn son in position I put him. It makes me feel good that my son will not have square head because he always sleeps on one side.

Chasity Wyndmere, ND

Right Theory Just Not Needed

We used this once.. It was just not needed… roll some receiving blankets and viola… I would not spend the money on this again.

Michael Wales, MA

Okay, but there are better…

This product is okay. I dont like the material used on the back of it as it is so slippery.I found a nicer one at Target made with a head support of memory foam. My daughter LUVS it and sleeps really well on it. I would recommend looking at the one at target first, although this one does do the job.

Lily Sedalia, MO

Love this product

I registered for this and got it at my baby shower and am so glad I did. The nurses in the hospital always put my baby on her side to sleep using receiving blankets that were rolled up. When I got home and used the Rest Assured it was wonderful. My baby loves it and it is so easy to use and switch baby from side to side when you are laying her down. It definitely makes me feel more comfortable when laying her down. I don’t have to worry about her choking if she spits up.

Georgina Owings, MD

Keeps the blanket tucked in!

I originally bought this as a way to make sure my baby stayed on her back or side while sleeping. It works great for this! However, I found an even better use! My baby kicks the blankets off of her every night, even if I swaddle her, and I used to worry all night that she was uncovered and cold. So I take a receiving blanket and tuck it in all around her under the sleep positioner mat, so it makes it very hard for her to kick off the covers! I think this is a must have for all new parents and babies!

Leila Kermit, WV

Great for our newborn

Our newborn likes rolling onto his side when he’s sleeping and this has been awesome. He doesn’t mind it being there but it keeps him still. It’s also washable for accidents and when he spits up a little bit.

Rochelle Blandford, MA

Feel better

This is a great thing to have. I’ve used it right from the beginning. She is a squirmy baby and it helps keep her in one spot and gives me a piece of mind during the night. Also, because the sides are velcro, I can reposition them to make them wider as she grows and put her on her side for daytime naps. Easy to clean as well, goes right into the washing machine.

Rae Whitmore, CA

Decent Sleep Positioner

I like this–it stays put. It will only be good for a limited amount of time, but I really don’t care–it wasn’t that expensive and it’s easy to clean. I got several of them actually.

Julianne Swanton, MD

One of my favorite items from my registry

When I was registering for baby products, someone told me I didn’t really need this and that I can roll up blankets to place behind my babies at night. I registered for this anyway and was really happy that I did. It gave me peace of mind at night that my daughters would not roll over on their stomachs when sleeping on their sides. (I also put them on their sides to sleep as this was how they were positioned in the hospital). I even bought two more to keep at my parents’ house for overnight visits. It is a relatively inexpensive item and although it might not be a necessity, I would recommend it to any new mom.

Ana Pinconning, MI

Not really very useful

This is a great concept, but… My son was squirmy enough from the beginning that he managed to slither out of this after a week or two. He would be half out of the top after an hour or so. It just didn’t keep him in place and I was afraid with him moving around so much anyway, it may actually be dangerous.Also, (he was a June baby) the polyester type material made him very sweaty, which contributed further to multiple nightime awakenings. I kept thinking he had leaked out of his diaper before I realized his sides were sweaty from this product.

Donna Texline, TX