Reusable Food Pouch – Large 7oz. Capacity 4-pack

Reusable Food Pouch – Large 7oz. Capacity 4-pack

FEATURES * 7 oz capacity–2+ baby meals or 1 big-kid lunchbox snack * Durable & long lasting–50+ uses per pouch with proper care * Easy to fill–no filling station to buy or clean * Double-strength zip seal–leak proof; baby proof * Top-fill pouches–easy to fill; free-standing when full * Dishwasher safe–rinse first, then wash upside down in the top rack * Freezer safe–just fill and freeze; doubles as lunchbox ice pack * Baby friendly–rounded edges; safe cap; easy to grip & squeeze * Cute but not cutsie–even Dad won’t mind snacking from a Little Green Pouch! MAKES HEALTHY FOOD MORE CONVENIENT * Babies (4+ months)–perfect for homemade baby food purees, yogurt, applesauce * Toddlers–blend a complete Real Food meal, put it in a pouch! * Big kids–fun lunchbox accessories * Adults–take easy Real Food nutrition for hiking, hiking, breakfast on the run * SCD/GAPS diet–keep your safe, puréed foods ready to travel ECO-CONSCIOUS * Wastes less plastic–each 4-pack of refillable Little Green Pouches keeps 194 single-use pouches out of the landfill! * Smart materials–no BPA, lead, phthalates or PVC = good for your family, good for the planet VERSATILE FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS * Perfect lunch tote and lunchbox accessories * Portable, reusable food storage containers for purees

Main features

  • ***Beware of unauthoirized sellers; buy only from Little Green Pouch ***; Easy to Fill! Zipper sealed at the top so the pouch can be opened & filled with up to 7 Oz of your favorite pureed foods. For the 1st use, remove cap & blow into pouch to expand it to its full, supple shape!
  • Re-usable! Made of durable, BPA-free, PVC-free & phthalate-free plastic. They are built to withstand those beatings that only young children can give & (after cleaning) take some more.
  • Dishwasher Safe! Just prop them upside down over the tongs on the top shelf of your dishwasher. For best use, we recommend rinsing all the homemade spinach surprise out of the pouch and spout before running the cycle.
  • Freezer-Safe! If you like to cook homemade baby food in big batches, why not fill up a bunch of our reusable pouches and pop them in the freezer for later use? You can defrost them in warm water when you are ready to enjoy. Or, pack them as freezer packs in your lunch in the morning – they’ll be ready for squeezing by the afternoon.
  • Easy to Squeeze! The size and suppleness of our reusable baby food pouch makes it great for use by those darling little hands.

Verified reviews


Not perfect but very close

UPDATE: I was using these every morning for a couple of weeks & was very happy with them. Then a seal came undone on one of the pouches, a few days later the same happened to another pouch. I’m going to contact the co & see what they say. I’ll keep you updated!UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: I received a VERY nice & fast response from the co. They said there has been an issue with the pouches & they are about to release version 2.0 to fix the problem. They offered to send me a brand new set of the new pouches once they’re ready. I would recommend contacting the co directly to order these to make sure you get the new ones. If they have truly fixed the issue then these are above & beyond the best pouch I’ve found. I will keep you updated on the new version!These little pouches make feeding my independent 10mo a lot easier.After some trial & error here are some things that might help.1) When the pouches arrive, before you open them at the top, blow into the spout to open up the bottom all the way2) Cleaning: although these are dishwasher safe I don’t recommend it. The water pools in the bottom of the pouch while its upside down & the dishwasher doesn’t get them very clean. I’ve found the best way to clean them is a combo of soaking in hot water, using a bottle brush & the spray nozzle on your sink.3) Filling: although you can spoon the food in, it’s not very practical. I’d recommend the Squish Mini Funnel.4) Contents: the pouches don’t work well with anything sticky, even some things from the regular store bought pouches. I’ve had problems with banana, or mixing in cereal. The best mix I’ve found so far is some yogurt & fresh blueberries in the blender, it’s watery enough for her to get it all out the pouch & its easy to clean up.What I love about these pouches:1) Even though they’re not clear, they are translucent. This makes it easy to see how much food is left & where it is in the pouch & also makes them easier to get clean.2) The spout being in the side is GREAT! My 10mo has an easier time feeding herself with this design, and she’s able to get all the food out without much help from me. Also, when she’s almost full & starts playing with the pouch less food comes out than when she plays with the pouches with a spout on the top.3) You don’t have to fill the pouch through the spout. This is the best part of their design! The seal at the top has never (knock on wood) come undone even with my baby swinging them around & throwing them on the floor.4) Caps from all other pouches fit these (so start saving them now!) I’ve even thought I could use the colored caps to remind me what’s inside the pouch.Now, the one thing that could be improved1) The pouches are not a solid piece of plastic. The bottom is sealed on with an overlap that creates a little pocket in the very bottom corners that the food gets stuck in. So again, be careful with sticky foods! Hopefully they’re fixing this issue with the new version 🙂

Keri Pulaski, PA

Fell Apart After 3 Uses! Don’t Waste Your Money (and Time)!!

Total waste of money. I’ve been making baby food for my twins for months and thought this could make their food more portable. Instead I was frustrated with a top that didn’t open very far, and a funnel (don’t buy this either) that couldn’t fit anything through it. And yes, the food was puréed. I bought both the funnel and pouches for the reviews, so I’m sharing with others just how flimbsy these were. The ziplock top adhered to one side, rendering them totally useless. They are difficult to clean and get the cracks and crevaces free of food. Even though they say dishwasher safe, I wonder if they can really handle the heat as get seemed warped after one wash. I soaked them and washed by hand with a brush and STILL couldn’t get the food out. Plus I thought I was buying/supporting a small company in San Mateo (I live in SF), and these products we actually made in China! Really? For the $20 price tag I thought I would at least get good quality and support local commerce. I normally dont review items, but i think other moms should know and save their money. Honestly, I have no idea who is reviewing these? Mommy bloggers who get the product for free? People who have time and money to throw away? People who reviewed them after one use? I can’t imagine my experience was so different from the norm. What’s worse, we are in the middle of a move and it feels like a needle in a haystack to find the accompanying lids, box, and printing a return label just to get my $20 + $6 funnel back. When you’re a mom of multiples, you especially don’t have time for expensive, time consuming disappointments like this.

Annabelle South Union, KY

Awesome product

The best choice over other reuseable pouches. If you are considering buying the U Fill pouches… don’t! Yes Little Green Pouches are twice the price per pouch but are SO worth it. One of my Little Green Pouch seals broke just several weeks after using it ( it honestly could have been because I yanked the seal open roughly with impatience rather than being an actual product defect)and even though the company sent me a new 4 pack to replace just the 1 broken one (great customer service!) I thought I would try a different pouch.Here are the reasons I recommend Little Green Pouch over U Fill:U Fill’s ziploc opens at the bottom. Little Green Pouch opens from the top. U fill leaks everywhere if even the slightest bit of puree gets into the zipper. They leaked all over my fridge shelves and I ended up cleaning puree drips off of every item below them. Little Green Pouch has never leaked, even when turned upside down and squeezed really hard by my 1 year old.Because of the zippered bottom, it is impossible to stack U Fill in the fridge neatly. They must lay on their sides and they roll and slide around in the fridge. Little Green Pouch bottoms open up wide so when they’re filled they stand upright, making a neat row in the fridge.U Flll materials are flimsy. I can tell they will not last long – I use pouches every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day with two children under 2 years old. For these to be cost effective, they need to last a while. Little Green Pouch materials are significantly sturdier. I have run Little Green Pouches through the dishwasher many times and they are still as sturdy as when they were new.U Fill doesn’t specify whether these are dishwasher safe, but that’s mandatory for our lifestyle. Little Green Pouches are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and are BPA-free and phthalate-free.Spend the extra money on Little Green Pouches, you’ll be glad you did.Incidentally, I’m not sure why another reviewer’s expectation was for a valve to be in the spout- these perfectly mimic the pricey pouched purees in the store the kids love so much. A valved spout does not function easily for babies used to sucking, is more involved to clean, and is an entirely different product.

Sonya Tranquility, NJ

best ones yet!

I bought these from the litte green pouch website when they were first released. I was on the count down waiting for them to be released, I was so excited. I got them and was disappointed because the seals broke (wait there’s more), The owners where SO amazing and refunded me and have been so great at keeping me in the loop as to what’s going on with their manufacturing. Customer service has been amazing. They switched manufacturers and I’ve since tried them and and the new seals are amazing. What you see for sale on the site now, are the best ones. My 7 month old, 3 year old, and 5 year old all use these! I love them because it’s so much easier to feed my baby when we aren’t home, with these. My older sons eat things pureed that they would never eat if I gave them a bowl and a spoon. For anyone comparing brands, I tried the Squooshi ones, and while they are cute and nothing has broken, they are too floppy for my liking and I don’t like that they fill from the bottom. Little Green Pouch wins.

Wendy Andrews Air Force Base, MD

Really wanted them to work!!

The Ziploc seal rips away from the sides within a couple uses!! This must not be a problem for all batches of this product (Lots of people love these!) I did my research and thought this product would be the best. I only hand washed them and after the first one broke in less than 1 week, I opened the other 3 as carefully as possible (only to have all the pouches rip the same way). We so wanted these pouches to work, so we could make our own purees and save money on the dozens of pouches we go through each month. Like others with this problem (read the 1 star reviews) the company sent us 4 new pouches, but after 3 of our 4 original pouches broke, I wanted a refund (which they agreed to….after I return the 4 replacement pouches). This product certainly won’t hold up over time (which it needs to do to make the $20 cost worth it!) Plus, it’s made in China! Come on!

Aurora Brock, NE

These work great for making your own baby food, but there’s one annoying con

I bought these so that I could make pouch food for my 1 year old who now prefers pouch food to jar food. Pouch food costs double for less food so I decided to make my own. I’ve tried mango, strawberry, carrots and spinach so far and he likes it. As long as there’s fruit covering the taste of the veggies it’s a go.The one annoying thing about this pouch is that it’s so difficult to clean! The bottom isn’t easy to open up and so food gets stuck in the tight corners/pockets of the bag. Even the dishwasher can’t get out the food stuck in the cracks. Other than that, it’s easy to use with a funnel and stays locked when there’s food in it.If you want more advice on great baby products for your little one, visit the website, Under the category, baby gear essentials, you’ll find info on what to put on your baby registry, a full stroller shopping guide, and some advice for moms getting ready for the hospital delivery.

Doris West Blocton, AL

good for early toddler

These are okay. they work as described but are nearly impossible to clean. Yes you can put them in dishwasher, but that doesn’t remove all the items in the corner folds. You pretty much can’t put anything with seeds in the smoothie, such as strawberries, kiwi, etc. as it just leaves behind a mess. I refuse to buy a special cleaning brush that the company tries to sell you with this, as the product should be designed to be functional- which means easily cleaned

Carlene Freetown, IN

Ziploc tore after very little use

I actually purchased these in June, and wanted to try them for awhile before giving a review. In the past couple months they have not been used heavily, and NOT handled by a wild little infant/toddler. I was the one filling, cleaning, feeding it to him, etc. Tonight, when I went to fill one of them, the ziploc pulled completely away from the pouch! Not acceptable. I"ve contacted the company directly, and I hope there is some recourse for me. Maybe it was a bad run, I don’t know. I just dread the time and effort that is going to be required to get replacement pouches, which may or may not work. And then, I"m reading all the reviews that say they’re made in China….not happy…

Christi West Clarksville, NY

Love the idea and the price, little hard to clean

Love the idea of this, especially that I can make my own fruit and veggie concoctions to give to my baby on the go. However, I do notice that it is a little difficult to get all the food out of the seams at the bottom. But not a huge deal, for this price you can afford to replace them after a few months -still cheaper than buying the individual pouches from the store.

Janis Dansville, NY


We have been using these for 8 months now and I’ve still bought Plum pouches when I don’t have the time to clean and fill these pouches. Its as if the company didn’t product test or put it before a panel of their target market prior to putting them on the shelf. Main problems:- The creases of the pouch on the bottom get food stuck in them and its almost impossible to get the gunk out. It does say dishwasher safe, however, it is impossible to get clean with a dishwasher since the opening on the top is so small.- The zipper lock at the top will get food stuck in it and will mold as well. I’ve scrubbed like crazy and still can get it out.- The spout placement also creates a little pocket where food gets trapped and the pouch can fold on itself in such a way making it hard to suck from.- I could spend about 10 minutes rinsing and scrubbing just one pouch- filling them is difficult because they are hard to stand up on the counter and pour your contents in while keeping the small top open. The company says to spoon in, however, the opening is so small that a spoon full of food scraps off on the opening. They also say to put your food in a pitcher and pour in but if anyone is familiar with baby food, it isn’t liquid. Blended peas don’t pour. So picture trying to stand up this light weight pouch on its own on the counter while you have a pitcher of food that doesn’t pour so you have to give the food a push with the spoon meanwhile holding the pouch up from falling over as the food falls in and keeping the top open big enough. 1 hand pitcher, 1 hand spoon, 1 hand pouch?Next time I think we will try the throw away pouches…UPDATE: A representative from little green pouch contacted me to help with my situation which I thought was great customer service, no one wants a negative review on Amazon, right?… So she sent me a scrub brush that they recommend to get into the creases, a pitcher and a pack of the newest pouches, which is really generous. I would LOVE to say that it all worked out and now I love the pouches but I would be totally lying. The special scrub brush they sent broke first use. It’s also “L” shaped and swiveled in the middle making it difficult to push that brush and scrub the creases. The pitcher had a long slender little spout which is great for liquid but not baby food, so that didn’t work either. The upside is that the material on the newer pouches with the tabs on the top are alot more durable than the ones I bought a year ago.Sorry it had to be this way little pouch but you need to go back to the drawing board and TEST your product or I’ll come out with something better. Your product could be great with a bit more love.

Joan Tobias, NE

I wanted to like these, but they are hard to fill (way …

I wanted to like these, but they are hard to fill (way too rigid) and impossible to clean (again, way too rigid). They dont open wide enough to get cleaned in the dishwasher, and of course water and ickies get stuck on the underpart when they are upside down. Otherwise, I love the idea (pouches are great but so much waste!!!), I love that they fill from the top, that they stand up, and that you can use the caps from other pouches. But I just dont think I can use these more than once!

Candy Judsonia, AR

Great for homemade baby food!

These pouches are wonderful. In fact I love them so much I wrote a blog post about them and one recipe that I do with them. You can read it here: […]These are easy to use. You just leave the lid on, pull the top open (it’s like a ziploc) and pour in the food. Then you seal it up. I usually fill all four at a time and put them in the fridge so they’re ready to go when my kiddos want one. I like making my own so that I know exactly what is going into my kiddos’ food and I could sneak veggies in there as well. The ONLY problem I’ve run into is that my husband threw away one of the lids (he’s used to the pouches you buy at the store that are disposable). As far as I can tell you can’t just buy replacement lids, so now I have one more pouch than I have lids. 🙁

Heather Frankfort, KS

so far so good

These are a bit difficult to clean but I have been rinsing them out and washing them by hand immediately after use. My 1 year old loves pouches. I have a ton of leftover baby food from buying in bulk from amazon, but he has switched to solid foods mostly. I don’t want to give the food away because that would defeat the purpose of buying in bulk to save money. These allow me to feed them to my 1 year old without much fuss (he makes a horrible mess with a spoon and gets frustrated). For everyone that said that the tip gets food stuck in the threads, I haven’t had that problem because I use the gerber/nuk screw on straws for pouches. My son likes those and I tested them on these and they fit. They are soft too (I know a couple people said the tip is hard). Overall, I think these work, we haven’t had any spills, and I’ve managed the clean them so far. They are overpriced in my opinion, its easy for my kid to suck air (they don’t seem as air tight as store bought ones), and I’ve not had them long enough to see if we will have any mold issue as discribed by other users.

Lela New Providence, PA

Great option for convenient meets green feeding

Thanks for creating this option. Genius! Baby loves to eat from squeeze pouches but the waste is just over the top. I hate adding plastic to the landfill.These are a beautiful compromise. Just be sure to wash immediately to avoid food caking into the tiny crevices. They’re a little tricky to clean well but make my heart so happy – worth it.

Zelda Avon, IL

Great idea. There’s a learning curve to closing them

Filling them is easy. Cleaning them is easy. You’ve really got to respect the Fill Line indicator and make certain the zip seal is clear of food before closing. Took me many tries to get the hang of it.PRO TIP: Seal the bag, remove the cap and *fully inflate* the pouch before cleaning. Makes it much easier to get the nooks n crannies.

Leann Jerusalem, OH

Great pouch

Ive tried several pouches, and this is my favorite. It’s large, and having the closure on top makes it easier to fill. It did take my daughter a bit to figure out the side spout though!

Nan New Concord, KY

So glad I finally purchased these!

I have only been using these for a week, but I am so glad I finally purchased these. I used to buy the Earth’s Best pouches on sale when we were on the go, but they are expensive. I like that I can make different combinations and my daughter really enjoys them. I plan on making a bunch, freezing them, and then using them as needed. It did take me a few tries to get used to how much to put in the pouch. I keep a towel on hand to wipe off any extra that spills out.

Kendra Mexican Hat, UT

Great product.. cleaning isn’t always easy –

I love my little green pouches – they hold a lot – are sturdy, the “zipper close” actually holds – the lid interchangeability with standard pouches rocks.I’m not a HUGE fan of the design that has them all but collapse when empty – I understand this is just part of having a “pouch” and I’m not sure there is a way around it without losing the flexibility of the item which I love. But cleaning is a little hard. I use a bottle brush to get the last little bits out – but sometimes even that is hard. I’ve not come up with a fail proof method – I do use the dishwasher but because of the collapsing often times they don’t get clean – its like we need a “cage” or something to put in them while they go through the dishwasher. BUT I think that is going to be same across all the pouches and I have read enough reviews to know thats true.. so my rating holds – I love them for the closure, structure, and cap ability!

Emilia Manor, TX

It’s okay, I guess.

Difficult to fill with just a spoon, I’d suggest getting a funnel to help, that’s next on my list. It’s not as easy to clean as many described, and my 15-month-old doesn’t like holding it the way she does with pouches that have the spout on the top. Make sure you blow air into it to get it open all the way, or else it won’t be able to hold more than a few spoonfuls. It could use some improvements but it’s still better than the money spent on disposable ones.

Karina Amherst, VA


so many of the pouches are hard to clean, open up on their own or hard to fill. This product is not of the above. I have had them for 4 weeks now and used them many times and am very pleased.

Abbie Eastport, ME

LOVE these!!

Oh man, I LOOOOVE these pouches. They are larger than the other ones which have animal characters on them & they fill from the top which is much smarter to me functionally. Plus they look very normal & not like a generic or fake (read uncool!) version of the “real thing” (note that to most kids the real thing is the sugary junk from the grocery store). But us moms know better…these are filled with real foods & my kiddos are none the wiser.

Rosetta Troxelville, PA

Perfect for little hands and super easy to keep clean

I ordered these after my lil one decided he didn’t want to eat off spoons anymore and only wanted things out of pouches. Well that gets pricey, so I decided it was time to invest in my own pouches so I could add my own yummy mixes to them. First day my son went nutts…he loved them and ate whatever I put in them, great success!! I thought the position of the mouth spout would be awkward, but they’re actually perfectly positioned when a little one is holding the pouch. Another awesome thing is that it’s easy to squeeze out ALL the contents of what you put in. Reviews of other products stated that you end up wasting, sometimes up to half, of what you put in, because you can’t squeeze it out through the thick material. This material is thin and easy to squish all the puree to one end, so you get all the goodness with minimal waste!They are also really easy to clean, I just use a bottle brush to get down in the nooks and crannies if there is stuck on food. They are dishwasher safe, but I have just been washing them by hand, which is quicker and I feel like it gets them cleaner.

Kathryn Charlotte, MI

great idea

I love these little pouches. I always felt so bad about buying those other super expensive pouches for my little guy to snack on. These not only save us money, but we aren’t wasting so much packaging. I also like how they are larger, maybe 2 times as large as the ones you buy in the store. My 2 year old can eat a full one of these (he was going through 2 at a time of the other ones). They are pretty easy to clean, I always make sure to rinse it out immediately after he is done so no food gets dried out in there.

Caryn Arapahoe, CO

Can you say best product for baby food ever???

We LOVE these! Just wish I had thought of the concept first! So easy to use, wash, and heat. It doesn’t get better than this. All you mommys out there: don’t spend a fortune on the pre-filled ones at the store, make quick & easy baby food in your food processor and serve it in these! Great for mom’s morning smoothie on the go as well! Also, I do recommend the mini funnel for filling them.Thank you for making these!!!!

Eleanor Fredonia, TX

Great way to save money and trash!

Easy to fill with a funnel. Took my 19-month-old a few tries to figure out the larger size and the side-mounted spout, but she got it. Easy to rinse out and wash in the dishwasher. My only concern is I’m not sure how clean the bottom gusset can ever really get, and if a little bit of food and water got left in there and then the "empty" pouches were stored at room temperature, you could easily have a mold issue. My solution? Just keep refilling and washing them and always store in the fridge! I love that the bottom is clear so you can make sure you really get them clean.

Opal Kieffer, WV

Exactly as advertised. Work well.

The pouches are exactly as advertised. They work well and our son (18m) has no issues eating out of them. We love that they are BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free plastic. They are relatively easy to clean with our bottle brush, so we haven’t had an issue on that part. We also haven’t had any seal issues or leaks. The only reason we are giving them 4 stars instead of 5 is that we wish they were a bit wider so they would stand up on their own easier on their own. This is by no means a deal breaker and we would gladly buy them again.

Clara Mc Clelland, IA


I love these pouches. They are easy to fill, have a sturdy zipper, and are really get clean in the dish washer. They are worth every penny. I would definitely recommend them.

Pauline Ree Heights, SD

Great for my toddler!

My little one loves yogurt and applesauce, but buying the individual pouches was adding up $$$. These are a great alternative. I’m able to buy yogurt and applesauce in bulk for much cheaper and pack these pouches 4 at a time and store them in the fridge. I simply wash them with a bottle brush. I’ve never run them through the dishwasher, even though it says it’s okay. We have also had NO LEAKS from the zip top, which was my main concern. I also love that other pouch caps fit these pouches. Would definitely recommend these convenient and $$ saving pouches!!!

Hillary Bagdad, FL

So awesome!

Easy to use and wash! Way cheaper than buying the gerber disposable ones and I know what’s in it! Waited forever for these!

Imelda Bonners Ferry, ID

Excellent product, great for at-home or on-the-go!

These are great for taking my homemade purées on the go for baby and my 11 month old loves squeezing them to feed himself. They’re very easy to clean and fill and I love that they’re reuses Le and freezer friendly. I would highly recommend these to anyone who likes to make they’re own food and wants a hassle-free way to take it with you on-the-go or just to use at home so baby can feed him/herself.

Esther Harrold, SD