Reusable Food Pouch

Reusable Food Pouch

10401 Features: -Food pouch. -Reusable and freezable. -Dishwasher safe. -Choke proof cap. Product Type: -Food storage container. Color: -Assorted. Set Size: -4. Dishwasher Safe: -Yes. Freezer Safe: -Yes. BPA-Free: -Yes. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -1.24 Pounds.

Main features

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  • Box contains (1) 2.5 ounce Lion (1) 2.5 ounce Bird (1) 4.5 ounce Panda and (1) 4.5 ounce Walrus
  • Dishwasher safe and freezer safe. Perfect for storing baby food
  • Easy to fill and clean through sturdy bottom zipper
  • Perfect for on the go snacks, lunchbox or travel
  • BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate Free

Verified reviews


The Little Green Pouches are probably better although not adorable like these!

Ok, so I was deciding between these and the Little Green Pouches and totally bought these because they have adorable animals on them and I a big sucker for that. They aren’t a bad product but I am sad to report that the Little Green Pouches are much better designed although totally boring looking. Here is why:1. The Squooshi pouches have curves and the food gets stuck in them. So, you are going to have to try to clean puree out of the animal shoulder area. Bad times!2. Not dishwasher safe. WHAT? If you have a baby and you also have a dishwasher, seriously don’t buy stuff that does not go in the dishwasher. You do not have time for that BS anymore.3. They fill at the bottom. This means that they don’t have a nice resting base like the store bought ones and the Green Pouches. The base allowed my baby to feed himself the store bought ones but these I have to hold for him. Also, if you don’t seal them well enough you end up squeezing puree all over the place.4. Although they are supposed to be BPA free, they are made in China and the Green Pouches are (I think) made in America.It’s kind of like the Green Pouches people bought these, fixed all the problems and then created the Green Pouch. But didn’t make them cute. I wonder how old this baby will get before I get over always picking the cute thing!

Teresa Waitsfield, VT

Love them.

First off, I haven’t tried the little green bags, but I will say filling from the bottom and washing in the curves is a little bit hard, so if you’re between the two, I’d sway the other way. But these are so cute, so I picked these! hahaI love the concept. My almost 17 month old refused to eat veggies – except blended. This keeps me from having to go back to spoon feeding. The storebought pouches are so expensive! And just like with jarred food, it isn’t the same as home made. So, I pulled the baby bullet out of the cabinet and filled these little guys and my tot ate veggies willingly! That’s a win in my book.I will update if they tear or anything because they feel kind of flimsy, but we will see! Some things aren’t as delicate as they look, so they may hold up! No leaks yet! Though I don’t feel like I could turn them inside out without risking a tear, if that’s how you planned to wash them.I LOVE that they are freezer safe! I may get the little green bags later, to compare, so I can make big batches ahead of time and freeze, instead of blending every other day. We will see. But these guys are just as cute in person, and I have no regrets, really.Update: The smaller size, the bird and lion, they are really difficult to fill! IF I were you, I’d go on Amazon and search for the 4pk that is four of the larger size, two each of a panda and walrus. The cost is about the same! The little ones are almost pointless.Squooshi 4 Count Reusable Food Pouch, Large Panda/Walrus, 4.5 Ounce

Sarah Woodbridge, CT

Great Product for Kids With Food Allergies

Love this product. I use these for applesauce and soy or coconut yogurt. Great for kids with food allergies who might not be able to have the squeeze products in the store, are super cute, and can be filled with whatever healthy item the parent desires. Two different sizes is great too.

Corine Vardaman, MS

Cute and convenient, but they have a few flaws.

I bought these a couple of months ago. We’ve used them several times, and I have a few thoughts. Overall, they are cute, and do what they’re supposed to do. They are pretty easy to clean (I do need a little brush to get the spout clean, especially if I use yogurt in them), even if I forget about them in the diaper bag for a day or two. I’ve also discovered that some of the store-bought fruit pouches’ caps work okay on these, which is a good thing, considering one of the Squooshi caps broke almost immediately.Negatives:1. A cap broke. It’s probably been used twice–the very top round piece in the middle (the piece that keeps the food from spilling out when the cap is on) popped off when I twisted the lid open. Super lame. It’s unusable now, and I can only use 3 pouches at a time now.2. The zipper is strong enough for kids to hold the pouch and suck the spout, but be careful when squeezing. My 5-year-old managed to squeeze it hard enough to pop the zipper open and spill applesauce out the bottom. I’ve taught him a better way to get the stuff out, but he doesn’t have super human strength or anything, I doubt he really squeezed that hard at all…seems it should have held better.3. It would be great if they had a fill line…it’s a little hard to gauge how far to fill them, and then when you go to zip them the excess comes out the top and clogs up the zipper. Yeah, a fill line would be great. :)If I bought them again, I’d get the 4-pack of bigger ones…the small ones are adorable and would be nice for a little baby, but they really don’t hold much at all, just a few spoonfuls.

Lee Sparr, FL

Great Product

My 10 month old was starting to dislike spoon feeding, because she just wanted to feed herself. These have been great to get her back on track with eating pureed fruits and vegetables, because she can do it herself.At first, I was skeptical about the bottom seal, wondering if it would really hold, but it is a very tight seal, and after using it, I don’t think these will leak at all.The only difficulty I’ve discovered with these is getting them to dry after washing. It’s hard to keep them open to let the inside dry out. Other than that, these have been a great money saving product.

Taylor Moody, AL

just get the big ones even if your baby is little

These work well and are durable. The lids are the same as the ones that come on the one-use pouches, so my husband threw a couple away mistakenly, which was annoying. The zippers are sturdy so far. I initially wanted all small pouches because I figured my baby was so small, but after only a month, she can suck down a whole large pouch, which holds a whole 4 oz container of baby food (stage 2.) So I suggest just getting the big ones–they’re not that much bigger and the sizing is proportionate to food containers. Whatever she doesn’t finish can just be popped in the fridge for next time instead of dealing with a half-eaten jar of food AND a dirty pouch, or stopping mid-meal to refill the small pouch with the leftover food.Once I use up my stash of store-bought baby food, I intend to fill these with home-made purees. I envisioned myself filling these with portioned-out home-made food and putting them in the freezer. Now that I have these, I think that would be annoying and too many pouches to wash by hand. I don’t mind only having 4 because baby can only use one at a time anyway! I will just pre-make the purees and plop them into ice cube trays, then throw a couple of cubes into one of these the night before or in warm water that day.Something that would make this product better is if the lid and the nozzle were less similar to the disposable one-use pouches of food. In fact, they are identical. The screw threads on the nozzle are right where my baby sucks, so her lips are rubbing this rough texture. She still eats from it and she is pretty picky, but still. For the price, I think the nozzle and lid should be better than the throw aways, which is why only 4 stars.

Jillian Pinetta, FL

I love these!

They work exactly as promised and are so cute and fun. Tip, use a bottle brush before placing in dishwasher.

Muriel Ralph, AL

Very good

I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading the mixed reviews on this, but so far they have been great. My girls’ enjoy eating out of them. They’re easy to clean.

Stacey Dimock, SD

Genius product & so convenient.

Great to use while feeding baby on the go. Can easily pour purees from the jar into this pouch and let baby eat when we’re out and about. Sometimes I make applesauce and puree type snacks for my baby and just put it in the pouch. Clean up is easy especially if you use your bottle brush to clean the inside.

Christine Lynchburg, SC

I’m happy with these

I’ve only used these a few times over the past couple days, but I am happy with my purchase and choice. I had looked at a few different brands and this one works well for me. The plastic seems thick enough and sturdy to last a while. I just have to make sure I don’t try to fill them up too close to the zipper because it will leak out while closing the zipper. I have been hand washing them, using a bottle brush with dish soap and leaving them to dry in the dish rack, spout-side down.

Maggie Glidden, TX

Love Love Love These !!

I give 5 stars to these pouches so far i have not had any trouble what so ever i run my dishwasher on a gentle wash and they come out looking brand new and clean to the extreme !!! my son loves them and my only complaint is i wish i had gotten 4 large ones the small are to small for me.

Jacquelyn Glendale, SC

Toddler likes, mommy likes

These little pouches are easy to clean with a bottle brush, and they’re easy for my toddler to hold and eat from. He doesn’t seem to care that they’re crazy-cute, but I get a kick out of them. I like that they have a zipper bottom so I don’t have to fill with a funnel. The best part is that I can get my typically-picky 2 year old to eat veggies and various fruits by mixing in a blender with applesauce. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 just because they ARE a little expensive for what they are. I’d love to have more than 4 of these on hand, but I can’t justify the cost.

Dorothea Bruni, TX

great product

my boyfriend loves this product. he puts the jarred or pureed baby food in them and says it makes feeding our son mush easier.

Ethel Wayan, ID

What I wish I’d known

I took into consideration what others wrote but what I didn’t know is that the pouches are REALLY thin. Seriously they are pretty flimsy for being reusable. Also, the zip closure at the bottom is tricky and only one line. Most liquid holders like breast milk baggies have a fail safe second zip closure line, this does not and will surely leak. Also really cumbersome to clean. meh kind of a disappointment. Totally returned.

Imelda Rushville, IL

great way to give smoothies without the mess.

Easy to fill and clean. Stood up well to regular use for 6+ mo. Caps work with other pouches in case you accidentally toss one. We use for avocado-based smoothies and totally keeps mess down!I clean with a bottle brush.

Jewell Perry, KS

Great for my 5 month old!

This was great to use with my little one. I would make home made food and take it on the go with us. If I’m having troubles with feeding him I’ll throw food in here and he just thinks it’s something cool/different and will eat just fine. I’m looking forward to using it as he grows too. It’s a great quality and easy to wash.

Alexandra Bridgeport, NJ

easy to empty a jar into

Our toddler stopped wanting jar foods, but will eat anything from a pouch. Got these and now I can empty a jar into one of them, even the smaller ones, and she will eat it up. Thankfully, that’s less expensive than buying pouches all the time!

Kimberlee Sioux Center, IA

Good investment

Cheaper than buying the throw aways all the time. Two complaints- I wish they were dishwasher safe. That’s probably asking too much though. I wish these could stand up when filled like the gerber disposables. Overall, I still like these and so do my kids.Tip- Wash the spout with a nipple brush from your bottle brush.

Lana Norwich, VT

Hard to clean, starts to smell

Pouches make it easy to get food where it needs to go without making a mess. There are no spoons to grab, no morsels to drop on the floor, and babies can feed themselves relatively easy with little assistance. I thought these pouches would be great for our baby, but even after you wash them, they still smell like the last thing you had in them. That’s kind of gross when you think about it. Plus the plastic feels pretty cheap, and it makes me wonder how safe they are over the long run.At just under twenty bucks for four pouches, they aren’t cheap either. I recommend putting that money to better use elsewhere.

Ericka Punxsutawney, PA

Very useful and money-saving product

Just got these and so far they are pretty good. The seal is good, and my daughter loves the animals.I like these because they are BPA free and because they save money. I did some quick calculations, and having bought 8 of the 4.5 oz size, I’ll have to use them 44 times before they pay for themselves. After that, I’m saving around 80 to 90 cents each time, depending in what I put in them, and where you by the pre-made ones (like the Peter Rabbit ones, for instance). I also like them because my daughter will eat just about anything out of a pouch, and this opens up the possibilities as to what I can feed her that way.The only two drawbacks are that these are a little difficult and messy to fill (they don’t stay open unless you hold them open), and also the food obviously is not vacuum sealed and will have to be refrigerated. I couldn’t, say, throw them into my diaper bag for a long trip to the zoo or whatever, and be confident that they’re still okay to eat, whereas the pre-made ones would be fine. Still a great buy, though. Highly recommend.

Anita Oxford, MD