ReUsies Snack and Sandwich Reusable Bag Set, Blue

ReUsies Snack and Sandwich Reusable Bag Set, Blue

The EPA estimates 500 billion to 100 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year. A typical school or work lunch contains 3 4 plastic sandwich bags each day amounting to upwards of 1, 000 each year for one person. These bags will all be around long. ReUsies Snack and Sandwich Reusable Bags are a fashionable and reusable alternative to plastic sandwich bags. Snack bags are 6″ x 5″, sandwich bags are 7.5″ x 6″.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton lining; 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • ReUsies can be machine washed and dried, washed in the dishwasher, or for longest life, simply wiped clean with a soapy sponge and air dried
  • This set includes one large ReUsie and one small ReUsie Each size bag has a second piece of Velcro on the back so you can fold up the base to be half the size You get two sizes in one
  • Each ReUsie has the potential to keep hundreds of your family’s plastic bags out of our landfills With little effort, you can do your part to help reduce the estimated 20 million single use plastic sandwich bags that go into US landfills daily
  • With d ounce ens of bright colors and styles to choose from, you can find choices for anyone in the house Your family can lunch in style with ReUsies
  • ReUsies are versatile and are used for more than just food Take along treats for your favorite pet Or use them to organize your purse or baby bag by putting wallets, keys, pacifiers, cosmetics, crayons, electronics, sunglasses, or other items

Verified reviews



the quality isn’t good! I would not recommend this product. I’ve had them for a year and haven’t used them

Terry Huntly, VA

Cute Bags

I was sent two different size bags to try. Both were a matching set of black and white. Generally I like more girly looks, but I’m a huge Twilight fanatic and with their final movie coming out in 2 weeks I was happy to get this color set and design because well it matches the color theme! I know, I’m a cheesy nerd, but hey it’s true!The bags themselves are a simple yet resourceful idea. They are very thin, but are well made and leak proof. What I love again is how they can be machine washed (just turn them inside out). I mean honestly if you couldn’t toss them in the wash they just wouldn’t be that appealing right? So you still get the convenience of a bag, but in a money saving way and in a stylish way. Every week Sophia needs to bring various objects to school in a labeled ziplock bag that coordinate with the colors they are learning in school. I was trying to save the ziplock rather than getting a new one each week for this purpose, but they end up growing legs and walking away. So now rather than having to do that over and over, we can use the smaller bag for this purpose. So they’re definitely useful for more than just carrying snacks. You can also use them to hold cards, money, etc. Like an extra storage pouch for your purse. Just an idea to throw out there! -Maybe even some coupons for my fellow coupon friends!Needless to say I love the little bags. They are nice quality and have various uses for them. ReUsies offers a variety of styles and colors to choose from as well so you can find one that fits your personality. Would I recommend these? Definitely! They will save you money when it comes to the plastic bag department and I have faith they will be good for quite some time.FULL REVIEW: […]

Sybil Nashville, GA

Good Little Bags

To tell the truth, I bought these as a pattern to make my own bags. These are cute and very well made. But I think that all things like this are a bit expensive if you have the material and the time to make your own. These are great sizes for all kinds of things from keeping several pacifiers to lots of snacks. I would highly recommend them if the prices were a little better.

Lessie Cazadero, CA

Love these!

Now to be fair, I found these at my local drug store on a great sale so I stocked up. The package comes with a large and a small bag. I usually hand wash in the sink and air dry so they don’t get a lot of wear and tear. I love the colors and I love that I can put my kids’ burrito style roll-up sandwiches in them and just roll them up. Or I can put husband’s sandwiches in them and they fit great. They are fun and make lunch more interesting than plain ol’ sandwich bags. The inside has a leak proof liner and they are easy to wash and store. I bought these with the kids’ lunch box, kid conserve dishes, lunch bots, kids cutlery from Ikea, and stainless steel straws so I don’t throw anything away at the end of the day. Totally awesome!

Carmella Danese, WV


I’ve used these bags many times for slightly moist items. No leakage yet. Also, no signs of wear. Colors and design is exactly the same as the photo. Very pleased with the bags. Easy to hand wash stains (ex: cream cheese from bagel sandwich). I just wish the price was a little cheaper…

Marta Sallisaw, OK

Durable and reusable

I appreciate reusable items. This baggy set is easy for my kiddo to use and the velcro is placed in such a way that allows for adjustment (based on how full the bag is). Easy to clean (washer and then hang dry).

Ethel Merepoint, ME

Zipper closure is better than Velcro

Love the pattern of the fabric and the idea but this bag can definitely improve in design.1. If it is a bit bigger and more square, it would be perfect for sandwiches.2. Zipper closure would be better than the current Velcro attachment.3. Instructions say it can be washed in both conventional washer and dryer or in dishwasher. Had no problem in washer and dryer but when washed in the dishwasher, the pigment of the bag bled and made the interior of the bag blue.

Darla Dayton, NY

Great bags

I bought these bags to use in my daughter’s lunch bag. They are fantastic! I also bought the smaller munchkin version and they are great as well. I was fed up with always having to purchase ziplock bags for my daughter to use once and then throw away. These are a lot more eco friendly as well as cost efficient. They are very attractive as well. She uses them in her lunch every day and they have held up great. They are also very easy to clean. I just wash them in the sink and let them air dry for use the next day. She gets compliments on these little bags all the time. Would definitely recommend these little bags.

Lakeisha Norcatur, KS

Great product! Bought a second set!

I have been using these bags for months now, and they are great! Easy to clean. Very convenient. I would highly recommend. I use them so often that I got another set.

Lori Letart, WV

They work but cleaning could be better

I was so excited about these. I washed them in the washer first, as the packaged suggested, then started washing them in the dishwasher. First time in the dishwasher they faded and discolored significantly. They were also still wet when I took them out in the morning so I couldn’t use them again the next day. I also bought the lunch skins and prefer them because they are all plastic and can be towel dried in the morning for continued use. I do still use them and a sandwich will stay fresh in the refrigerator over night until the next day at lunch. They serve their purpose in saving disposable bags from the landfill, and keep the food fresh.

Blanca Clarissa, MN