Reversible Infant-Stim Crib Bumper Panel & Book in One

Reversible Infant-Stim Crib Bumper Panel & Book in One

Reversible Infant-Stim Crib Bumper Panel & Book in One! by Genius Baby Toys Measurements 38″ long x 7″ high One side is for birth to 3 months — with high-contrast black, white & red illustrations for early visual stimulation — the other for 3 to 6 months with brightly colored, more complex raised 3-D figures and activities, to entice baby to tummy-time play. Your baby should be placed on his or her tummy for tummy-time play when awake and supervised. Tummy-time helps develop neck and shoulder muscles. Genius Baby Toys develops toys such as the Double-Sided First Book, for providing appropriate stimulation to encourage tummy-time play. As a bumper book in baby’s carriage Tied to baby’s crib or playpen In an upright or lay-down position on the floor Features Raised three-dimensional figures Crisp and clear shapes and colors Variety of textures Baby-safe mirror Peek-a-boo activity birth and up.

Main features

  • Black, White & Red with Bright Colors on reverse.
  • Variety of textures, Raised three-dimensional figures
  • Crisp and clear shapes and colors
  • Baby-safe mirror, Peek-a-boo activity
  • Baby-safe, Birth and up. Measures: 38″ long x 7″ high

Verified reviews


Fantastic for newborns and young infants

My daughter started staring at this from 2 weeks old! We don’t use it in the crib, rather prop it around her on the floor and it entertains her for quite some time. The black, white, red side has been great from 2 weeks – 2 months, she’s now starting to be interested in the other side which has other colors. It’s GREAT for teaching focus and keeping her interest!

Chelsey Grenada, CA

Good buy

Our baby has stared at this since I bought it at 2 wks of age for her. I love that it has a mirror as well as the high-contrast images, is machine washable, and reversible for older kids. We tie it to her carseat or put it in the playpen. It is fun to tie over her head when she is on her back, prop it when she is side-lying or doing “tummy time” on her boppy–it keeps her distracted and on her tummy to build a strong core.

Gena Macatawa, MI


good,it is very interesting,Recommended by friends, also recommend to bargain,the price is very affordable, worth buying, why, no why, that’s all

Shannon Memphis, TN

Would recommend for little ones!

Bought as a gift and it was very well received. Great color scheme. Cute pictures and soft. Would recommend for any little one.

Mercedes Attica, NY

i love it

my baby love this product front and back, he watches each and everyone, it facinates him and it keeps him occupied.

Leticia Humnoke, AR

Great find

We have this for my 4 month old son’s crib. He really likes it and it buys me some time to get some chores done 🙂 It’s been on the B&W side for about 2 months and I just flipped it to the full color side. He seems to be interested in that too, but not for as long. He may be outgrowing it.

Kathleen Cheswold, DE

New Born No Brainer

I bought the Crib Bumper Panel & Book Stimulator for my one month old grand daughter. My daughter uses it while doing tummy time with the Fisher price Deluxe Gym. She stands the Panel Book up along one side the feet of the activity center with the Red, White, & Black side facing the baby. The baby is fascinated by the shapes and pictures, and even has rolled over to try to get closer to the colors! She will get many useful months out of this wonderful stimulating panel! I was so delighted by this, that I can’t wait to buy more items of this nature. The baby is not in a Crib yet, but when she is, using the ties to hold the panel onto the crib will make it so easy! Stimulating the brain of a new born is a no brainer, in my humble opinion, and this does the trick so easily. It comes with a nice Carry case, so the panel stays clean Or when they travel, the *book* can go with them and stay clean too! This Item is Grandma Approved!

Tamika East Texas, PA

Great toy for very young babies

High contrast pictures of this toy attract our baby’s attention for a long time. She has lots of fun with it.

Clarissa Mc Dermott, OH

2 sided…awesome!

My son loves both sides of this 2 sided toy. You can also tie the strings in a knot at the top and hang the toy from like a pack and play. My sone loves the different sounds like the crinkle sound and the squeeker. This is a very cute toy!

Lori Idamay, WV

Great for newborn – lots of visual interest

My two month old loves looking at the black, white and red images on this panel. I do not use them as bumpers (suffocation hazard) but instead have them securely fastened along the top of one of the long crib rails so that the baby looks up at the pictures. I do not recommend putting this in a bassinet the way it is pictured in the product image as it will be too close to the baby’s face and make him/her cross-eyed. He can stare at the images for a long time as he lies in his crib (nothing like something that will amuse your baby and give your arms a break!) and even smiles at them.

Cherie Riverside, IL

Great toy! Must have!

My baby is 6 weeks old, and we have used this with her from the first week. Whether she is cranky or wants attention, if I lay her in front of this book, she will stare at it for a while, and usually fall asleep. It gives the parents a short break as well as stimulates the baby. The only complaint is that the black and red print of the book faded a little after the first wash. I was pretty disappointed, but when I placed it in front of the baby again, she did not seem to notice. I would definitely buy this again, and may buy for all my future pregnant friends.

Geri Kaibito, AZ

baby loves it!

Our son got this at a few weeks old he loves it! At five weeks he has already learned to reach out and touch the doggy’s ear to hear the crinkling noise. The black white and red contrast completely rivets his attention. He loves staring at this thing. Great bumper!

Lisa Manville, NJ

My baby loves it

My baby loves looking at this black and white side for the first two months. She can stare at it for 30 minutes straight. I recently started showing her the colorful side and she loves it just as much. It’s great for around the bassinet and for the changing table.

Elisabeth Mount Holly, NC


Loved by baby!! Black and white was very captivating when he was younger, now at 4 months he loves the colorful other side. Has some crinkly and squeaky parts, he loves to chew the soft fabric.I wish it crinkled in more spots, but that’s just because he loves the crinkly stuff. 🙂

Kari Ridgecrest, CA

great baby distractor

My son loves to look at this, especially the mirror. I bought this when he was about six weeks. He just started cooing and tries to grab the book when I put it near his face. When he cries or fusses, I’d put the mirror near his face and he’d stop crying and start smiling. Love that each side has different pictures and colours on them.

Goldie Huntingdon Valley, PA