Rhino Toys Oball Rattle

Rhino Toys Oball Rattle

Your baby can shake, rattle and roll with this fun, flexible ball that is sure to fascinate. A smooth design makes the Oball soft and captivating for little hands. The finger holes make it easy for baby to grasp and will provide a lifetime of fun.

Main features

  • Clear rattles with colorful beads make fun sounds as baby shakes
  • It is just as easy to clutch and roll as the original Oball
  • The fingerholes make it easy for baby to grasp and will provide a lifetime of fun!
  • Virtually indestructible; Dishwasher safe
  • Item Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ x 4″

Verified reviews


Very easy for him to hold

Huge hit with our baby. Very easy for him to hold.

Kim Wisner, NE

Highly recommend for development/sensory toy.

My infant daughter loves this! It is perfect for her tiny hands to grasp, shake and toss. She also loves to eat it. It works perfect to use the plastic rings to clip onto other things as well. Highly recommend for development/sensory toy.

Alana Wilbraham, MA

grab, rattle, gum

This is a fun toy for baby when s/he starts to be able to grab things, even inadvertently. Attempts to chew can lead to frustration, but my son seemed to "learn" the cause-and-effect of shake to hear the rattle pretty quickly. Also, the toss-and-mom-will-give-it-back-to-you-while-making-a-funny-noise-and-face bit makes him giggle 🙂

Letitia Selma, AL

Smaller size ball for little hands.

You only get one ball when you purchase this size of Oball. The photo is deceiving as you might think you are getting 4 balls but you only get one.But the toy is nice and soft and easy to grasp for little ones. It has small beads enclosed in plastic for your little one to focus on and has a soft noise. Nice bright colors to attract attention and a nice size for little hands.

Hester Mountain Home, TN

My son loves this

My son loves this toy, we take it everywhere. I think every baby should have one of these.They are very cute too, and finally a NOISELESS toy.

Selina New Braunfels, TX