Rhoost Edge Table Corner Protector, 4 Pack, Black

Rhoost Edge Table Corner Protector, 4 Pack, Black

A modern take on a classic product, the Rhoost Edge turns sharp edges into furniture fashion statements, keeping your little ones safe, your tables unharmed and your personal style intact. Features screw and adhesive free installation.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Rhoost Table Edge Corner Protector, 4 Pack, Black, packaged in a 100% recycled box
  • No screws or adhesives, Easy installation, wash with soap and water when needed, also dishwasher safe (top shelf), fits surfaces 1/2 ” to 1 1/2 “es thick
  • 100% BPA, PVC, Lead, and Phthalate free
  • Protect your child from dangling cords; Try all of our other smarter childproofing solutions; Cord Winders, Cabinet Closures, Table Edge Corner Protectors, Outlet Covers, and Finger Guards
  • 100% recyclable, non toxic

Verified reviews


Protect your furniture AND your baby

Well made, easy to use, immovable. These corner protectors fit our West Elm side table perfectly – and are discrete enough to keep our furniture looking nice. Our daughter can’t pull them off if she tried — though she does like to give them a nice chew (they have shown no sign of wear and tear). Great product!!!

Amparo Pineville, WV

Fuctional and Easy on the Eyes

Much better than tennis balls. Took hubby a few minutes install. Even better they are BPA and PVC free, makes me feel better about my ten month old touching them.

Wendi New Concord, OH

Adhesive-free & non-toxic, but too easy for my toddler to remove.

The main reason I bought these Rhoost corner-protectors was that they came highly recommended online as difficult for curious toddlers to remove. My 15 month-old thought it was great fun to pull the adhesive foam edge-bumpers off our tables and chew on them. Although the packaging for the adhesive foam protectors said that the foam was non-toxic, it didn’t actually state what they were made of, so I wasn’t entirely convinced that they were 100% safe for my little-one to chew on. Plus, who knows what was in that adhesive? So I purchased the Rhoost protectors for the glass coffee table and end tables in our living room, hoping that they’d stay put despite my daughter’s penchant for removing edge-protectors. Unfortunately, they completely failed to stump my curious and determined toddler. In less than 3 seconds, she’d pulled off one of the corner protectors and was happily running away with it in her mouth, thrilled with her new toy! Well, at least I don’t have to worry about her chewing on them, since they’re free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead; and they don’t leave any sticky, dirt-attracting residue on my glass tables. But it is a pain to having to keep picking them up off the floor and putting them back on the my table corners, only to have my little-one swiftly remove them as soon as she spots them on the table. Perhaps these Rhoost corner protectors might actually stay put on a wooden table, which is thicker and not quite so slippery! But on glass tables, they’re absolutely no match for toddlers! Sadly, the screw-in edge-edge protectors aren’t an option for me because our tables are made of glass, but they might be your best (and possibly only) choice if you have a wooden table and an infant/toddler who likes to yank off traditional stick-on edge-bumpers or these Rhoost protectors.Grade: C

Jeanette Needmore, PA

Snug corner protectors that don’t stick on!

We initially got these for our tv stand to protect our son’s noggin from the corners. They didn’t fit really well on the corners because they are bevelled/sloped. Then, we put them on our dresser corners to protect our dresser from our cat that likes to gnaw on things. He managed to remove them so they didn’t stay there. Finally, we put them on our dining room table corners when our son started walking. They’re a fit! And they work! They strap on and definitely protect our son’s head so we’re happy. Side note: our cat has been chewing on them on the dining room table, but they have stayed on…so far.

Harriett Recluse, WY

Not quite what I expected

Purchased hoping the strap was long enough to wrsp around the leg of the table but apparently isnt made for tables where the legs are flush with the edge of the table. Hook also broke as I was taking the item out of the package…

Erma Brooklyn, MI


I love these table corner protectors! They actually look modern, not squishy and ugly like most. The main reason I bought them was because there was no way I was putting adhesive on my caesarstone countertops. Plus I liked the look of them.It works great. Yes, it’s not going to feel like pillows if he bumps his head on it, but it is certainly going to prevent a big gash from a sharp stone counter.

Mable Froid, MT

not too impressed

These look nice and won’t leave adhesive residue on my entertainment center but they easily are pulled off by my baby. For the most part she leaves them alone so I think they will serve their purpose. These corners will only work if you have a corner edge that sticks out from the rest of the furniture. The bottom piece secures to the top with a slightly stretchy rubber strip of material on each side with adjustable notches to hold it together. It seems like you have to get lucky for these to really fit well on a corner. I really like the concept though.

Elvia Bunceton, MO

These are great!!!

These are great! No glue needed. They just slide on the corners. My grandson has not had a bump on his head from the table edge since we purchased them. Nice they came in brown to match the table. They look OK. Just glad I didn’t have to glue them on.

Harriett Warrensburg, MO

Great, but could be a little softer.

These are the only corner protectors that stay on! I’ve tried the squeeshy ones, but these are the best. They are still a little hard if my little one bumped the side of the table, but at least they stay on!

Stacie Hartland, ME

Look nice but don’t work

These corner bumpers look nice but that’s about it. They will not stay on any table in our house. I was able to get 1 on and our 12 month old pulled it off in 2 seconds. Total waste of money.

Geraldine Truro, IA