Rhoost Sling Cabinet Closure, 4 Pack, Black

Rhoost Sling Cabinet Closure, 4 Pack, Black

The Rhoost Sling is a chic and simple way to keep cute and curious hands out of cabinets. Innovative design is easy on parents and big on protection. Features screw and adhesive free installation.

Main features

  • Rhoost Cabinet Closure, 4 Pack, Black, packaged in a 100% recycled box
  • No screws or adhesives, Easy installation, wash with soap and water when needed, also dishwasher safe (top shelf), fits knobs or handles 1 ” to 3 “es apart
  • 100% BPA, PVC, Lead, and Phthalate free
  • Protect your child from dangling cords; Try all of our other smarter childproofing solutions; Cord Winders, Cabinet Closures, Table Edge Corner Protectors, Outlet Covers, and Finger Guards
  • 100% recyclable, non toxic

Verified reviews


Unfortunate changes in materials and packaging

Since the first time I ordered these there have been some changes and none of them for the better. The ones I bought in 2011 are still going strong. The ones I just received are already annoying me.The plastic on the new ones is smoother and less stretchy. This means that not only is it harder to grip the end of the tab, it’s even more difficult to get the post into the hole to fasten the closure because the hole doesn’t stretch around the post as easily.I’ll be putting the newer ones on cabinets that are rarely opened so that I don’t have to deal with them very often.Packaging: Previously just a slim box, now the slim box has a cardboard front with a plastic insert inside. Unnecessary and wasteful.Great original product, bad changes. 🙁

Guadalupe Hilton Head Island, SC

Great Concept & Material, Poor Quality

I really like the concept of these cabinet closures. They work great, don’t scratch anything and don’t look overly tacky. The downside is that after just a couple of months of use, the hole tore through. What a bummer. That being said, I suppose they’d be a good solution for cupboards that aren’t opened often, but definitely not for heavy (daily) use.

Ellen Woodland, AL

Must break in

I really wanted these to work!!!! They are sleek and blended in PERFECTLY with our black knobs, far more attractive than the other "over the knob" style cabinet locks. I tried installing these late at night when I was already tired, so you can take my review with a grain of salt. I quickly lost my patience with these!!! You REALLY HAVE TO WORK them to loosen up the holes so they will fit over the plugs that keep them closed. For the spacing of my cabinet knobs, we needed the last hole to be loosened up on each side. So there is not much room on the end to hold on to stretch the hole. I was using my teeth, pliers, you name it. I think I spent 20 minutes with each closure trying to stretch the hole enough to fit over the plug. I had a difficult time closing these while they were in my hands and I could more the closure in any way to get it to close, now put it on the cabinet where there isn’t much room to move around, forget about it! It took me 2 hours to put 4 closures on in the kitchen. By this point, I had made up my mind that I wanted to find another solution. I let my husband use these the next day. I was hoping his "caveman strength" would have an easier time closing these things…WRONG! We threw them away while we were getting into the cabinets to make breakfast.All that said, I really think these closures would be awesome once they are broke in! They are very easy to open, its just closing that is the problem. And when you have a toddler who you are racing to get the cabinet closed, these just didn’t work for us.

Tami Lockport, IL

Bit Snug, but doing the job

My two-year-old gets into everything. I got these to keep her out of the kitchen cupboards, and they do the job, but they barely fit the 2.5 inch gap between the knobs. It takes most of my strength to stretch them the distance, and I’ve ripped a few fingernails when the bands slipped suddenly during the operation. That being said, they definitely keep the child out of those cupboards. She doesn’t have the strength to budge them, let alone remove them.

Faye Wyocena, WI

Attractive product for child proofing cabinets

The Rhoost Sling Cabinet Closure is not a long-term product. It may rip from wear and tear. If you open certain products frequently, it will mostly likely rip. But that having been said, it has only ripped on two of the main kitchen cabinets we use constantly, and it has stayed on the rest. It is attractive, my precocious toddler can’t open it, and it requires no installation 🙂

Catherine Belmont, CA