Rin ABC’s Rubber Duckies, Set of 26

Rin ABC’s Rubber Duckies, Set of 26

Teach the alphabet with these cute and educational rubber ducks. There are 26 ducks for each 26 letters of the alphabet. Each duck has a letter on its belly that corresponds with its shape and design. The duck with the letter A is shaped like an angle and U is shaped like a unicorn. Duckies do not float upright

Main features

  • 26 ABCs rubber duckies of size: 2-inch x 2-inch
  • Each duck has a letter on its belly that corresponds with it’s shape and design
  • Duckies do not float upright

Verified reviews


The quality not good enough

The color and make not good enough. Looks not stable and it’s all head side down when I put it in to the water.

Ursula Spring Grove, MN

Not for Bath Time Fun

First off, let me say that I didn’t have the problem many of the other reviewers had. I had 26 ducks, and each one was a different letter. (A few were a little smudged, but nothing to get worked up over.) These are really cute, but they not meant to be bath toys. They don’t float properly in the tub. Most of them either float on their sides or even upside down. Even if you turn the over correctly, they won’t stay upright. They have an air hole in their mouths, so you can squeeze them under the water and make them squirt. In addition to the fact that they don’t float correctly, I expect that over time the water will end up trapped inside the duckies, making them mildew. I don’t really know how to fix that problem. Also, is someone could tell me what the Y duck is supposed to be, I’d appreciate it…..

Trisha Narka, KS

perfect for advant calendars

sizing is perfect for my advent calendar, nice variety of ducks, but somehow I got 2 h’s and no c. So don’t count on this to have each letter of the alphabet!

Lindsey Heber Springs, AR

Not the best quality but served my purpose.

Many aren’t printed straight, some of the letters are askew. That being said, i ordered 2 sets for a baby shower game and they worked well for it. The guests enjoyed choosing their duckie and stealing from one another. I haven’t tried floating them in water yet. Note that many have ‘oriental trading company’ on the bottom.

Marilyn West Baden Springs, IN

Cute small rubber duckies, missing the X

I received the ABC Duckies, but the "X" was missing and I was given two "O"s. I honestly wouldn’t mind if it was most any other duck, but the X for X-Ray is one of the reasons I bought the set – my son is super into Skeletons and I was excited this set had a skeleton duck. I contacted Amazon and they promptly gave me a $3 refund to purchase a skeleton rubber ducky (or offered a full refund and free return shipping) – thanks! I found a skeleton duck I can buy for just over $3.00. Other than that these ducks are okay and my 3 year old will love them. Definitely not top quality and make sure you know they are the smaller size duckies. Also, some letters are completely illegible and some duckies were a little squished, but he is going to like them anyway.

Shelley Dana, NC

Fantastic for bath time

These are wonderful for bath time, my son loves playing with all of the different ducks and it is great practice to letters

Leanne Creedmoor, NC

What the heck is the Y duck supposed to be?

These duckies are kind of cute but inconsistent. Some of them have letters printed on them others do not. Some are well painted while others have problems. I love the hockey and unicorn duckies.

Beatrice Elmwood Park, NJ

This product is a whole bunch of cool looking ducks

This product is a whole bunch of cool looking ducks. PROBLEM….It smells like chemicals and the smell doesn’t go away no matter how long you off gas. Is it safe for kids?

Aida Hillsdale, WY