RLR Laundry Treatment

RLR Laundry Treatment

Pack of 5 RLRs in sealed packages.

Main features

  • Make Whites Whiter
  • Make Colors Brighter
  • Fabrics Last Longer

Verified reviews


Great for Cloth Diapers

This stuff is amazing for stripping diapers. As well as, on regular laundry. My husband is a chef and getting his work clothes clean is a hassle. This stuff really helps get them clean and bright.

Eileen Singer, LA

Works Great For Us!

I have been using RLR for about a year now on cloth diapers and other laundry. Unfortunately it is not sold in stores in my area and I have to purchase it from Amazon every time we need some, and its more expensive than buying in store… but its so worth it. I use it to strip build up and ammonia from our cloth diapers (we have hard water) and it works really well. To prevent build up I put a little in after the wash cycle and rinse until we see so more bubbles and it helps go a long way between strippings.I also use this on my husband’s workout clothes and it works like a charm. Also great on our white towels and his white undershirts.

Neva Smithfield, OH

The best product out there for stripping pocket diapers and inserts

Sometimes microfleece is just the pits. Or it smells that way anyway. I’ve had some serious funk problems with my pocket diapers in the past but the RLR treatment really does get all of the funk out. Drop in a ball with your diapers (already washed). Then run 2-4 cycles until water runs clear. Dry and you are good to go.

Phyllis Landing, NJ

on the fence…

This isn’t my first time buying this but I haven’t had any better luck with it. I got this to help out with cloth diaper stink but it’s not helping much.

Anne Northpoint, PA

Not great for diapers.

I bought these for stripping cloth diapers and was severely disappointed. I used the second pack to clean dingy pillows, though, and it worked well for that. For the price and the fact that I couldn’t find it locally, I was annoyed that it didn’t work for the purpose I needed it. It did work for its label use though.

Ora Springfield, VA

Amazing brightener!

This stuff kicks the snot out of borax, oxyclean and bleach/ chlorine free bleach. Gets construction site grime out, gets 5 year old white towels looking new and my cloth diapers still look new. Doesn’t do anything for smells, just looks. If you need to get smells and deodorant/sweat grime out you need sport wash. This stuff works best if you are not using the cheap junky detergent in the first place.

Essie Hulbert, MI

A Cloth diapering moms MUST HAVE

I use this for my cloth diapers along with my Charlie’s Landry Soap and it really brightens things up. I can definitely see a difference and I love it. Will keep buying!

Mina Hoffman, MN

Works for cloth diapers

I used this for my stinky pocket diaper stash when my laundry detergent was not getting rinsed out completely no matter how many times I seemed to rinse them. It was very hard to rinse this out as well! This took me about 3 days to do becauase I could not use my front loader which repeatedly deposits detergent (and not the cloth-diaper safe detergent) on to my clothes. I found that I just could not prevent this so began hand-washing (and am not using a top loader and no longer have issues after adding 1 tbsp of Borax to the washe cycle).A few of my diapers still smelled a little musty (though the smell was greatly reduced) after using this product. The others smelled like nothing–literally the first time I had ever experienced this! The hardest part is knowing how much to use. I would use a packet for maybe 30 pockets plus 30 inserts next time. The first time I had 40 pieces and it was way way way WAY too sudsy and took a very long time to complete (I ended up using someone’s top loader).I recommend this product.

Marilyn Anthony, TX

stink be gone

This product was great for getting the ammonia stinkies out of our cloth diapers! I’ll be stocking up and only wish I’d learned of it sooner.

Jasmin New Bloomfield, PA

After letting all of my pre-washed diapers and inserts soak …

After letting all of my pre-washed diapers and inserts soak for about 6 hours, the bath water was gray-brown. This stuff works!!! It stripped the buildup out of my diapers.

Judy Lombard, IL