RLR Laundry Treatment

RLR Laundry Treatment

RLR in sealed package(s).

Main features

  • Make Whites Whiter
  • Make Colors Brighter
  • Fabrics Last Longer

Verified reviews


Still don’t get what it is, but can’t do without it!

So I’m still not clear on what this product is exactly, but boy does it work! Strips my cloth diapers and rinses clean even in HE washer. I tried it with my white sheets and pillowcases to see if it could tackle the dingy oil traces on the pillows and top edges of my white sheets… Brilliant! My white sheets came out looking new! Highly recommend.

Reyna Fairhope, PA

Five Stars

These are a dream for getting the ammonia smell out of my cloth diapers!

Sheri Glenallen, MO

Makes everything have that ‘clean’ smell

We cloth diaper and I didn’t want to use bleach to strip them, so I bought these. I’ve used them once and could notice a difference right away!

Freida Key Largo, FL

Great product that kind of worked for me

I treated my cloth diapers (rockin’ with the funk) with RLR; it was a last resort as I’ve tried many ways of stripping them. I did my PUL covers and inserts separately. The amount of suds – with no detergent! – is incredible! RLR gets out all of your detergent buildup. For a few days after that wash, my cloth diapers had no smell. And then it came back with a vengeance… I then did a soak of just inserts. Again, more suds. Smell didn’t go away. RLR is a good product as I watched it release a ton of buildup, but it did not fix my seemingly neverending diaper funk. As a side note: if you buy directly from the seller’s site, the shipping is free (or much less than what they charge through Amazon)!

Robbie Jigger, LA

Smell remains

I bought it for cloth diapers to get rid of the smell. It doesn’t help. Maybe the diapers became whiter, but it’s hard to tell, as yellow poop spots did not wash out. I’ll have to hang the diapers on the sun to get those removed.Anyway, I can’t wholly appreciate this product, but it doesn’t seem to work for cloth diapers

Dionne Nazlini, AZ

Fantastic product- but this is not a good deal.

RLR is the bees knees. Its an amazing product. However, whats with this multipack? Generally when you buy something in large quantities, its to save money. This 10 pack is $1.69/packet when its $1.39/packet to buy them individually. So you’re paying an extra $3…

Aisha Earlville, IA