Rockin Green Magnetic Laundry Scoop – Grey

Rockin Green Magnetic Laundry Scoop – Grey

Rockin Green Magnetic Laundry ScoopReclaim your tablespoon and put it back in the kitchen where it belongs! This cool plastic laundry scoop holds 1 tablespoon of Rockin Green which is just perfect for a load of laundry or cloth diapers! It has marks at 1/2 a tablespoon and one teaspoon as well.Best of all- its MAGNETIC! So you can stick it to the side of your machine so it wont get lost in the wash.It looks great next to your yummy smelling detergent- and comes in several fun colors.

Main features

  • Magnetic-so you always know where it is
  • Measures 1 Tablespoon, 1/2 Tablespoon and Teaspoon
  • Perfect for your Rockin Green Laundry detergent

Verified reviews


Don’t waste your money.

This item is ridiculous. I actually bought this because of the Amazon Prime feature and because I haven’t slept in 8 months since my son was born.. so my mind isn’t functioning properly. Once I got it, I realized I had an extra table spoon in my drawer and didn’t need this, but it wasn’t worth the money and time to return it. SO, I still own this. The photo shows green but the item is GREY. (Again, something my mind missed.) It is good quality.. but I can’t believe I spent almost $8 on a piece of plastic. Seriously.. don’t waste your money. Don’t let sleep deprivation do to you what it did to me. THINK TWICE.

Terri Camden, MI

bought it elsewhere but still great

So simple and straight forward. Yes I have other tablespoons around the house, but they don’t attach themselves to the washer. And if I used them for laundry, I doubt they would migrate back to the kitchen anyways. This way I’m never searching for a scoop.

Gladys Chilo, OH

good but tricky advertising

I was under the assumption that I was getting a lime green scooper. I received it and it was a very dark hunter green. I then just came on here and it said I ordered grey. It was neither color. It does work for what I need it to do and the magnets hold onto the washing machine. I would recommend it to someone just make sure its the lime green. It’s more fun 🙂 I gave it three stars because I was soo pumped on the lime green and was a little sad when I got it. To much of a hassle to send back a scooper.

Lindsay Twin Lakes, WI

Great idea!

This laundry scoop sticks to the washing machine and doesn’t get lost! I love it! Perfect size scoop to use with Charlie’s soap.

Sylvia Tremonton, UT

Not grey, ITS GREEN

I bought a grey one and paid more money than what I should have on it and what I received was a lime green one.

Robyn Weaver, AL

The magnet is such a great idea!

This scoop is a must have if you use Rockin Green detergent. The magnet feature is great at keeping the scoop handy. I just stick it to the side of my washer and I always know where it is.

Sherrie West Falls, NY

Handy in the laundry room

Great little scoop in the laundry room. I admit it wasn’t necessary to have but I found I use it frequently when using powder soap for washint cloth diapers.

Odessa Willard, NY

great scoop

It is what it is, a laundry scoop with two sides. It saves me from having to kitchen ones. The magnet part is great

Muriel Fox, OR

Laundry Scoop

This laundry scoop is ideal to keep in the laundry room. I can simply attach it to my washer with it’s magnetic ability!

Tameka Troy, WV

It’s a great idea but…

The whole point was the magnet on the scoop. The magnet is too weak to work properly because the first wash cycle on the washer, the scoop falls off and is MIA until you can figure out where it fell. The scoop itself is fine but again, the whole point of this scoop for me was that it stuck to the washer/dryer. Oh we’ll.

Lorrie Thornton, WV

Handy measuring tool

This scoop is nice to have to accurately measure your Rockin’ Green (or any other powdered laundry soap.) I thought I would appreciate the magnetic feature more, but leaving the scoop stuck to the washing machine leaves a powdery mess. I find myself leaving the scoop inside the soap container the majority of the time. Since the magnet is the only unique feature it has, you may want to skip this and buy something cheaper.

Deloris Ezel, KY

An expensive measuring spoon

Okay, so it has a magnet. I never use the magnet, ever. I should’ve just went to Wally world and purchased cheap measuring spoons.

Justina Anasco, PR