Roll-a-Rounds Jungle Friends Treehouse

Roll-a-Rounds Jungle Friends Treehouse

The Peek-A-Rounds Jungle Friends Treehouse is a busy activity playset for Baby, featuring ramps, drops and chutes for dropping the ball, activating the music and sending the ball onto the disks for fun spinning motion.

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Grea peek-a-round toy, whats with the bad reviews?

It does exactly what its supposed to do, whats with the bad reviews? there are many activities to this peek-a-round jungle which my 8 month old twin boys have loved since 6 1/2 months old!
• They love the parrot, lion, monkey and elephant balls, especially the parrot
• They love puting the ball in through the top of the tree, down the chute (supposed to be a ladder) and then through another tree to the spinning yellow platform, very easy to do and aparently very fun!
• Or you can drop it at the top of the waterfall, and it will go to the spinning blue disk
• I love that the button to make the music start is BIG AND RED, easily seen by a baby, why arent more toys like this?
• The music is not too annoying
• It doesnt really eat up the batteries
• My kids will sit there for a good 15 minutes just doing this, and of course banging the balls and throwing them, (we have many more of these too)
• As another reviewer said, it doesnt make a horrific noise when the baby stops the disk, that happens in ALOT of other toys, what baby isnt going to grab a spinning disk?
• The monkeys are very cute and my kids ALWAYS get a kick outa opening the doorI like this toy and so do my kids, and I dont see why the reviews are bad for one little “flaw” (not even a flaw) in the toy, the balls make a loud noise when they hit the disks and you cant “hear the music”. This toy is definatly great and is exactly what its supposed to do!

Leann Sherburne, NY

Great concept… NOISY RACKET THOUGH !

Fisher Price has a great concept, but needs to go back to the designing steps. Rubberized balls would be much quieter and much smoother rollers than plastic. I took our toy apart and lined the spinners with felt so they would not wobble which was creating a noise even without the balls on them. We use racket balls with the toy now and my 6 month old does enjoy the activity.Hope Fisher Price reads these

Mollie Belhaven, NC

not great but kids will love…

all the negative stuff said about this toy are true. It is loud. The music is drowned out, and the spinning mechanishm breaks down easily. BUT….my daughter still loves watching the balls spin round and round….she thinks the toy is great. she also enjoys pushing the button without the balls actually on the spinner, so she can hear the music. I wouldn’t necesarily highly recomend the toy, but i dont think your child will be diapointed if you pick it up.

Rachelle Glenford, NY

Excellent Toy

This toy is so much fun for a little guy, mine was six months when we got it a month ago, and he just can’t get enough of it. Each week he finds new things to do with it. At first having the balls on the spinning surface was just too noisy, it frightened him, so we left them off. But now he loves putting them on and taking them off and watching them spin. His latest is using it to stand up (using the trees to push up). It is very sturdy, but of course once he’s up he can’t get down without crashing, so that is my one caveat, keep a close eye if your little one is pulling up.

Kim Sedley, VA

Great Toy!

I bought this toy for my son when he was almost 5 months old. He absolutley loves it! Hes almost 8 months old now and still plays with it. The red button to turn it on is easy for him to find and he loves hitting it. The only complaint I have is that it is LOUD!!! The balls rattling around cause quite a racket, but i usually just put one ball on there for him to play with and its not as bad!

Patty Ancramdale, NY

Really cute and fun

My ten month old plays with this toy on and off all day long. He loves to press the red button and listen to the music and see the discs turn. Today he even tried putting other things through the hole in the tree! I think it’s great at teaching him cause and effect and also putting the ball through the hole is a great accomplishment for little ones! The toy is durable, my little one plays rough. When all four balls are on the wheels, the music is drowned out and it is quite noisy. However, my son still likes to play with it. He likes to stop the wheels from turning and also loves to play with the peek a rounds themselves.

Beverley Phelps, NY

Poor construction quality means no more spinning

My son loved this toy. Too bad it wasn’t made to Fisher Price standards. It didn’t last. I guess it just wore out – no more spinning. My 18 month-old was a little rough with it holding down the spinning circles and trying to spin them himself. I didn’t give it a second thought because you know, it’s Fisher Price. It should be able to handle an 18 month-old! Sigh. He was getting frustrated it didn’t spin anymore I had to get rid of it. What a waste.

Regina Greenfield Park, NY

Durable and Cute

I bought this for my 9 month old daughter and she absolutely loves it. She will crawl across the room to get to it. She likes to try and catch the balls, and what is nice is that once you touch the spinning plates they stop – VERY kid safe. And it goes with all the other fisher-price amazing animals/rainforest items we have.

Margot Kennebunk, ME

Fun! Fun! Fun!

I purchased this toy for my 5 1/2 month old and she loved it right away. She got the hang of pressing the red button to make the balls go and stop and has a lot of fun with this. I agree that the balls make loud noise and it is hard to hear the music but we have found that if you only use 2 balls it is not as bad. Taylor is now 7 1/2 months old and she still loves this toy. We have had no problem with anything breaking or not working and one of her favorite things to do is to manually stop it from spinning.I recommend this toy as it is a lot of fun for babies and adults (Her dad loves to play with this toy as well!)

Alisa Monmouth, IL

The best toy I have purchased for my baby

My 5 month old son took to this toy immediately. It has a tree in the center which you can drop the peek-a-rounds into. The ball can go over a bridge and down another tree to one of the spinning disks, or it can drop onto a waterfall and onto the other disk. Either path starts the disks spinning to music and the ball will move around on the disks, bouncing from one to the other. The disks have colorful pictures on them. They can also be started (and stopped) by a big red button at the base of the toy. There are two bugs – one on a tree will move up and down, and one on the waterfall spins. In addition, my son especially likes a door on the center tree that opens to reveal a sticker of some monkeys.The toy comes with four cute peek-a-rounds (monkey, lion, elephant and parrot) and I purchased an additional set of six. My son likes them as much as he likes the peek-a-blocks and they are easier for him to hold.My only complaint is the same as the other reviewers – when the balls are bouncing around on the spinning disks it is loud and the music can’t be heard. One thing I really like though, is that when my son stops the disks from spinning by putting his hands on them, there is no horrible grinding sound of the motor like I have found with other toys (e.g. the Incrediblock).

Mamie Panguitch, UT