Rosallini Baby Nose Cleaning White Clear Plastic Tweezers w Cap

Rosallini Baby Nose Cleaning White Clear Plastic Tweezers w Cap


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Does the job, grabs baby boogies!

Baby boogars are inevitable and these tweezers make quick and easy work of removing them, especially those long stringy ones that the nasal aspirator just can’t fully pull out. It is imperative that you hold your baby’s head as still as possible, however, with your other hand though because these can go in pretty far and will poke him in the back of his nose if he moves suddenly. Fortunately the tips are rounded so they can’t damage anything, just startle the baby.

Simone Huntingtown, MD

a must-have!

great for clearing baby’s nose of boogies, since they can’t do it on their own and adult fingers are just too big to fit. 🙂

Michelle Marshall, VA

Does the job well

Perfect for taking out those nasties. It won’t hurt child and it makes it easy especially when they can’t blow their noses. I usually use a little saline solution before to loosen up any hard or dry bits but then it’s just simple to pluck those buggers out.

Edwina Ryland, AL


It is so perfect for getting snit out and he doesn’t cry like with the snit sucker. still have to use the snot sucker but not as much .

Rachel Waynesville, NC

Helpful for removing crusty mucus blockages!

There are always huge dried mucus lumps in my baby’s nose, and like another reviewer pointed it out a Q-tip isn’t that helpful in getting them out. So I found these tweezers on Amazon. There were more expensive ones with a funny name, but both tweezers are made of plastic, come with a case to cover the tip, and have a rounded tip. My only complaint with these tweezers is the rounded tips were a bit rough on arrival. I filed the little rough edges down with a nail file until they felt smooth. Now it is fine. It is slightly open in its relaxed state, and it is relatively easy to get into a small nostril to remove a booger. My son allowed me to do it, but if you meet with resistance the package suggests doing it while they are sleeping. Let’s hope you have a heavy sleeper in that case. Overall, useful product I’m happy to have purchased.

Muriel Schiller Park, IL