Roundabout Convertible Car Seat – Grey Wicker

Roundabout Convertible Car Seat – Grey Wicker

It has front and rear facing seating position. It supports child weight up to 65 pounds. It features 5 point harness type and latch equipped. Meets US federal safety standards.

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I have the animal print!

This is a really cute car seat and gets really good safety ratings. It is nicely padded and my daughter never complains. She actually loves to sit in it and watch her movies in the car. The velcro on the sides helps the straps not get tangled most of the time. It does take me a while to get everything un buckled when I am washing it. Other than that it is a great seat!

Tanisha Louisville, GA

Wouldn’t have bought anything else!

We have 2 Roundabouts. One for my car, one for my husband’s. We would never buy anything else but Britax. It is so well made, and baby loves it! It’s very cushioned, comfortable! The Latch installation is a breeze. Also, other friends have complained about their children being able to unbuckle their car seats….Not the Roundabout or any Britax for that matter. this seat has a great safety rating (per Consumer Reports) and is worth every penny! Spend the extra money and get the best!!!

Lou West Alexandria, OH

Love it!

Love it! It’s the greatest! I would absolutely recommend it over any other carseat! We have had it for a year now. My daughter is 19 months and is always comfy in her carseat….frequently falls asleep. 🙂

Gilda Conesville, OH

Excellent car seat – but think hard before picking the “exclusive” BRU fabrics

We have the Roundabout in the grey wicker cover. You can get a roundabout on line for a good chunk of money less, if you look. You just can’t get it in wicker, and I
• had
• to have the wicker cover because I loved the texture and the color complimented my baby’s eyes so well. (YES I am ashamed of myself)All right. The most important factor in choosing ANY car seat is, is it safe? And the Roundabout has always ranked very, very high in safety ratings. So you can’t go wrong there, with this seat. Truthfully, the Evenflo Triump 5 also ranks high – just as high, sometimes higher – so if you can’t or don’t want to pay the price of a Britax, it’s OK! What I am saying is this is a very safe seat, it’s a good seat for that reason, but it is certainly NOT the only way to go. (However I will say that especially when rear-facing, I am not sure all car seats have this “versa tether” feature that makes the car seat REALLY solid while rear facing, PROVIDED you can find something to anchor the tether to – not all cars I have been in had something we could use)Second, it is important that a seat be easy to install. This seat is. I have never used any other seat besides the bucket (and my husband installed THAT) so I can’t compare – but this seat is VERY easy to install especially if you use latch. I have moved it back and forth between several cars and it only takes a few mintues – I would say less than five – to get it in there rock solid and safe. Hook one side, hook the other, kneel in the seat and pull the straps hard as you can. EASY. This is a wonderful feature especailly if you will be moving the seat about frequently. (We fly to visit family a lot, and sometimes just ride somewhere in someone else’s car…)Third… I think a seat should be comfortable for the child, and this seat seems to be… usually. Every so often while sleeping my little guy’s head will slump waaaay way forward which may or may not be a feature of the seat. (FWIW it doesn’t seem to bother HIM at all, just me. Kids can sleep in some pretty weird positions)Fourth… maintance should be easy. This seat cover says hand wash only but I did it on the delicate cycle on cold in our washer and then line dried it and it came out beautifully. The nap just needed brushed up a bit (I just rubbed it hard with my hand)Now here are the bad things about this seat.For the price… I really wish we’d gone with the Marathon. When we got this we figured we’d use it until he was ~3 and then move to a booster. Well now I don’t want to move to a booster because I feel the all-out car seat is just safer. (A friend was in a car crash a few months ago… her and the driver of the other car walked away but the 3 year old in the back seat of the other car who was in a booster was killed) Also recently in another friend’s car, my child rode in her child’s Marthon, and when he fell asleep there was no slumping. As this is a one time event, obviously I don’t know what will happen in the future… but i think the Marathon might be more comfortable, I think it may naturally recline just a tad more. Of course with the size, you risk a very small child being lost in it – my little guy is 20 months and kind of at the bigger end of things. Anyway most importantly, we could have gotten the Marathon for the same price as this (look around on line!) and used it longer… but 1. I wasn’t sure a Marathon would fit in our car rear facing (I’m still not but I am pretty sure it would) and 2. like I said I just had to have the wicker cover. (I’m just re-iterating here about the price because someone commented the Marathon is nicer but costs too much – look on line and you can find the Marathon for the same as BRU charges for this seat – and you can find different covered roundabouts for about three forths of the price)But with all that, this seat
• is
• a very good seat for the category it is in so I can’t
• really
• say it’s a strike against it that it doesn’t accomadate a larger child. And at 20 months, my guy is ~29 pounds and ~34 inches and still has a while to go on the middle belt slot, so we’re in no danger of outgrowing this soon. You
• will
• get good use out of this seat.My bigger gripe with this seat is, we lost the belly pad. Now as far as I can tell… the belly pad doesn’t do much. But it LOOKS nice. And it maybe makes the seat belt a LITTLE more comfy for your child. But any protection it offers from hot or cold buckle is made up for by your child’s clothing especially if he or she is still in diapers. Anyway we lost ours. They get loose over time, slip off easily… and somebody, somehow… I’m not gonna name any names, but I think it was my husband 😉 … anyway, it’s GONE. Not a huge deal… but the thing is, you can’t replace it. You can go to Britax’s website to order replacement parts, and you can’t get the belly pad in wicker. So if you buy this seat, the pad
• will
• become loose over time (the all do), you may lose it, and you can’t buy a new one.You might consider stealing one from a floor model. A ha. But all the BRUs I went to had no pads on the floor model Britaxs. Which makes me think a LOT of parents are stealing belly pads.Anyway, the gist of it is, you pay a real premium to get the exclusive fabrics, and then you’re paddleless up the proverbial creek if you need a new belly pad. So keep your eye on it. Which I guess is good advice even if you go with a different cover, because once you add in shipping those things are absurdly expensive. (And if you’re thinking what’s the big deal if it doesn’t matter much anyway, the big deal is you MAY want to re-sell the seat, and of course we ALL know you’re not supposed to buy a used car seat but the fact is a lot of people do and their kids are no worse for the wear, and people buying used car seats look for good condition, and missing pieces, no matter how trivial, detract from the value.)Overall this is a GREAT seat. But it’d be an even greater move, brains-wise, to go for a different pattern… and possibly even the Marathon instead.One more thing, not for or against the seat… If you fly, and use the car seat with the seat belt on the plane, you may need to TWIST the seat belt. It may seem counter-intuitive, against common sense, but otherwise the flap you lift to release the seat belt may be pressed flat against the back of the seat and you will not be able to lift it to get the car seat out, you will have to wait for the plane to empty, and the flight attendant will have to take the seat belt apart to get your car seat out.Oh. And CUT THE MANUAL OFF THE ELASTIC CORD when you get the seat. If you tug at the cord, you will crack the styrofoam in the seat. Ridiculous feature. Directions for installation are printed on the seat, anyway. Read the manual and store it in your glove box.

Jeannine Goodrich, ND

This car seat is amazing!

We originally had a Cosco Eddie Bauer infant seat which we recieved as a gift. Our 4-wk old daughter was crying every time we buckled her in because it was so painful for her. My MIL had gotten the Roundabout & told us how much she liked it so we decided we’d put our daughter through enough & went & bought the Roundabout. It was so easy to install — it took my husband less than a minute. Our Cosco infant seat took 30 minutes! When we put our daughter in it & buckled her in she didn’t cry at all! We love that the straps loosen at the touch of a button — all car seats should be made this way! It’s so easy to get her in and out. We have a Toyota Matrix & though there isn’t much leg room on the front passenger side with the seat installed, it’s no less than we had with the infant seat — & there’s actually more room in the back seat! Thank God for the Britax Roundabout! It is so easy to use & rated so well in safety tests I’m going to reccomend it to everyone I know.

Belinda Otter Lake, MI

Great safety seat!!!

After a less than stellar experience with my son’s infant seat, I really researched his convertible seat. This one is the only one that consistently performs in safety tests. This compnay makes airplane safety products too and is the #1 maker of safety seats around the world!! Yes, the price is a little high, but totally worth it. I feel very secure when my son is in this seat in my car and I love that it can be tethered to the cars structure for extra support. I always had trouble getting other seats tight enough in the car, but not this one. It is very easy to install and my next baby will have the new Britax infant seat.

Mattie Powderhorn, CO

Safe, Stylish, and (washable)

We’re very happy with it. This is one of the safest seats you can buy, and looks great in any car. The base has a wide footprint and doesn’t tend to leave permanent marks on leather or cloth interiors. It’s reclinable and the fact that our daughter can be in a really fussy mood and still fall asleep in 5 minutes in it attests to its comfort. The latch attachment is very easy to use with simple push-on and pushbutton release mechanism, and when secured it is ROCK solid. I also find the seatbelt harness easy to use and also holds it securely (although latch is the most stable). Also, it is VERY easy to tighten/loosen the shoulder belts with their pull strap tightening system.We’ve had the great fortune of our daughter vomiting all over it, and we had no problems putting it in the washer on gentle cycle. All the belts and buckles come off pretty easily, and only the bottom buckle I hand washed in the sink.

Elinor Farmington, IA

Comfortable and convenient!

This the only car seat we’ve used since we brought our daughter home from the hospital (she weighed 8 pounds). Not only is the seat very functional, it is also very comfortable. My daughter has had a couple of spills on the fabric, and it was very easy to spot clean. Now that we are expecting our second baby, we plan on buying the Marathon for our daughter, and passing the Roundabout on to the new baby.Some of my friends thought it was crazy to spend $200 on a car seat, but you can’t put a price on piece of mind. Also, we did a lot of research to make sure we weren’t just buying into the Britax name, but buying the safest car seat on the market. We checked with our state’s safe kid coalition, which handles car seat education and installations. They said the Britax is their top recommendation. If you invest in anything for your baby, it should be their car seat. You can save on other things like an expensive comforter set, or changing table.

Claire Phenix City, AL


Excellent for a tall baby. Extremely easy to use. The design is engineered to meet the European safety standards which far surpasses the US. This one fits better in our sedan than the infant car seat. Bravo to Britax for the Roundabout!

Alyssa Brenton, WV

My daughter loves this seat!

She finds it quite comfortable and falls asleep within 10 minutes of me putting her in it when she is tired. It is very easy to put in your car (especially if you have a latch system) and the straps are pretty easy to adjust as well. If I had to say one bad thing about the seat is that sometimes I find it a little difficult to snap the bottom part of the belt into the position between her feet. It’s a little low down and you really have to push the buckle down into it to hear the “click”. Otherwise, the seat was well worth the money (and it’s also rated very high on safety).

Suzanne Loose Creek, MO

Love this seat!

My husband and I knew very little about carseats and early on in our research we kept hearing that Britax seats were the best. In the end we bought the Roundabout and we could not be happier! Our son grew too tall for his infant carrier at the ripe old age of 4 months so we needed a convertable seat for him earlier than anticipated. The Roundabout is plush and comfrotable, not to mention being one of the safest seats on the market. I drive a VW Jetta and the seat fits nicely in the middle. The rest of the backseat is tight but getting two more people in there is doable. We have a Graco Comfortsport in our other car and while our son likes both seats, there is a huge difference between the two. The Roundabout was fairly easy to install and it is easy to adjust the straps.I love it and would but another in a heartbeat.

Olga Nardin, OK

Even Better than I Expected

I love this car seat. The fabric is nice. The straps easily adjust which matters right now because we are transitioning between seasons and sometimes my daughter has a jacket or sweater and sometimes not. It got the highest safety ratings everywhere I checked and of course that is the most important thing. It was also much easier to install than I thought. I had it installed at the fire station but had to take out. I decided to try myself instead of taking it back to the fire company and I was able to install it.

Essie Elko, GA

Happy with this car seat

We bought two of these for our twins, mainly due to reviews I read and its safety rating on Consumer Reports, and have no complaints so far. We started with them rear facing and found the installation pretty simple. The forward facing position was even easier. It did take me a little while initially but once you do it, it’s really easy to do it again if you need to move the seats.My only complaint is that it’s a little difficult to remove and then replace the seat covers if (or when!) they get really messy. And the first time they spilled milk on their seats, I took them out and was annoyed to see that they said handwash only. I took the chance and sent them through washing machine on the handwash cycle and they were fine. I’ve done it twice since and also lightly dried them in the dryer.It’s very easy to adjust the straps and getting the girls in and out of the car is very easy. Overall, I would definitely recommend these seats. (And although we have not tried this yet, I’ve also read that all britax seats will fit on an airplane.)

Lora Hawley, MN

Best Car Seat for Infants

I bought this car seat when my baby was only 3 months old. My baby really hated her infant car seat she seemed so uncomfortable and after only half an hour of driving she would start crying. After buying the britax roundabout my baby loves car rides. She seems so happy and she even takes naps on the rides. I chose the Britax Roundabout not only for my baby’s comfort but also because consumer reports gave it good rating for both infant and toddler safety. So I know my baby will be safe and comfortable when we go on our car rides.

Nannie Little Genesee, NY

GREAT and EASY to install!!!

I did a lot of research before buying this carseat. I am very impressed with how easy it is to install. My husband and I switch cars a lot and thought we would have to buy another car seat, but I can literally install it is less than a minute, so there is no need. My daughter loves the carseat. We are about to purchase another carseat from Britax, as we have had our second child in 15 months. Britax does a great job!

Glenna Allen, KS