Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper Aplix, Ladder 6

Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper Aplix, Ladder 6

The award winning Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper is a revolutionary change to the face of cloth diapering. Kanga Care brand cloth diapers are the only cloth diapers uniquely designed with the patented leak protection technology of dual inner gussets. Designed with simplicity, Rumparooz are as easy to use as a disposable diaper, but without all the chemicals, waste and high cost.  The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper is 4 diapers sizes in ONE diaper. Everything you will need from birth (6 pounds) to potty training (35+ pounds).  Each diaper comes with a microfiber 6R soaker. This unique soaker has 6 different size and absorbency settings to customize for your babies needs. TO USE: Before first use, wash diapers once. Snap diaper rise to proper size setting. Select the proper 6R soaker and insert through pocket opening, placing soaker inside the diaper. Fasten diaper to baby! WASH & CARE: 1. Cold Rinse, no detergent. 2. Hot Wash/Cold Rinse with the suggested amount of detergent (see for full list of recommended detergents). Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry (diapers dry FAST!) All Kanga Care products are designed and invented by Julie Ekstrom, mom and CEO of Kanga Care, and distributed worldwide out of Golden, CO.

Main features

  • Patented double inner gusset leak technology
  • Aplix Closure
  • Hypoallergenic

Verified reviews


great diaper, little short in the rise

We have tried many brands and styles of cloth diapers on our son, who is long and thin for his age (4mo). These work very well for containing BF poos, but we have experienced some wicking of urine from the leg openings onto his clothing–not often, just on occasion.It comes with two inserts, one newborn/doubler and a larger infant insert. They are very absorbent. During the day, i use one newborn insert. for naps, one infant insert. and the two together are good for overnights (we still wake once during the night to change diapers and nurse.)My one real complaint is that the diaper is called a One Size diaper to fit from birth to potty training, but we are already on the last set of rise snaps! I think with a shorter baby, it would be fine. but i dont think this diaper will be long enough for my son past a year.

Cecelia Valles Mines, MO

Too small

My son is 3 months, 24.8 inches, 18 lbs 8 oz.When I tried to snap one row for a “medium” fit, the diaper was too small. When I tried to leave it as is large… It was really low, but very bulky in the bottom. The insert seemed strange. I could either fold it to the maximum, or the smallest (which is an inch and a waste). So, my son had a huge bulk in the front, or a strange bulk at the top of the diaper. The middle button was facing a different direction, so I couldn’t use it for resizing the insert. I could use it to attach the newborn insert for added thickness. The diaper is already bulky, so this wasn’t desired.The snaps were impossible. I have used bumgenius and blueberry diapers thus far and the snaps seemed to be a good fit for my son, who squirms a ton. I felt that the diaper was always too loose or too tight. The diaper is tiny, but stretchy. But you can’t stretch a diaper with a squirming child. By the time you fasten one side, the other side is out and you need to start over.I’ll try one more time… but thus far, this diaper is a no. I’m bummed. I thought it was going to be my favorite.

Adele Butte, MT

Love me some RaRs!!!

These have become my favorite diaper! We use pre-folds with covers, the Flip system, Kawaiis, Bum Genius, Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds, Earth-Mom-and-Baby, Under the Nile, and Rumparooz diapers and these are by far the best. I got a free RaR from an online retailer to try out, and I LOVED it so much I had to buy more. Here is what is great about them:1. They have an inside gusset which helps keep in messes.2. The elastic on the back of the dipe is covered in fleece, so it doesn’t cut into my daughter’s back like other covers do.3. It is SO soft on the inside!4. The snaps are pretty (and imprinted with cute kangaroos) and work wonderfully.5. The outside of the diaper has a nice feel to it, it feels like a quality diaper.6. I love the little Rumparooz tag on the back of the diaper, it is very cute on a fluffy butt!7. They are easy to stuff.8. They come with two inserts.9. Work fantastic as a nighttime diaper, no leaks with two inserts!10. They wash very nicely.11. Great resale value!Really, how much more great can these get??? I am now buying enough RaRs for a whole stash of diapers. The ONLY thing I wish was that they had more patterns to choose from. But the colors and prints they do offer are vibrant and beautiful.

Rosie Lowell, VT

Amazing diaper!

This is truly a FANTASTIC pocket diaper. We use BG most of the time, but at night when I stuffed it a little fuller, it would have gaps at my son’s fat thighs. This diaper is roomier, and with the double gusseting, we get a perfect fit for nighttime, or anytime really! I have the aplix closures, but I’m sure the snaps would be great too. If you have a chubby-thighed little one, give these diapers a try. You won’t regret it.

Wilda Lena, WI

I want my money back

I had the same issue as the others. I don’t want a cover, I want a pocket. I will be returning item for full refund. This place will never get my business again. Don’t pay $25 for a COVER. This is ridiculous. I’m unbelievably upset.

Rachel Barstow, MD

Best Cloth Diaper I’ve Found

I have used a couple of other brands of one-size and sized cloth diapers and this is by far my favorite. The inner gussets are really nice and have provided an extra barrier of protection now that our 7-month-old is crawling around. I have not used these since birth or into toddlerhood, so I can’t speak on whether or not they really work from birth to potty training. My only complaint is about the opening for the insert. It sort of gapes open on the inside of the diaper and if the insert isn’t pushed all the way to the back, baby’s skin touches the waterproof outer layer, rather than the soft inner fabric. Not a major deal (I have gotten into the habit of pushing the insert back to cover the hole and that has worked fine for us. Great diaper — would definitely recommend!

Hazel Leisenring, PA

Last Forever!

Most versatile cloth diaper out there, and one size will fit your LO from 1-2 months onward to potty training. We used Thirsties AIO size 1 and Lil’ Joeys for the first month because they were a better fit for our baby when he weighed 6 to 8 lbs during that time.One tip: To prevent leaks, make sure to keep the crotch part of the diaper totally along the underwear line. Tuck the diaper in without leg rolls, or else there will be gaps.

Sandy Painton, MO

super cute and great quality!

I love RaR diapers and this one has an adorable print! The PUL is silky soft, the rise snaps coordinate with the print well, the laundry tabs on the aplix have never failed, and the fleece is incredibly soft even after washing several times. They do run small, and I’m curious to see how long they will fit my baby, but he’s only 4 months old now so we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I can’t really tell the difference with or without the inner gussets, but my baby is one of the EBF babies who only poops once a week, so I don’t really have to deal with explosive messes. The pocket opening is a little lower and makes it hard to shake out inserts, but this isn’t a big deal to me. I just use a wipe to pull them out.On the RaR website solid color aplix dipes are on sale but this isn’t offered on Amazon. I realize this is a better business deal for the company but I prefer to purchase through Amazon because I have gift cards and use the free shipping. If they offered the sale price on Amazon I would buy several more.

Krista Walsh, CO

UPDATED! Finally got the right diaper shipped and it’s great but runs small

Like other buyers, I was shipped a diaper cover instead of a pocket the first time around. When I reported the error to Amazon they immediately sent the right diaper in exchange. As far as I can tell, most people who ordered the diaper since mid-February 2014 have gotten the right one.—-After using this for about a month and comparing it to the Thirsties Duo pocket diaper (not the one-size) and the Alva A12 pocket diapers with dual leg gussets, I’m downgrading this to a 3 instead of 4 star.I found that if I tighten this diaper as much as I would the other two brands, the elastics in the legs leave harsh red marks in my son’s legs that take days to disappear. There is a lot less give on these diapers for the outer leg elastics than the other two brands, and laid out flat, the other two brands span a much wider waist and leg space – these diapers just don’t have the wider size range that they need to be called a ‘one-size’ diaper. Because of this, I have to keep the snaps on the very widest setting for the legs. It’s OK right now, but he’s only 21 months old (also very skinny at 27lbs and 34″) and has many months to go before he’s out of diapers. Since these diapers are unlikely to last him for his diaper career, they seem overpriced. I’ve decided to stock my stash with Alva diapers (make sure to get the ones with dual-leg gussets!) since they are LESS than half the price of the Rumparooz and Thirsties and have plenty of room to grow. I’m not sad that I purchased these, however, as they will be great to have around for a second baby and I think they will be great on a baby under 25 lbs.Previous Review:I’ve tried four brands of pocket diapers and this is my second favorite style. Bum Genius are by far the worst, due to a lack of leg gussets and a thick, water-resistant microfiber liner that repels liquid and sends it streaming down my son’s leg. Fuzzibunz are almost as bad because of the awkward leg gusset adjustment system, which involves removing the diaper and trying to manually adjust an elastic/button combo, seeing if that worked, and then adjusting again before throwing it in the wash to try again.Rumparooz WOULD be tied with my top choice – Thirsties Duo Pocket diapers (not the Thirsties one size) due to the similar fabric choice, the wonderful (mandatory!!!) double-leg gussets to prevent blowouts and leakage, and the cute patterns. The only thing the Rumparooz are missing is the superior side-snap positions of Thirsties.If you look at the side snaps of the Rumparooz, there are two snaps placed vertically in line with each other – nice and secure, not particularly confusing, but a little harder to close than the horizontally lined up buttons of the Thirsties Duo. On the Thirsties Duo Pocket and the Thirsties Duo Wrap cover, you can take the snap located farther back, secure it on the loosest setting on each side, and then go back and pull the diaper tighter to fit perfectly with the remaining side snaps, without worrying about pulling the diaper too far off on the other side. It’s a small difference, but now that I’m spoiled with the Thirsties button option, I find it frustrating not to have this option on all other diapers, especially if my son is wriggling so hard that I’ve got both feet and an elbow pinning him down to diaper him.So for the same price point, I’d go with the Thirsties Duo Pocket diapers, especially since I’m only buying the largest size anyway, considering that my son is way past the newborn stage. Thirsties also makes a one-size pocket diaper, but unfortunately it has the same vertical side-button alignment as the Rumparooz.I’ll keep this Rumparooz, and I might even consider buying more since I like the prints and the rest of the diapers so much, but I’m definitely adding another snap on those sides using a kam snap applicator.

Maryellen Callicoon, NY

Super soft, high quality, awkward fit?

I have been cloth diapering for over a year and have 2 of these in my stash as well as a bunch of Bum Genius 4.0s and 1 Fuzzi Bunz.Pros:-One size fits 6-35 lbs and they also sell a Lil Joey version for babies smaller than 6 lbs. DD didn’t weight 7-8lbs, the starting weight for most other one size diapers, until 2 mo. Rumparooz has the advantage here.-The softest fleece lining DD’s bum has experienced- by far!-Patented inner gussets go a long way to prevent leaks-Comes in the coolest colors and designs-Fit below belly button is a plus for newborns with intact umbilical cords-6 R soaker insert is the thickest of the ones we use and the 2 included inserts can be snapped togetherCons:-Cost of $24 and up makes it the most expensive of all my diapers. Luckily, I scored mine for $20 a piece on sale.-We have a difficult time adjusting this diaper to my daughter and this has led to some leaking problems. It is likely user error, but I have already snapped this diaper out to the longest rise and DD is only in the 3rd percentile at age 1 year. For us, this is the biggest reason (aside from price) that I did not buy more of this diaper.-Not closed at the top like BG, which led to some initial leaks-The slowest drying of my stash- Sometimes difficult to shake solids off the micro fleece especially around the leg gussetsOverall, the best quality diaper in terms of soft inner and outer materials and excellent craftsmanship. But the difficulty achieving a good fit, especially the short rise, has made it challenging for us to use. This, along with price, made me decide not to buy any more after my initial two.

Judy Ladson, SC

Absolutely love this diaper!

When I was pregnant I researched cloth diapers the entire 9 months and decided to make up my stash of the following:-Prefolds/covers for newborn stage (first 2 months primarily, but still use occasionally because Rumparooz also makes covers with awesome colors and prints; I also use Flip covers which are really good)-Pocket diapers: Best started fitting my baby when she was a good 8-9lbs. I mostly own all the versions that BumGenius makes as well as Rumparooz. I’ve recently purchased a couple more Rumparooz G2 because they are just that great.I have both the Aplix(hook and loop) and snaps versions. Naturally snaps typically last longer, but I think it’s good to have a couple Aplix versions for dads, sitters, grandparents, overnight use, and quick on-the-go. And the aplix is really sturdy and well made. Always line-dry these diapers for extended longevity.What I love: Inner gussets contain explosive poo quite well. The interior and exterior material are well made; the included 6R soaker is microfiber. The fit is perfect and trim (a little low rise, but I like the look). My baby is now about 10lbs, so she is still using the newborn soaker pad, but occasionally I’ll add the 2nd soaker and the fit is still nice and unobtrusively bulky.It’s pricey, but you almost always get what you pay for. I highly recommend this diaper!

Rosalind New Sweden, ME


I love these diapers. Of my over 30 cloth diapers I only have 3 of these and they are by far my favorite. My son is 13 months and 24 lbs and 32 inches tall. They fit him great now just as they did when he was 6 months old 20 lbs and 28.75 inches tall. They are absorbent and make great overnight diapers. His skin does feel damp with just the original inserts (overnight) but when I use the hemp inserts I don’t have that issue. I have never had any poop blow outs. They are somewhat small in the rise but I have noticed that with all of my one size diapers. Overall I would recommend these diapers.

Nan Clay City, IN

Our go-to diaper

Rumparooz are our favorite diapers. They are softer than most and the inner gussets are very helpful! We have yet to have a blowout in these. 90% of our stash is made up of these.

Laverne Aguilar, CO

Great Diaper

These are great cloth diapers that are easy to use and do not leak. They do run a bit smaller than other cloth diapers which has worked well for me since my daughter is petite (6lbs. at birth).

Janice Brentwood, CA

Pictures don’t do it justice!

This diaper is too cute! The colors are so rich and the inside fabric is incredibly soft. The rise and fit is perfect on my 8 week old son. I really like the 6R insert and the ability to modify extra protection to the areas that need it most. I will definitely be buying more products from them!

Marianne Fairland, OK

Well made diaper

I call this the luxury diaper because the materials are so great, but it is also expensive compared to other brands. The double gusset is great and the inserts are very absorbent. The only thing I don’t like about it is the hole for the insert, it doesn’t overlap so the insert can op out if you aren’t careful when you put it on. It won’t come out of the diaper, but will be touching baby’s skin. IF you have the cash, invest in these. But if you don’t there are other less expensive diapers that do just as good of a job.

Sheri Haddam, KS

LOVE This Diaper! Can’t Wait To Order More!!

I freakin love this diaper. I have been cloth diapering for the first time for only 8 weeks now with my daughter, and this is the best diaper I have used so far. I have tried several different brands of pocket diapers and these are my favorite. If I could go back in time and not have any diapers except for these, I would. They are very good looking and durable, and very soft and fluffy. They are SUPER absorbent. I have not had any leaks whatsoever even with my VERY heavy wetter! I have some friends who are TTC that are interested in cloth diapering, and I plan to buy some for their baby showers. These are my favorite cloth diapers by far. I love the colors and prints, and the fact that they are one size. All the snaps are not confusing in my opinion. Not for me or for my husband, who normally prefers the diapers with the velcro closures. I think this is his favorite diaper as well. Anyone who is considering cloth diapers should really look into Rumparooz. They are super easy to stuff and easy to wash, and offer much more bottom cushion than a disposable, and even some other cloth diapers. I can’t get over how fluffy and soft they are! So sweet for a little baby tushie.—Update—DD is 13 months old now and we are still going strong in CDs. In all this time I still have not found a better pocket diaper than Rumparooz. A close fave would be Bumgenius 4.0 but those are not as cushiony soft as these and they don’t have the poo fence which works great for those runny poopies. Love, love, love these diapers.UNFORTUNATELY we can’t use them anymore because they kept repelling. I finally realized that I have water so hard that I can’t use any fleecy diapers or very thick fitteds unless I want to do 10 rinse cycles every time I wash diapers. Now we are only using Kiwi Pies, flats, and prefolds in order to keep CDing, but I miss my Rumparooz! I still highly recommend them to everyone who uses pockets.

Nell Erlanger, KY

Great diaper but will require maintennance

We bought 24 of these diapers when our baby was born. I had spoken to other cloth-diapering mothers, and they favored this one over fuzzy buns, because the snaps were more well-constructed. They are also cuter and there is no need to mess with the strings that adjust the legs like FB.Overall, I’ve been pretty happy with them. They could be used from birth on. Our daughter was 9.6lbs at birth, and we used disposables the first two weeks, so I never really tested them out on a small baby. In the beginning, they were super absorbent and we never had a leak or blow-out. I like the quality of the outer cover, and of the adjustable snapping system. Also, it’s great to be able to double them up for night-time diapers. And, the covers are so so cute!Our daughter is currently 11 months. We recently had to strip the diapers, as they were starting to leak constantly. I emailed the company and they gave me directions to rinse once in cold water, follow with a hot wash with a large amount of tide detergent, and then two more hot washes without any detergent. This worked really well to remove the build-up. We occasionally have had to use 1% hydrocortisone cream, under our pediatrician’s recommendation, for diaper rash. This was probably the source of the leaks, as it can build up and ruin your diapers. So thank goodness stripping worked.I would have given 5 stars, but there are a few things holding me back. The first is that the elastic is completely shot on about half of the diapers, and we have only had them 11 months. I feel that the company could have used better quality elastic. I emailed them about it and they blamed it on build-up. This does not really make sense to me. I think it’s probably from the constant use and stretching during crawling. I did find a helpful video on you tube that shows how to remove the elastic and sew in new elastic. I will be doing this soon. Even if the company took back the diapers and fixed them, I couldn’t possibly live without them for the amount of time it would take to send them out and get them back. The other issue is that the insert does not completely run the entire length of the diaper. There is a gap in the back where the pocket is, and theoretically, if the diaper is very wet, fluids or solids can leak out the back. But I have not found this to be too much of a problem.I’m excited about all of the new colors and patterns they keep adding, though I probably won’t be buying anymore diapers.

Katie Shannon, MS

A really nice diaper!

I love the colors on this diaper! It does look a little bulky but my son is on the small side for it so I’m sure as he fills out it will fit him better.

Angela Williston, TN


Our baby girl was born last week and we’ve used nothing but these since coming home from hospital.She was 8 pounds and the diapers are a little bulky but they fit and do their job. As she gets bigger some of the bulk will probably go away.We’ve had no leaks. Putting on and taking off is as easy as a disposable. The washing is easy and we use rumparooz wet bag to hold dirties between loads.

Katheryn Burnside, IL

Loves Rumparooz

I have been using Rumparooz for a few weeks now, and have yet to be disappointed. They fit snugly and do not leak. My son was born at nearly 10lb and did not need the diaper adjusted to the smallest available size, so I have no doubt that these diapers live up to the size range starting as low as they claim. I was a bit hesitant to order this design fabric b/c the picture shown for this specific print of Rumparooz snap diaper shows an aplix closure, but was very happy when a snap closure diaper arrived. I love this fun, modern print! I definitely recommend!

Jane Waterbury, CT

Buyer beware!

I was eager to try these diapers on my 1 month old, but when it arrived it was the wrong thing. I ordered and paid for a $26 pocket diaper, but received a $14 cover. The diaper was in an open package marked as a Quin pocket diaper, but there is no way a pocket diaper would be able to fit in the tiny package it came it. The diaper cover also did not have a tag which makes me think it has been used. I feel like I have been taken advantage of, and I want the right diaper or my money back. I shouldn’t have to go through all of the work to get it back, but it’s that or I’m stuck with an over priced diaper cover.This is the second time I have received the wrong Rumparooz diaper. The first time it was just a different print so I didn’t mind too much. When I contacted the company directly, even though I ordered from Amazon, they were more than happy to replace the item, but again I didn’t want to go through the hassle. I’m waiting to hear back from Amazon before I do anything else.If I ever get my correct diaper, I’ll change the review, but until then, people should be warned.

Lynne Gough, GA

One of my favorite cloth diapers

I am in the process of trying out all kinds of cloth diapers to figure out what works for us. I originally purchased two rumparooz but have now come back and ordered 3 more. I love these! The inside is so soft and the gussets keep all of my breastfed baby’s poop contained! No blowouts (like with pampers)! Every now and then we have a little leakage of pee, but I attribute that to user error, learning how to get the fit right with it being my first foray into cloth diapering. All in all, I reach for my rumparooz first over the bumgenious 4.0. They dry relatively quickly too! I am very satisfied!

Pat Georgetown, LA

Excellent diaper

I love this diaper. It started fitting my son when he hit about 10 pounds. It is sooo soft and cute! The snaps are great quality and feel strong. I love the dual gussets. No leaks or poop explosion escapes. Also, no staining thus far! *two thumbs up!*

Rosario Colorado City, CO

LOVE these!!

Love these diapers! I have 6 so far, with 14 week old twin girls. I only use these at night because they’re super absorbent. I can get through half the night with only one soaker (my girls are BF, so I change at their middle of the night feed. These could have been used at birth, too… the smallest rise on these would make them tiny!! The Preppy pattern is so cute, I just wish they had MORE patterns. APLIX seems to be nice, too… but mine have only seen a few wash cycles so far. And they catch everything! Messy BF poo an no blowouts!!

Adeline Toulon, IL

My favorite diaper!!

So far this is my absolute favorite cloth diaper. I always use it for overnight if it is clean. Watch out the platinum color appears grey but it’s baby blue. I have a baby girl but I really could care less if she wears blue just an FYI.

Grace Corona, NM

too much wing droop for my skinny

The inside is soooooooo soft. I really like this diaper but there is just WAY too much wing droop. My daughter is 32inches and 20lbs with a tiny waist. I have to snap in on the 4th button for her and the wings hang out the side. I find it to big in the waist to really love. Also its not very trim between the legs. Other than that I LOVE the softness, the gussets, and its extremely well made.

Charmaine Bagdad, KY

Love these diapers

I’ve been using various AIO’s and pockets… Rumparroz are one of my favorite. I love the double gussett. And the lining has stayed very soft and wicks moisture away well.

Bettye Sandy Ridge, NC

It leaks!!!

This is the leakiest diaper we have which is really too bad because I love the print. The way that the leg gussets are constructed allows the inside of the diaper to come in contact with baby’s clothes and thus wicks the moisture out of the diaper. After about 3 tries with this diaper as a night-time solution (I usually end up nursing her either during the night or in the morning with the side lying position) and getting up to wet spots on our bed, this diaper has been relegated to the back of our drawer :(It may be better for a day-time diaper if your baby is more upright.

Melanie Lake City, PA

These worked better than the bumgenius at first…

These were great for my two month old who is in 90th percentile, but she grew out of them around six months. Had to buy more bumgenius to supplement the loss. I purchased 6 of these and 12 bumgenius in various styles.The Bumgenius still work great and my girl is still in the 90th percentile so 28 pounds at 9 months. She is big, so this review only matters if your kid is big too.

Daphne Kerens, TX