Russ Berrie Pregnancy Calendar

Russ Berrie Pregnancy Calendar

This popular best-selling calender lets Mothers-to-be know what to expect when they’re expecting. Each features a 40-week guide to prenatal care and follows baby’s development month-by-month with useful information pertaining to pregnancy.

Main features

  • 40 week guide what to expect
  • 12″x9″
  • Month by month useful information
  • Paper construction
  • Prenatal care

Verified reviews


Definitely wouldn’t buy it again

I ended up not even using this calendar. The drawings and information felt like it came from a textbook in 1970. It looked like something my mom would’ve used as a teenager. Besides that, it just came with some useful, but unnecessary stickers. Wouldn’t buy it again.

Dominique White River, SD

Excellent calendar

This calendar is done in standard calendar format. It is not designed to be a journal, but rather a day by day record of incidents and milestones for your pregnancy. One person recommended waiting to get a due date from your doctor-I totally disagree. If you know when your last period was and you have no reason to suspect you dont ovulate at the ‘normal’ time, approx. two weeks after the first day of your missed period, this is going to be more accurate than a doctor’s visit-or at least it was for me with both of my boys. The doctors changed my due dates three times-trying to say I was due later and later-with both of them according to their growth-and I still delivered a week before MY due date, by this calendar, with over seven pound babies. I know my body and if you feel the same, dont let some stupid sonogram tech or doctor tell you otherwise.Another review made a comment that it had her off by a week, but she was also using her doctor’s calculations. Like I said, my doctor’s were always off so perhaps that was what her problem was. The calendar begins on the first day of your missed period, which, until you have a sonogram, is what the doctor’s use to calculate your due date. Once they do a sonogram they change it according to growth, but some babies grow slower than others.Also, someone said that their calendar came with stickers that would happen AFTER the baby came-Im not sure what she was talking about except holidays or something, and then you need to remember that everyone gets pregnant at different times so stickers have to be included for the full twelve months of the year in order to be useful to everyone.It has tons of stickers, lots of options from which to choose from, and it makes a fun record for busy people, slap a sticker on and keep going. I got the first one as a gift for my first son, bought another for my second and just ordered another for my expeced third baby. Obviously I would recommend this product.

Brittany Montrose, GA

Okay, but needs improving

I like the calendar for the most part, but it seems pretty dated, and the stickers need some re-thinking. The last day of the calendar is supposed to fall on your due date, but roughly 1/3 of the stickers are for events that would happen AFTER the baby arrives (and there are also FIVE stickers that would all be stuck on the day you deliver, yet there is only room for one). While at the same time some things that might seems like milestones during the pregnancy or are likely to happen more than once either have no sticker or only one. Does the job for the most part, but needs an improved version. Also, I recommend waiting to get an official due date from your doctor before filling out all the days, instead of using the due date calculation they offer in the calendar. I had to go back and re-write the dates for the first two months.

Ronda South Kent, CT

LOVE this calendar

I got this calendar as a gift from my mom, then purchased as a gift for my friend. It is such a fun way to count down the days of pregnancy and has cute stickers to mark those special milestones while growing a tiny human! I can’t wait for my daughter to read the calendar where I logged her first moves when she is older!

Ruth Ceres, CA

Great gift idea or for a pregnant woman

I loved this! I wasn’t good about keeping it updated, but it’s a great keepsake if you do.

Erin West Greenwich, RI

Functional But Could Use Improving

The calendar was given to me as a gift. It’s functional and serves its purpose but could use some improving. It seems a bit out dated for my taste, as if it was designed nearly 50 years ago. Because you have to fill in the dates, Sunday isn’t always on the left where a traditional calendar would place it. The stickers are an adorable feature, but it’s for those mom’s to be who are looking for a more medical pregnancy labor and delivery. I liked that it would tell me the fetal development but when I purchase another pregnancy calendar I will not be getting this calendar.

Jo Fontana, KS

Pregnancy Calendar..

I bought for my sweet niece who is having her first baby…I really didn’t get a hands one view of it,but she loves it and is very happy. Great service…

Vilma Ericson, NE