Saddle Style Soaker Mattress Pad – Will Absorb 6 Cups of Liquid – Made in America

Saddle Style Soaker Mattress Pad – Will Absorb 6 Cups of Liquid – Made in America

This saddle-style mattress pad #DPCI 030 02 0209 is commonly referred to as a Soaker Mattress Pad. The pad is for a twin bed (not for use in cribs) and size is 34″ x 36″ with 18″ tuck tails to hold pad in place. Simple to use place across mattress and on top of sheet to keep dry. The pad is soft, absorbent with a flannel top in addition is 100% waterproof backing for mattress protection. The new soaker padding will absorb up to 6 cups of liquid. Washing instructions: Machine washable warm. Tumble dry low use only non chlorine bleach when needed.

Main features

  • For Use with a Twin Size Bed
  • Waterproof and Washable
  • Holds up to 6 cups of liquid
  • 33 in x 35 in plus tuck-in tails
  • 50% cotton/50% polyester

Verified reviews


It’s vinyl underneath…

Just a quick review here to let you know that this IS vinyl as its final layer (layer that goes closest to the mattress). My little one just moved into a “big boy bed” and I was looking for underpads to further protect the mattress (in addition to the mattress cover we have on) and that would be quick to change if he leaked overnight (diapers) and for when he starts truly toilet training. But I did NOT want a vinyl-layered one. There are such good ones out there that protect every bit as well but don’t use that hot, body-heat-reflecting vinyl layer. I could NOT find an answer anywhere here OR on Target’s site about whether this had vinyl or not, so I bought it, figuring I’d take the chance. It DOES have vinyl. So if you’re also not wanting vinyl and can’t figure out if this has it or not – here’s your answer. Yes it does.If you want a really nice one that does not use vinyl (even though it does not have the nifty tuck-under flaps), try the Duro-Med 3-Ply Quilted Reuseable Underpad. I got that one too and it’s really nice. And not hot.Can’t say a word about how this “Soaker” actually works – I’m sure it works just fine! – because we’ll likely be returning it and getting a second Duro-Med.

Marcia Mountain Grove, MO

Good but watch out

We really liked this product, but just be careful to make sure you have it centered (top and bottom) properly. It was working great for us, until last night my daughter crawled under it as a blanket and coincidentally had an accident that morning! We will make sure that it is pulled up high enough so that she isn’t able to do that in the future. Other than that it is so easy to pull off and switch in the middle of the night while still keeping the bottom sheet dry since you are typically half asleep when these things happen. 😉

Pamala Aguirre, PR

Works great. I keep it under the regular ‘waterproof’ mattress …

Works great. I keep it under the regular ‘waterproof’ mattress cover for when there is (rarely happens) a full bladder whoops from my recently potty-trained daughter.

Chrystal Luning, NV

Great protector…

This was purchased to protect my son’s full size mattress. I must add that we put a soaker on top of this. I have two of these that protect the mattress, then i use a soaker pad on top of both of these pads.My son was just learned potty training and getting through the night and deeper sleep caused some accidents, but he made it through. We also layered two sets of sheets so when you wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning you can quickly remove the top layer and wash it the next day. Makes things a little smoother in the middle of the night.

Odessa Salem, OR

No complaints!

My 24 month old daughter has only wet the bed a handful of times while this has been in use, and it has not leaked so I am pleased.It does not fit perfectly well onto her bed, despite the flaps, and needs to be tucked in again every so often. This, however, is a small inconvenience and my daughter likes it well. Its softness is a plus from her point of view, as she tends to put her whole body on it, including her face!

Savannah Linden, AL


This has been very helpful in cutting down on how much laundry I have to do when my child’s diaper leaks overnight!

Jacklyn Easley, SC

They work …

Cover a decent amount of a twin size bed. Stay in place. Easy to change in the middle of the night. I haven’t had them for very long so I can’t speak as to how they hold up in the wash, long term, but they seem like they’ll be good through potty training.

Cecelia Ayrshire, IA

super soft. love it.

my 5 month old son sleeps on his belly and used to get skin rashes and pimples on his face from drooling. As soon as i switched to this his skin improved and all the pimples gone. Not only that but this pad is super soft! I returned the priva pad, as well as the summer infant because the material was itchy and rough. i know a lot of the reviews say that this pad moves but we don’t have that issue and my son loves to move a lot. And….seriously what do you expect? Unless it was tied down, taped, or glued to something you would expect that it might happen even though it has flaps. If you sleep under a blanket that is tucked under the mattress you’d expect the same result. common sense! i highly recommend esp if you are looking for something soft. I can’t give a review on how this product hold up after several washes.

Minerva Garrison, KY

Works well

We just switched my 2 year old to a twin bed and got this to protect the mattress. It’s easy to put on and protects the mattress well.

Julie Long Barn, CA

Great value – best soaker pad

We use these for both kiddos who still have problems staying dry at night. Might even get brave enough to do without pullups soon… These are so absorbent and high quality. Much better than anything I found in town. They wash well, they are soft, they don’t make weird crunchy noises. Great buy.

Angelita Gunlock, KY

It just drapes over bed

Its okay- seems temporary to me. It just tucks around mattress. I would buy the whole cover second time around. It is nice that it doesn’t crunch.

Luann Myers Flat, CA