Safari Evergreen Jungle Tree Wall Decals, Jungle Stickers with Green Leaves and Vinyl Tree

Safari Evergreen Jungle Tree Wall Decals, Jungle Stickers with Green Leaves and Vinyl Tree

Our decals are peel and stick. ALL animals, leaves, etc are printed on a coated, durable fabric material that is repositionable. Coated fabric looks similar to vinyl … it is not soft and fuzzy like felt. The difference between fabric and vinyl is that fabric will not stretch and is difficult to tear; whereas, vinyl will stretch and tear easily making it non-repositionable. You can see a video on “Fabric vs. Vinyl Decals” on Youtube if you search for that term. The bullet points on each product should describe whether the tree, vines, or branch on the decal is vinyl or fabric when purchasing.

Main features

  • There are no authorized resellers of our decals. If the shipper is anyone other than Nursery Decals and More, Inc., then the decal is not made by us and is likely a poor quality knockoff.
  • Tree/Branch are a quality, removable but non-repositionable VINYL with a matte finish.
  • Animals and Leaves are a FABRIC repositionable/reusable decal material
  • Everything is individually cut and applied. Will work on Smooth or Slightly Textured Walls and is easy to remove from the wall without damaging.
  • Decal Includes: 1 Tree (59″ wide by 73″ tall, Branch with leaves Size is 31″ wide by 14″ tall), 2 Monkeys (approx. 11″ wide x 16″ high, 10″ wide x 17.5″ high), 1 elephant (approx. 22.3″ wide x 17.5″ high), 1 Giraffe (approx. 15″ wide x 31 high), 1 Zebra (approx. 16″ wide x 25″ high), 1 Owl, 3 Birds, Grass, Flowers

Verified reviews


Expensive, but totally worth it!

Esther Sand Point, AK

Large and Lovely

The Jungle Tree Wall Decals made a plain white wall the perfect nursery wall. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body and this was my first time putting up wall decals. These these decals were easy to put up and easy to reposition. The animals are exactly as adorable as pictured. The decals are a great quality and I’m sure baby will be enjoying them for years to come!

Faye Garrett, WY

Pricey-But Great Decals!

Love these decals!! These are heavy duty-type decals and they look really nice on the wall. The whole set is very large, so make sure you have enough wall space. I got the teal colored set for my baby boy’s room, and it’s nicely colored, however, a little feminine looking-but that’s probably my fault for choosing teal. I omitted putting the flowers and butterflies on the wall that came with the mini teal-colored animal set that I purchased too, that was definitely too girly. I didn’t have many problems applying the decals, but I can now recommend to overlap the decals a little when attaching the branches to the trunk. I tried to fit mine on without overlapping, just perfectly next to each other, and the next day there were small spaces of wall I could see in between, and I had to remove the trunk part and redo. But everything re-stuck, and it looks great!!

Mary Clyde, KS

I love it!!!!!

These stickers are amazing!!!! My mother in law ordered it for our nursery, and it looks better than I expected!! Would highly recommend to everyone!

Marcia Montgomery, IL

loved it!

good quality, beautiful. item as described. Easy to put it on the wall. I recomend. I Loved it!! thank you

Helena Mark Center, OH


These are very cute. So easy to put up. Def use 2 people and foil. Really adds something special to the nursery.

Sasha Malden Bridge, NY

Really, really nice. Highly recommend!

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous when the decals arrived rolled up, held together with a rubber band and packed somewhat loosely in a long priority triangle box. It turns out my fears were absolutely unfounded.While there were many pieces to put up, they were labelled well. I did print a picture from the site which served as a guide to leaf and monkey placement. If there was one thing I would recommend that be added to the shipment is a color image of the final design. When applying the decals to the wall I rubbed them into place with my fingers and then with a towel to make sure there were no gaps or air bubbles. The pretty cool thing is that the thinness of the decals allows the texture of the walls to show through which make them look painted on. Very nice. My six month old son immediately was entranced by the monkeys and loves his new room. I highly recommend these decals or any others you might be thinking of getting through this company. We will save the name because as our son grows he will certainly want to change his room. By the way, I was nervous about the edges of the stickers and whether or not a butterfly or two would go on properly before putting them up do the the slightly crunched edges when opened and called the company. They were really nice and explained that if I had any issues whatsoever that they would replace all or part of the decals. Needless to say there were no problems, but that was a welcomed sense of assurance before putting them up.

Leslie Sunnyside, WA