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A Good Cheap Stroller

I’d like to start by saying that this is not a stroller for young babies. Young babies need more support than this model can give.This is, however, a good and sometimes great stroller for toddlers and lighter weight preschoolers. It gives them enough support, and more importantly, enough constraint.We bought one for our first child, and then another with our second. Much lighter than a double stroller, mom and dad found the ability to head off in different directions at the store a great feature.The other feature I would like to point out is that it is lightweight to carry. Let’s face it, after a certain age, kids don’t want to ‘sit’ all day. They want to run and carry-on until they get so tired that they NEED to sit. We didn’t mind toting this stroller about until it was time to use it.Four stars. Very versatile. We’ve used our first one for four years and have just given both (the first and second) away to the Women’s Shelter were they were very welcome.

Lillian Shickley, NE

Great for what it is

First let me say that if you’re expecting this stroller to be on par with a full-fledged “travel system,” you’re bound to be disappointed; however, if you’re looking for the most basic type of stroller, this one is a fairly good bet.Like many other reviewers, we also received our safari umbrella stroller for free with a Babies R Us purchase. I brought this stroller to my mother’s house to have on hand for visits, and it’s been a real convenience. At under 3 months old, my baby fits nicely inside without sliding around or slumping down too much. The stroller itself rolls smoothly, and the fact that it’s lightweight and not at all “complicated” (unlike our Graco stroller, which can be a bit intimidating to someone who’s never seen one before) makes it ideal for my elderly mother to use with her granddaughter. This is really the perfect stroller to use in a city where you can walk to most places from home – just belt the baby into the seat and step right out the door. The only two real drawbacks I’ve found are the seatbelt (3 point harness only instead of 5) and the fact that there’s no sun canopy (make sure baby wears a hat outside if it’s sunny). Other than that, this is exactly what an umbrella stroller should be: portable, lightweight, easy to use and inexpensive.

Alice Lavaca, AR

Go for the shade

Stroller is light and easy to use. But…should have thought to buy the one with the shade. We’ll be going on vacation at the beach and the shade would have been a terrifice plus.

Clarice La Place, LA

Light and easy to maneuver!

This light and easily-folded model is ideal for quick outings and especially travel. Wonderful for airline trips when you’re juggling a stroller, the baby, and diaper bag.

Stefanie Cheboygan, MI

Can’t get better than free!

we got this stroller free at Toys R US for spending over $70 in the store. I’ve seen this promotional offer before – I think they offer it pretty frequently in their coupon catalogs.We do have a sturdier Graco Travel system and it truly is the cadillac of strollers, but the only problem with it is how heavy it is. Graco advertises how easy it is to open and close with one hand, but neglects to mention how you’re supposed to haul the thing out of the car with one hand. So, I’d been looking for a lighter umbrella stroller that I can easily pull out when I’m alone with my baby. Plus, we’re going on vacation soon and I didn’t want to chance losing our big stroller in the airport. So, we found this offer and jumped at it. We figured, even if we hated it, at least it would last us for our trip.Well, I haven’t had the stroller long, but already I love it. It is surprisingly sturdy (for a free gift). The canvas is durable but not scratchy. The stroller is lightweight, easy to lift AND to open/close with one hand.I would never give up my Graco stroller – it’s better for longer outings because it has the recline feature and really is more roomy, durable and comfortable (and has storage for diaper bags, etc). But this is a great item to have as a back up.Wish it had an overhead canopy, but you can’t have everything…I’m on the lookout for the next time T.R.U sends out another coupon so that I can pick one up for my mom.

Ellen Marion, SC

Good for quick trips

I have this stroller in another print but from the same company. I love using this stroller for my 1 year old son for quick trips. For the mall and other “long” trips, I still prefer my travel system stroller. This stroller serves it purpose as it being extremely lightweight. I recommend this stroller for walks and as I said, quick trips.

Gretchen Strong City, KS

Not bad

I have received the stroller and it is quite nice. Much nicer, I think, than it appears in the picture. There is a good strong locking mechanism so it can’t fold up on your child that you can press with your foot into place. The breaks work very well (one on each back wheel), but the tires themselves are so slick that the stroller can slide even on smooth surfaces – so be careful. The harness attaches on either side to the seat behind the child and between the legs. It is a basic inexpensive stroller so don’t expect much. I do wish the wheels had more traction though. Because this is a safety issue I won’t rate it more than a three, but otherwise it isn’t shabby. The biggest problem that I have with it is that I’m 5’8″ and it is way to short for me. Please note that I was charged $7.75 for shipping for this when I purchased it here.

Imelda Beltrami, MN