Safe Shampoo Shower Bathing Protect Soft Cap Hat for Baby Children Kids

Safe Shampoo Shower Bathing Protect Soft Cap Hat for Baby Children Kids


Main features

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Adjustable bath hat for kids ,children,etc
  • It is available for 0-6 years’ kids
  • When washing, it can prevent the clogging breathing
  • It Protects your baby or toddler’s eyes from shampoo and water

Verified reviews


Genius, I plan to buy more as gifts

The appearance is different than the one in the photos, but I don’t care–it works like a charm! Here is a video of our 7 months old:[…]

Eula North, SC

Wish I read the reviews

I wish I had read the reviews. This was folded over so many times that it arrived with creases that can’t be straightened out. It has completely altered the shape ad therefore the effectiveness of the product. It also has a terrible, almost toxic smell. I will be throwing this away.

Tameka Spearman, TX


Good idea but doesn’t work. It won’t stay on. And you have to wash the hair below it also, so it defeats the purpose!

Minerva West Newton, PA

not as practical as it looks

cheap and doesn’t stay on my baby’s head. she hates it. plus you can’t fully shampoo her head with it on because it covers up part of her head/hair. it was worth a shot i guess.

Justine Waterford, MI

It works

It’s so cheap it work worth giving it a try. It barely fit my 9 month old. Have it on the widest setting, but he does have a big head for his age. Still, like to get more time out of it.He fought having it on his head the first time, but the next day he didn’t mind at all. Worked well and kept water from getting in his face.Only negative is that is was shipped directly from China. The item only cost a couple bucks and shipping was free with Prime, so makes me wonder how the economics on that one make sense.

Anita Saluda, VA

Five Stars

Stays put and keeps water out of eyes!

Agnes Severn, MD

Great product!~

I wish I bought this earlier! It makes washing hair a lot easier!It took us a few tries to get it right, but now it works like a charm!Not sure how durable this will be as I just got it a week ago.

Lynda Enochs, TX

Helpful For Toddler Bath Time

My 2 year old son has always been fussy about hair washing because of water getting in his eyes and ears. This product has been helpful at bath time because it blocks the MAJORITY of water flowing down. It’s not perfect — but it has made it possible for me to wash my son’s hair alone. The fit is not completely snug, as the foam is a bit soft (which is good in a way for not hurting the child’s skin) so a bit of water still rolls down. But I’ve held a small towel right above my son’s eyebrows and this does the trick. Overall, for the price, not bad to have. Shipping was not too long, about 1.5 weeks to arrive on the west coast.

Brigitte Cheshire, CT

Too small for 1 yr old

It’s far too small for my 13 months old boy. The product seems ok, but I am not sure a baby would tolerate it on their head. I tried and by baby refused completely.

Latisha Crowley, TX

cool idea but son didnt like it.

This was a really cool idea. I thought that my son would like this because he hates it when I pour water on his head, even if i avoid his face. He has started to hate being dipped (his hair only) in the water so this was my last resort. He wouldnt even let me put this on his head except for a few seconds and one pour of water on his. Im not docking any stars for this because my son doesn’t like it but because even though it fit tight on his head water still got through to his face because of the gaps (his head is really curvy and big)

Estela Crows Landing, CA

Makes baths easy.

Works great on both my babies. Fits my 6 month old and 1.5 year old. Makes bath time easy and tear free.

Shauna Englewood, KS

it arrived wrinkled

it is very useful but it arrived wrinkled (took few weeks to deliver) and we cannot straighten it. I believe if it was in normal shape we would be happier with it. because of the wrinkles i does not fit tight on baby’s head and sometimes slides – which defies the purpose

Tania Rhodhiss, NC

tough to use.

This is a great idea however there are two things that we have trouble with this item. One, the button fasteners that are used to secure the cap hat around the baby’s head are too tough to close when your hands are wet and slippery with soap. Two, if your baby is like mine, she can’t have anything on her head without trying to reach up and remove it. When you add these two things together it generally means you will make a mildly difficult task even tougher because you have to wrestle with the bathing cap too. I think if the fasteners issue is fixed this might be a good product but not now.

Dionne Creede, CO

flimsy but works

This is a very flimsy product but does a pretty good job at keeping the water out, as long as your baby doesn’t grab it off his head first.

Josefa Valparaiso, FL


It is Garbage! Don’t waste your time and $$$ on that. The product is totally different from the pic showes.

Melba Hiko, NV

Bath Cap

My goodness – I wish that I had found this, or thought of something like this, long ago! Washing my sons hair has been such a struggle.. he’s so afraid of the water getting in his eyes. Anyway, this cap is PERFECT. It works!!!!

Josefina Rochester Mills, PA

Well worth it!

My daughter HATES it when I wash her hair at bathtime. I bought 2 of these. She also doesn’t like to wear hats so it only stays on for the rinsing part.She does like to watch the water fall off of it though!

Elaine Flemington, NJ

Son hates it.

This seemed like a great idea, and I REALLY wanted it to work since my son hates getting water in his eyes. For whatever reason he just hates it, rips it off instantly. So it just doesn’t work at all for us, but the cheap price was worth giving it a shot, I’m sure it works for other parents. I’d also like to say even though it came from overseas the shipping was pretty quick.

Keisha Long Grove, IA

It is cheap

It looks cheap but it is cheap. My baby did not like wearing it – so have not used it yet.

Glenda Central, AZ

Horrible product, unsafe for kids!

This is the worst piece of baby item I have ever bought! Bad packaging deformed the item. Very bad quality, poor material, cheap foam that caves under water, does not hold form and is very, very unsafe for kids. I don’t understand how they are selling this without retribution. Do your babies a favor, DO NOT BUY!

Latisha Wendell, MA


Doesn’t adjust well; doesn’t stay on, and comes folded up from China so that it basically never takes the right shape again.

Grace Lunenburg, VA

Cheap, but it works, and my kids are much happier

This thing seems to be made out of foam, with snaps to hold it together. It’s pretty cheap, but I have two boys who have been playing with it and using it now for 5-6 months, and they haven’t ripped or broken it yet. This thing makes bathtime and hair washing much less stressful.

Carolina Oconto, WI

Does not fit my son’s head and he always rips …

Does not fit my son’s head and he always rips it off the minute I try to put it on. Also, with all his hair it doesn’t help at all.

Marcy Hendersonville, NC

soft cap hat

This has not been tested by grandma yet but love the concept of rinsing hair w/o getting water in the baby’s eyes. You want them to like the bath time. I hated to see that startled look or gasp from my little one when water did get in his eyes as a little baby.

Dale Adrian, MO

Bad buy

Nothing like the photo portrays. It is made of cheap, thin foam and was folded up for shipping in a way that caused bends (thus huge gaps) in the material that is supposed to go around the head. The gaps make it useless and the flimsy material wouldn’t really keep water off anyway.

Crystal Saint David, IL

Works great

This hat is simple and works well. There are a few different snaps on the hat so the size can be adjusted. It fits my child’s head well, is a soft flexible material and keeps the water out of her eyes.

Helene Combs, KY

waaaay too small for my 11 month-old.

We got the blue one that is used for the default picture. IT was too small to use on my 11 month old’s head, even on the largest setting. My advice would be to get another style because this does not fit the age it says.

Lizzie Mistletoe, KY

Extremely Flimsy

I wanted to love this item so much, my little one sits in the tub and it’s hard keeping water from getting in her eyes when I rinse her hair. This item is not what it appears as in the picture, it’s extremely flimsy and doesn’t fit my daughter’s head right. In the picture it seems like this is a heavier duty almost rubber material but it’s just cheap thin foam. It was less than $2 but still not a quality item.

Dolly Bath, SC

It runs a little small for my sons head

It works great but it is a little small for my sons head but he is 18 months so it may be made for smaller children. I use it on my son when he wants to play in the tub while I shower. It works great but he is about to grow out of it.

Consuelo Saint George, ME

Not great

The concept is great, however, mine arrived folded quite a few times, and a few months later, it still hasn’t adjusted to the proper shape. I like that it’s adjustable, so all 3 of my kids can use it, but with it having creases and not shaped properly, it doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to. But for the price, I was more than happy to give it a chance – just didn’t work like I thought it should and didn’t arrive packaged very nicely.

Carly King City, CA