SafeFit Baby In Sight

SafeFit Baby In Sight

The SafeFit Baby In Sight has an extra large convex mirror that makes it easier than ever for mom to view her rear facing infant while driving. With three different attachment methods, including the exclusive “tether attachment system”, it fits most vehicles on the market for a secure installation. The Baby In Sight works on vinyl, leather or cloth seats. And the new soft-as-suede fabric coordinates well with car interiors.

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police told us this was a safety hazard

I registered for this mirror to use in the car while my baby is in a rear facing car seat. It gave me peace of mind to glance back and see that baby is ok. But, in the first week after my son was born, we took our car seat to the police station to have it inspected/installed correctly. The police officer did a wonderful job securing our car seat, instructing us on the safest way to bundle baby in the winter, etc. But he was adamant that child view mirrors are a safety hazard. He said that in a severe impact, the mirror could detach and become a projectile object that could hit the baby. Even though the mirror is break resistant, it could still cause injury if it came flying at his head.As for using a mirror to check on the baby while driving, the officer also mentioned that if you think the baby is in distress, the best thing to do is to pull over. If you are looking at the baby in the child view mirror, you are not looking at the road (his words, not mine). He then went on to advise against other things we had in our car, like the sun shade, and a couple of car seat toys (all can become projectile in an impact).So, as a first time mom, I was probably a little paranoid. And I’m sure he was just doing his job to warn me about possible safety risks. But sure enough, he managed to put the fear of God in me, and I went home and stripped the car of everything that could potentially hurt the baby (my husband thought I was nuts). Now the only thing we have in the backseat with the car seat is a foam squishy toy that hangs off the back seat – safe during an impact.Now we’ve been 6 months without a child safe mirror. There are times when I wish I had one. And once I even did pull over to make sure that my son was ok. But, I’ve gotten used to NOT having this mirror. So, even though the mirror was a comfort in the 4 days we got to use it, I’m glad we’re not taking any chances.

Jasmine Ijamsville, MD

Great for an on the go mommie

I love this mirror. I saw it in the store and was skeptical at first but figured hey why not try it. It’s hard to keep turning to check on the baby while I am driving. Anyhow I saw the other cutsey ones and even though they were cute I chose this one because of it’s size and the amount of area that it would make easily visible to me. I had no problem installing it in my car. There are a variety of ways that it can be installed. I luckily was going to install it on the headrest of the car. It installed easily and hasn’t moved or slipped off. I love the item and all though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles (character design or remote control light attached) like some others I am extremely happy with it. This is definetly one of those baby gadgets that every parent can not only be happy with but will be useful for a long time.

Zelma Underhill Center, VT

Needs improvement

This item is ok. I don’t like how it sticks up in the back window. If you have a small car this is an issue. I had to buy velcrow from Wal-Mart and stick it to my back seat in order for this product to be useful.

Brianna Massey, MD

Foggy and unsafe

First of all, you should not install this in your car as it can become a projectile in an accident (as the police officer who installed my car seat told me.)Second of all, When you buy this mirror it comes with a “protective” piece of plastic over the mirror that you have to remove to use the mirror, but when you remove it, you see that the mirror is very foggy. I tried cleaning the mirror with water and a soft cloth, thinking that it was just some adhesive from the plastic, but it made it worse. Now the mirror is foggy, scratchy, and totally unuseable.It’s going back to the store today.

Inez Albany, OR

Great Product for Peace of Mind

We installed this in our SUV that has a latch in the back for such devices. During inspection at the hospital, no one mentioned that it was a safety risk, but we will take it to the fire dept next time. For our peace of mind, the mirror was Heaven sent.

Jasmine Modesto, CA

Don’t buy this!!

I have been using this mirror for about a month and a half. About a week ago–the mirror started to (what I thought was)fog. I touched the mirror and it wasn’t fog. I am in the process of trying to find the contact information to complain right to the company. I can’t even see my daughter now because the mirror is coated with something which won’t come off. I am frequently in stop and go traffic so it is nice to know what she is doing back there. I wouldn’t buy this product again.

James Tollesboro, KY

I like the size of it.

I know it’s not that safe to have this in your vehicle, but I have to see my baby. Anyway, I have been using this mirror for a little over three months now (since her birth) and I really can’t complain about the mirror fogging up. I better cross my fingers. And I love the size of it. I can see her clearly. I did not know they had this mirror when I had my 2 older boys because I used a tiny little mirrors for them. Had I known about this, I would have gotten this instead–it would have prevented me from squinting just to see them. :)I am giving it 3 stars because I really couldn’t use the tether because my baby girl sits in the middle row of the van. I have the new Toyota Sienna and I have the captain chairs, so the strap just loops around the headrest. My husband installed it. It’s okay. I would have preferred to use the tether for a more secured installation. But my baby girl does enjoy seeing herself and me through the mirror.

Tiffany Bledsoe, KY

Its just unsafe!

I purchased this mirror to keep an eye on my rear-facing 5 month old…It attatched easily, is very large, and simple… no flashing lights or remote controlls. My son seemed entrigued with his reflection (as all babies usually are) and I was able to keep a close eye on him.Well, we recently purhcased him a convertible carseat (hes still small enough to fit in the carrier though) and had it checked out by highway patrol (we installed the mirror AFTER we checked out the carrier). They congratulated us on a good installment, but were soon telling us that many toys/objects in our car are dangerous, and had the patential to break off, or hit someone (mainly our baby!) in the event of a car crash, which, I was sad to say, included the SafeFit Baby in Sight mirror.I went home and removed the mirror, and many of the harder toys, and a few other “needed” objects… and I did feel a bit silly afterwards, but it gave me a peace of mind. The officer who inspected the car had told me this (I’m paraphrasing people) “Mirrors, toys, and other objects for baby in the car can potentially cause hazard to anyone while in the event of a crash, they could become projectiles and injure your child. Also, when you see in the mirror, you take your eyes off of the road. So I reccomend just pulling over if you fear for your babies health” I will admit that a few times I DID pull over, and he happened to be fine, just whiney. I found that you will KNOW if theres something wrong with your child, or my 2 and 4.5 year olds will tell me if somethings wrong with the baby. And by the way, your baby can STILL have toys, just completely soft, and harmless ones.I can completely understand if you still want to purchase and/or use a baby mirror like this one, but for the dangers, I would highly reccomend not to.

Amelia Rothschild, WI

Poor quality mirror surface

Granted, I know this is a soft mirror and given that… they can get scratched, dented, and the like… BUT the quality of this mirror is terrible. I bought one recently to see if I could replace the Fisher Price one I had been using (the Fisher-Price Deluxe Auto Mirror With Mirror & Lights… which is a great mirror but sits a bit high so the view out the back window of my Subaru Outback is blocked more than I’d like). At first I thought the Baby In Sight mirror was a decent mirror (3 stars-ish) — not as secure as the Fisher Price one I have but not bad. However, as soon as my baby managed to sneeze on the thing and I had to clean it… well, my impression changed completely. Even using a soft cloth (as directed), I managed to scratch the mirror. Before I did any more damage, I grabbed a camera lens cloth to clean the rest of the mirror’s surface. Well, the whole thing ended up scratched — so bad that it looked cloudy! I couldn’t believe it. I mean, how much softer of a cloth are you supposed to use?!! No matter how carefully I tried to be while wiping it the silver mirror surface came off easily. Thankfully, BRU has a great return policy and so I returned it *immediately* for a full refund. My recommendation — don’t bother with this brand/style… go with a Fisher Price type as they are much more durable products. (And believe me, chances are that at some point your baby will sneeze, spit up, or the like in their car seat and the mirror will get it!)

Graciela Wilmer, AL

Functions well but, hard to install

Good concept but, mirror is not easily installed. Also, quality of mirror could use some improvement – it cracks easily & is somewhat cloudy & distorted. Still, functions well. Nice large size.

Lea Curlew, IA

Bad batch of foggy mirrors — but it can be remedied!

Even after reading the negative reviews here of mirrors that fogged up and were uncleanable, I decided to order one and try my luck. Sure enough, as soon as I opened the package I discovered a mirror that was so cloudy I couldn’t even see my reflection.I called the manufacturer (Blue Ridge International Products in Freeport, FL) and they told me there was a bad batch of mirrors produced, but they’ve found and fixed the problem and they’d be happy to send me a replacement at no charge.They took my name, address, and phone number and said I should have it within 7-10 days. If you run into the same problem, I encourage you to call the company and request a replacement — be proactive!3 stars = terrible product initially received which was an inconvenience, but manufacturer’s customer service was cheerful, prompt, and obliging.

Eva Trenton, GA

CPST Review

I read through a few of the reviews and saw people saying they have been told it is not safe. This is untrue. I have been a certified child passenger safety technician for five years and can tell you, there is nothing unsafe about this product. The sides are soft and the mirror is plastic. Plus, it attaches to the tether so in a crash it isn’t going to be flying around the car. But, even if it were, a soft, lightweight mirror with plastic in it is not a hazard. There are plenty of hazards in after market products (Bundle Me, Mighty Tight, Snuzzler, etc.) but this is not one of them.

Lorie Jefferson, CO

Gotta Get 2! Perfect for the Busy Mom

I can’t imagine going home from the hospital without being able to see our newborn along the way. This mirror works great in the back of our compact car and in the back of our large truck. We should get two though – one for each car. It easy clips and velcro’s so you can adjust it in any car. We even attach a soft dangling toy from it and it doesn’t impede viewing our bundle of joy. We highly recommend this to all moms and dads’ cars as well as grandmas and grandpas too!

Eve Mound, MN

Definitely a waste of money

I bought this wanting to see my son in a rear-facing carseat. First, I couldn’t properly secure it with either the latch or velcro. Since we have a jeep grand cherokee and he was in the middle of the backseat there was no place to attach it. I finally managed to rig something up though but after just a short time the mirror surface was fogging and unclear. I certainly couldn’t see him in the tiny rearview mirror attachment.

Mae Franklinton, LA


I simply love this Baby in Sight mirror. It has really helped me out when it is just me and the baby. I can see my ds very well as the mirror is very clear. I can always keep a check on him and make sure he okay. I don’t worry as much now because of the mirror. It is very easy to install according to my hubby. It only took him maybe 10 mins. It is very reasonably priced and well worth it. I reccommend this to all parents as it is very helpful in watching your baby as you drive down the road.

Diana Ivanhoe, CA

not very pleased with this mirror

We have our son in the middle of the back seat which does not have a headrest over it. We placed the mirror on a headrest to the right of the carseat base and it’s very difficult to see the baby this way. It’s also only been in the car for 2 weeks and somehow it’s all scratched up already. We have the fisher price mirror in our other car and we’re much happier with that one.

Leticia Kettlersville, OH

Piece of doo doo!

This product is one of the biggest wastes of money in baby gear I have purchased! It does not stay securely in place and is constantly moving so that baby is either out of view or it completely falls back flat. I’ve completely stopped using it at this point because I got tired of constantly messing with it. Whoever thought it would be a great idea to secure a mirror over a baby using velcro wasn’t thinking things through.

Maggie Luzerne, IA

Good, but shifts

This is the best mirror I’ve found to use in a Chevy Tahoe with a rear facing baby seat. The problem I have is that it shifts EVERY time I drive. This is because it has to go on the headrest of the rear seat and show me the baby in the middle seat. What happens is I adjust it show me a clear view of the baby when we start the trip and again when we get to our destination I adjust it again because it always shifts back toward the front.In spite of its flaw, it works better than any other mirrors I”ve been able to find and, when properly positioned, it gives a nice wide view.

Selma Curryville, MO

Great, Large View

I bought this mirror because it has a larger mirror area than other ones. Sure, it doesn’t have the colorful and fun designs, but to my daughter just seeing her reflexion is entertainment enough. It installed easily and adjusts easily. However, it does come loose occasionally, which is the only reason I don’t give it 5 stars. It is so soft and lightweight that times it has come loose and landed on my daughter she isn’t fazed, and she just starts playing with it. I am very happy with our decision to buy this mirror.

Inez Hunnewell, MO

A must have for a traveling mom

Like some other reviewers have said, the mirror does scratch easily but for me, it’s barely noticable.I travel A LOT with my daughter at this time in our lives, so it seems impossible for me to drive without this mirror. It has been a lifesaver.

Alice Babb, MT

Pretty Good

For those of us with long gaps between children this is a great invention from having to twist your body around to check on your child.Yes pulling over would be something that every cop would tell you to do. But honestly how many of us would. This little device lets you see your child while also checking out normal driving conditions such as how close someone is behind you or if you have room to move over. Common sense should always prevail over any product but this is a helpful tool for moms on the go.

Sybil Meadville, PA

Good and Bad

Read the directions first…after taking the protective film off I wiped it with a soft cloth because it already seemed foggy and even that left scratches on it. They aren’t visible from the drivers seat but come on, I was following strict instructions of not using water or anything but a soft cloth to AVOID scratches and it still scratched.Do NOT buy this if you have an SUV unless you have a middle seat head rest. We have baby’s car seat in the rear middle seat and once we go over any little bump or slightly uphill/garage/parking lot- it falls backwards into the trunk area. We have 2 older children who sit besides baby so we cannot put baby seat near the doors as the children get in and out of the car for school and the fact that the middle seat had a smaller belt width, one child would never be comfortable. I tried putting the mirror on the side headrest and the angle it would have to be at to face the middle requires the tether to be very loose and again pointless because the angle shifts when going over bumps. When I secured the tether tighter on the headrest all I could see was the passenger seat and not baby.If there was a way for it to be secured in the middle I wouldn’t be complaining so much. They need to fix this issue and add another tether or something, anything to make it safe and useable.It gets one star because I can actually see baby just fine before I go over a bump or uphill. That’s about the only good thing.

Jerry Monteagle, TN

What a lifesaver…

I could not live without my mirror. My daughter loves it and night…she can see the lights in it and it helps keep her content and she is constantly looking at herself and cooing! Mommy loves it that she can keep an eye on her at all times. It does not distract with my driving at all!

Grace Edmonson, TX

GREAT mirror

I just love this mirror. I purchased two of them. They are much larger than most mirrors and they attach to the headrest. No suction or tape to worry about. I am able to see my boys very easily.The only problem I have is that there is fog in actually both of my mirrors. I can still see my boys perfectly fine, but the quality could be improved a little. Also be careful when cleaning, they scratch very easily.As far reading other reviews regarding the safety hazard, WOW, I never actually thought about it.

Cynthia Sarver, PA

I Love to See His Smilely Face!

I really love having the mirror! We didn’t get it until my son was 6 months or so, but I’m getting my money’s worth now. I don’t know about the projectile thing… ours secured to the tether at the top of the headrest, but if we get into that bad of a crash, I’m sure window glass, or something, would be more of a hazard… I recommend it.

Reyna Whittington, IL

Foggy Mirror

Within less than 1 week, the mirror fogged up. I followed the cleaning instructions that accompanied the mirror, but to my dismay, nothing worked. Please, do not buy this product.

Casandra Pleasant Hill, CA

Awesome mirror

This mirror is easy to install but it does throw you off b/c the straps are backwards but if you twist one then it works great. You can see everything that your child is doing. I highly recommend this.

Jeanette Sabana Seca, PR