SafeFit Jumbo Mirror

SafeFit Jumbo Mirror

SafeFit Jumbo Mirror is the largest backseat auto mirror available. It comes with an extra large convex mirror for wide-angle viewing. The shatter-proof mirror for added safety and a four-way attachment method includes patented teether system.Extra large convex mirrorMirror allows for wide-angle viewingShatter-proof mirrorFour-way attachment method includes patented teether systemNeutral design

Main features

  • Extra large convex mirror
  • Mirror allows for wide-angle viewing
  • Shatter-proof mirror
  • Four-way attachment method includes patented teether system
  • Neutral design

Verified reviews


Useful big mirror!

I love the size and quality of this mirror! I can see my baby and feel comfortable knowing how she’s doing at the back while driving! My baby loves looking at herself in the mirror so it keeps her distracted for a little bit. The only thing I wish they would add is a light that can be turned on and off. That way I can see what my baby is up to when we drive at night. That’s the only reason why I gave it 4 stars out of 5!

Elvira Climbing Hill, IA

Great size

We have one in each of our cars and are son loves to play and look at himself in the mirror. What baby doesn’t love to look at another baby:) It’s a nice size as well and easy to install.

Wendy Brutus, MI

I like it

We installed this today and it does the job.For those who are curious, what you get in the box is a great big (easily scuffed) mirror with a D-ring plus a stiff support coming off the top edge and a flexible wire-in-fabric stand/support plus an adjustable strap on the bottom edge. There are 4 listed possible install options. The best is probably what we have: wrap the wire stand and the stiff support around a headrest, and clip the strap to the D-ring to hold it all in place.There are three other variations that involve bending the bottom wire support into various shapes that attempt to wrap over a seat back, headrest, etc. to create a stand for the mirror. Those don’t strike me as particularly stable.Note, be careful that the mirror isn’t in the sun and reflecting directly into your baby’s face.I have baby installed in the back seat, driver’s side and the field of view of the mirror holds the entire height and width of the car seat, plus some of the car door. She looks kind of far away–objects in mirror are closer than they appear–but at least I can see her. I’m not entirely sure why the large field of view is disorienting to some people; even if you can see a lot in the mirror, it only takes up one smallish portion of the total area in the rear view mirror.

Rosalia Carmel, CA

good mirror

So far this mirror has worked pretty well. It attached to the LATCH system very easily. For now our son is too young to be able to see himself. It’s really for us to be able to see him while he’s in a rear-facing car seat. It looses a star because it would be nice if the mirror was magnified a little bit, and I wish it came in more colors.

Herminia West Kingston, RI

Clear view

Love it. I can clearly see my baby in the back seat while he is in his rear-facing carseat. I have not experienced the problems with the image being too small which other people have reported. Also, no problems with installation or size. We have a full-size/family sedan (Toyota Camry) and it fit perfectly and doesn’t obstruct the view while we drive. Baby J seems to love looking at himself in the mirror as well. I love that the image is a good size, even while he is sleeping I can see his little fingers twitch or move which puts any nervous mama at ease. Highly recommended.

Betty Houstonia, MO

Great Product

We have this mirror installed in the back window of our car so that we can see our now 8 week old baby while driving! Love it, especially when traveling alone.

Faith Heislerville, NJ

The Best One on the Market

We tried to get away with using a very a cheap and very small suction cup mirror device and it was a complete failure – difficult to see anything and constantly falling off the window. So we decided to bite the bullet and spend a little more for a better product and we are so glad we did. I drive a honda accord and the install could not have been easier. With the smaller mirrors you can spend hours trying to find the right angle to see your baby, but with this one you can’t NOT see baby, it’s huge. I also appreciate the subtle design, lots of these have kid art and I didn’t really want that in my car permanently, I do drive around adults from time to time. Just note that if you live a sunny place, like I do, the car seat sun shade pulled down can block your baby’s face from both the sun and the mirror.

Sarah Okolona, AR

Safe for little ones

We used this one and another one extensiely, and had no complaints with either. Quality reflection without distortion; and no danger of glas.

Jodi Saint Ignace, MI


Not only can we clearly see our baby while driving, she can see herself and watch us too. It was easy to install – less than 5 minutes. A must-have for rear-facing car seats!

Jami Echo Lake, CA

Watchful over baby – without taking your eyes off the road for long.

These mirrors are a must with a newborn. Since babies are now rear-facing for the first 1-2 years – this provides the perfect way to keep an eye on them.

Candace Vernon, FL

Great if your baby is the only thing you want to be able to see

This is the largest mirror on the market. I read that somewhere and upon receiving it in the mail, I believe it. It’s so big that it creates a huge blindspot. It’s not feasible and therefore I bought another mirror and scrapped this one.

Rosalind Braddock, ND

exactly what I needed

I have to admit I feel a little slow since it took me several days to get this set up correctly. Next time I won’t throw out the packaging with the install instructions until after it’s installed. However, now that I’ve got it up correctly, it wasn’t actually that hard to do and it works wonderfully. i feel much better being able to see my daughter in the back.

Samantha Posen, MI

Easy to install and works great

I used a different mirror for my first baby, and this one is sooo much better. Easy to install and adjust, and works great.

Cleo Harrington Park, NJ


I chose this mirror because it can securely attach to the car and won’t go flying about in the event of an accident. I was hoping I’d be able to see just enough to know what’s going on back there. To my surprise, the mirror is CRYSTAL clear, and big enough that I can see the entire seat my child is sitting in. I LOVE IT! I had to break myself of the habit of looking back too much instead of looking forward. 😉 Best mirror ever, couldn’t recommend enough.

Jana South Jordan, UT

Does the job but blocks view

It took us a long time to figure out how to keep the mirror in place. The first 2 weeks we used it it moved everytime we turned a corner so we were lucky when we saw baby. However, now we have figured it out so we can see baby really well. It is a bit annoying to reverse though because it blocks a part of back window. We were happy to find this bec we don’t have any head rests in our Ford Taurus but we were able to hook it up using tethers.

Bridgette Carlton, MN


i use this to see my son in the back seat of the car. it works great and stays in place. he loves looking at himself .

Adrian Sunset, LA

I can see my baby clearly

The mirror is big and clear, and made of safety “glass”. It’s nothing fancy but I don’t think all the fancy extras are necessary. Babies have fun just seeing their own reflection and all the driving parent need is a clear view of her baby. This is an excellent buy.The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because I’ve had a hard time mounting it to the backseat of my car. It didn’t come with instructions so you gotta get creative.

Beatriz Center Point, WV

Perfect for our car and truck

We have a Subaru Outback and a Dodge Ram truck. This mirror was perfect for both of them. In order to use it the headrest above the baby seat needs to be movable — you have to move the headrest up, slide the strap under and over the back, and then put the headrest back down. As long as your headrest is adjustable, it is very simple to install. The strap is adjustable so you can set the viewing angle of the mirror. It’s large enough that we can easily see our baby. I initially bought one just for my car but my husband loved it so much that I had to order a second one.Yes, the image is a little distorted, but you’re going to have that with any mirror that isn’t made of glass.

Sadie Idanha, OR

Really big

I appreciate the large viewing space for seeing my son, but it is so big that it blocks part of my rear view. So when cars are close and small, it is hard to see them.

Dawn Gallaway, TN

Hard to fit securely on the seat’s headrest

I have a hard time getting the mirror to stay in the right position on the headrest. My husband and I have both fiddled with it, but it constantly shifts around. I would look for a different brand.

Penny Weyers Cave, VA

Essential for the Car

I agree with so many other reviewers who have said that they don’t know what they would do without this thing. It’s good to know if the baby is asleep or awake or spitting up or looking happy or unhappy. Beyond that, though, I wanted to note two things. 1) I haven’t had any blind spot problems but I have a station wagon, so that helps. 2) One thing I don’t like about this mirror is that it gets knocked out of alignment pretty easily when we open or close the luggage cover in the back. The attachment piece is sort of stiff so if it gets jostled, it just pushes the entire unit up and forward. Periodically, then, I look in the back and get a good view of the car ceiling, so I have to remember to check the mirror’s position whenever I mess with the luggage cover.

Jacquelyn Tallassee, AL

Nice visual

Easy to see babys face. I have three kids and I just purchased this mirror. I feel very comfortable knowing my 3 year old isnt smothering they baby. Also because it is so large if it shifts I can still see the baby… the only reason it would shift is if my other children start to play with it. Over all good purchase.

Glenna Glencoe, NM


Wow this mirror is amazing… it’s huge and it has so many ways to be installed in your vehicle… so if you have an SUV or just plain bench seats, this is the best mirror and its screen size is large enough that you can actually see your baby. It stays put and is very adjustable

Claire Sekiu, WA

If you WANT a Large Mirror – then this is it!

I love this mirror because I wanted the largest mirror that I could find for the backseat of my SUV. It is true that these mirrors would probably only work on seats that have adjustable head rests, because I can’t see how you’d attach it otherwise. If you’re looking for a very large mirror, easy to see your rear facing baby, then this is excellent and I would highly recommend. If you think a mirror that is too large would be a distraction for you when driving, then don’t buy it and get something smaller. I love the very large mirror and it’s exactly what I needed.

Tonia Brewster, MA

Very good mirror to keep eye on baby

This mirror is larger than the one we had with our first baby and works great. I can see baby very well while driving. It was easy to install.

Willa Vista, MO

Not just for the car

We’re not using these Jumbo Mirrors for the car. We have one on their changing table and one on their play mat. They love looking at themselves in the mirror. It’s one of their favorite toys. I love that it’s easy to clean, all I need is a damp microfiber cloth and their little finger prints disappear. I also love that it has a hook and velcro so that I can either hang it on their activity mat, or their exersaucer, or have it standing upright on the changing table and play mat.

Isabelle Salem, AR

Finally a mirror that works!

I have installed this in my Kia Spectra and Subaru Forester. Mirror stays put for the most part and allows me to see my daughter 🙂 Since kids are required to be rear facing for several years this is a good investment. Occasionally I’ll have to readjust the mirror but its usually because I’ve hit it while getting her into her seat or something.

Eloise Downing, MO

works great!

this works great and I was even able to attach an Elmo teether doll to it so baby can look at something. I love it! You might want to shop at Ross first….I saw a mirror there with music and other features for less than this cost.

Francis Plymouth, NH

Great product

We bought this for our car so we could see our little on in the back seat in his reverse car seat. The mirror is plenty big and we’re very, very happy with it.

Simone Alamosa, CO

A tad more expensive than the cheap version, but worth it

Used this in the back of a Jeep Liberty. This works MUCH better than the smaller, more inexpensive style I saw in many stores. This is large, and super easy to get angled correctly.

Lorraine Stokesdale, NC