SafeFit Kick Mats 2-Pack in Black

SafeFit Kick Mats 2-Pack in Black

SafeFit Kick Mats fit on back of front seats to protect upholstery from dirty shoes and scuff marks. It is fully machine washable and easy to install. It comes in a pack of 2, one for each seat.

Main features

  • Machine washable
  • Easy to install
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Fits on back of front seats
  • Protects upholstery

Verified reviews


Keeps seats clean

This is very useful for keeping seats clean, I have them on the backs of seats so my daughter doesn’t make the upholstery dirty, have been useful and sturdy so far.

Eloise Talihina, OK

Does the job

These are exactly what I wanted. They are nice and thin, but sturdy. Didn’t want the plastic ones because they would just crack. It fits fine over the car seats in both a Chevy Traverse and Ford Explorer. This item does not have pockets if that’s what you are looking for. It was an added plus that it was a 2 pack, one for my vehicle and one for my husbands.

Imogene Mount Hope, AL

Doesn’t fit

I was disappointed with this product when I went to install it on my seats. The upper strap is velcro and manages to fit okay, but the bottom strap has to be placed around your seat and pulled down. My seat belt attaches at the bottom of my seat, and this strap covers that–but I haven’t determined if this is a problem or just a cosmetic issue. I have a trailblazer (06) and the mat is too short so it rolls up on the sides and doesn’t fit properly. It may fit better in a small car, but I wouldn’t know. Also, I was thinking I would place one on my middle seat so my kids in the very back seat (third row) wouldn’t mess up the back of the middle seat. No go, as the seats are not individual. So these mats would only work on bucket seats that are on the smaller side.

Mari Winlock, WA

Love it!!!

This is a must-have for anyone with kids. My son’s feet started to reach the front seat, so I need this!

Lashonda Holtwood, PA

Easy Installation and great price

Provided a quick install and good fit on the seats in my Acura TL. The edges bend with normal gravity, but it does cover all the area that’s needed on the back seat. Very satisfied with this product and would suggest it to other parents looking to save time cleaning / fixing back seats.

Josefa Pine Grove Mills, PA

No real issues

They are easy to put on, look pretty good and seem to hold up against kids shoes and getting in and out of the back seat. My only complaint is that they don’t fit as tight as my previous kick mats and aren’t really wide enough. I’m keeping them though, for the price they work just fine.

Saundra Fowler, KS

A nice idea, but came defective and doesn’t work on a Honda Odyssey

I suspect this set of these had been returned before. One of the bottom elastic straps was torn off on one side. It was a pretty clean tear, so for the price I opted to stitch it back down because they looked good and was sure they’d work. The reason I conclude they must have been returned before is because the first time I tried to put them on the seats in my Odyssey, another snapped off in the same spot. As someone has said before, The top strap is too long & it’s velcro not elastic, which I thought was an odd choice. Then the bottom is what should be a nice elastic, but there isn’t enough of it to go around a standard minivan captain’s chair. I also don’t like the fact that the piece of plastic that holds the top square is actually two pieces with a break in the middle, meaning it doesn’t sit nice and square like the picture shows. At this point I’m not sure what I’m even going to do. If I’m going to try and repair them or just junk them all together.Pros:A nice ideaNice fabricLow PriceCons:Top strap too longTop strap material choice (velcro, non-stretchy)Bottom strap defectiveBottom strap too shortOther bottom strap came apart in same place as defective oneBreak in top plastic frame

Toni South Lancaster, MA

These work very nice

This fits nice in my Honda Pilot. They stay on pretty well but the bottom elastic strap slips off once in a while when my daughter decides to start dragging her feet against it.

Kathryn Bisbee, AZ

Fight back against dirty kids’ feet!

This is a simple product. The elastic band at the bottom goes over the seat and is pulled down and then a velcro closure goes around the head rest posts. It is not an elegant solution but it does the job and looks better than some clear vinyl options.The velcro on top is not perfect. It is not as easy to fit as it could be if you really want a snug fit. But it works and has yet to fall off in either of our cars. In the meantime, our child has not put any mileage on the back of our seats and that is what really matter.

Kay Fountain City, IN