Safety 1st 2 Pack Baby On Board Deluxe Sunscreen

Safety 1st 2 Pack Baby On Board Deluxe Sunscreen

Safety 1st baby on board deluxe sunscreen helps shade your baby from the sun and reduces glare in sensitive young eyes. The sign measures 13″X17″. Easily attaches to window. Features our classic baby on board sign. This product ships as a two pack.

Main features

  • Measures 13″x17″
  • Easily attaches to window
  • Features our classic baby on board sign

Verified reviews


Could be better ;[

I bought these expecting it to be the best thing ever. But it is very flimsy and the ends of mine are all bent, so it looks really cheap hanging in the window. I would recommend the kind the you pull down like blinds.

Nanette Jeffrey City, WY

Extremely cheap and flimsy

The plastic screen portion of this product is so flimsy that it ripped a bit while I was attaching it to the window. After just one accidental opening of the window with this in place it was destroyed. I replaced this withEddie Bauer Deluxe Roller Shade 2pk. Although the Eddie Bauer version is significantly more expensive, it has lasted for almost six months (with MANY accidental openings and closings of the window) as compared to less than a week.

Evelyn Saint Bernice, IN

They are OK.

These shades are OK. I’m using them for the back windows of a Honda Fit and they aren’t quite big enough to block out all of the light and the baby still gets occasional areas of sun. Also, because of where the suction cups are placed, the top of the shads fold over and let more sun in and it look ridiculous and cheap. At least they’re staying on the windows though which is a plus (granted I’m in sunny CA and I could imagine having an issue in colder climates). And I like the “Baby on Board” feature. It also takes a little getting used to the fact that your back windows view is now partially blocked. Next time I may just go for the cling on type.

Erica Sinks Grove, WV


I searched before my son was born for the perfect sunscreen for our car. We have a Optima and these fit the back windows perfectly. They are easy to install and remove if needed. The part I like the best is you can see through them easily. Many were rated negatively because of that but these are great.

Judi Armstrong, IL

Okay sunshade

We bought this shade to block the sun for my daughter while on long car rides. It is easy to install – simply press in place – but we had to return the first one. While trying to adjust it, the whole screen tore. The second set seems to be holding up better, but just be very careful when moving. Make sure to lift the suction cup, don’t pull on the shade itself to remove.

Luella Middle Haddam, CT

works for us

This 2 pack allows us to put one in our car, and one in grandmas car. was a good deal

Evangelina Clifton, NJ

Highly recommend

Not sure how anyone can complain about these considering the low price. Yes they are not the best quality out there, but they are priced right for what you get. They work for me and I have no complaints whatsoever. I love the fact that it says baby on board and also that you get 2 of them. They are easy to affix to the window and mine has not fallen off since I placed it about a month ago.

Francesca Dellwood, WI

Nice stuff

Fits great in my car, protect my childs eyes from the sun. I would strongly recommend it to parents with children.

Alexandria Petersburg, PA

Decent, but doesn’t always help

Like many of you, I was in search of something to help block the son from my infants eyes and came across this. Like many of the other reviews stated, this is made out of a cheap plastic material that does seem like it could easily rip/tear. For the price, why not try it though? They are very easy to put up, I just centered it on the window and then changed to be as far back towards the back of the vehicle and high up on the window (best exposure to block sun-light). No matter how hard I tried to remember, I made the mistake of rolling down the back window with this attached to it. One time, in a moment of fear trying to stop the window from going down I hit the automatic down and this thing sucked all the way into the door. Nervously I brought the window back up and all four pieces were still stuck to the window and there was zero tears! I was pretty amazed since I thought for sure something would rip or this thing would get stuck inside my door. My only real complaint is this is pretty small and in my 4Runner you almost need 2 of these to cover the whole window or sun still can shine in on your infants eyes depending on the direction of the sun/your vehicle.

Abbie Medora, IN

Blocks enough light to make baby happy.

So I bought this window sunscreen so it can be a 2 for 1, the baby on board sign along with a shading sunscreen. Although it seems to be meant for with the window on the doors, I use it on the back window shield since our baby car seat is currently in the rear facing position. We live in California so if we’re ever driving east after 1pm or 2pm the sun is hitting directly into the rear windshield. This sunscreen has been in place for about 2 months without issue. Hasn’t begun yellowing, coming off, or sagging. It does help shade a little bit of the sun out, enough to wear my kid can take a nap without having the sun beam directly on him. Also after about a day you get use to the sunscreen being on the rear windshield and your vision isn’t dramatically obstructed. All in all a great buy especially for the price.

Morgan Wharton, TX

I can’t even use this

I originally wanted something for the rear window since that’s where most of the sun streams in from and because my son’s carseat is in the middle of the backseat. You can’t use them on the rear window because of how tinted they are (you won’t see). Plus you are advised not to do that. I must have missed that detail when I made the purchase. Also, they are too big for my side door windows. I drive a Pontiac G6. Waste of money.

Lottie Wilkesboro, NC

It’s okay

It’s okay. I wish they were bigger to cover the window better. A lot of sun stills gets in and hurts her eyes! But it will do for now. It’s better than nothing at all!

Kristine Fulton, CA