Safety 1st 2 Pack Cool Touch LED Nightlight

Safety 1st 2 Pack Cool Touch LED Nightlight

2 Pack, Safety 1st, Soothing Stars Auto Sensor Night Light, Automatically Turns On In The Dark & Off In The Light, Provides A Soft Comforting Glow, This Nightlight Automatically Goes On When It Is Dark & Off When There Is Sufficient Light, The Bulb Does Not Generate Any Heat. Enclosed Bulb, Prevents Child From Being Able To Touch The Bulb, Option To Screw Nightlight Directly Into Outlet Plate Prevents Removal Of Nightlight To Expose Outlet. Stars & Moon Shapes To Comfort The Child. Auto-Sensor, Parent Does Not Need To Remember To Turn The Nightlight On & Off.

Main features

  • Safety 1st/dorel” auto sensor light
  • Soothing stars auto sensor night light
  • Provides a soft comforting glow
  • The bulb does not generate any heat
  • Automatically turns on in the dark and off in the light.

Verified reviews


Great lights, not too bright

These lights are perfect – not too bright and not too dim. Love the on/off switch. These keep cool to the touch. Perfect for a hallway.

Gracie Parks, NE

Great LED night light

I have bought several nightlights over the yrs. and I like these the best. These are LED so they stay cool to touch even after staying on all night long. They are LED so they have a bluish white light that is VERY bright. One light easily lights up a 12×12 room. If you want a very soft glow these are NOT the ones for you. I use these thru out my house to light rooms up for my kids instead of having overhead lights on. They are smaller and stay closer to the wall than the tradional nightlights that stick away from the wall so I found that they work nice in smaller areas. They have a on/off switch which is nice. The prongs do not swivel. Overall Im happy with them but then again I was looking for bright nightlights. The unit itself is well made and seem sturdy.

Angelica Clarksville, TX

good for a year

The pair worked great for a year. Now neither will turn on automatically, I have to leave them on 24/7.

Allie Upper Tract, WV

LED night lites are best!

I love that these night lites don’t get hot even after they’ve been on for DAYS! My son likes to turn the one in his room off and on, and this one stays cool enough that he can. Great product!

Consuelo Archer, IA

Harsh white light

They do stay cool to the touch, and have withstood my 14 month olds smacking, but the light it emits is really a harsh white. I would have preferred a softer glow, but LED lights are just harsher. It works as advertised.

Imogene Napanoch, NY

The product is not what they advertised

This nightlight is supposed to have sensors that allows it to automatically turn on in the dark and off in the light. However, the product I got does not have this feature. Not sure if they sent the wrong product (although what I received was exactly what is on the picture) or they have false advertising. I have to manually turn it off to turn it off during the day. Also, the product description says that it has an option to have it screwed on to the electric socket, although I didn’t see how it can be done. The packaging does not state anything like that nor it has an instruction packet that instructs how to screw it on the wall. It would have been a nice feature to be able to screw it on, since my daughter likes to pull things off and rub against our hardwood floor. I rate it a 3 star because it does generate decent amount of light and it is true that it is cool to the touch even when it’s on all day and night. I wish they update the product description to remove the statement about it having light sensors and being able to be screwed on to the light socket.

Selina Richmond, VA

Too bright

These are your typical night lights. They are extremely bright though! I have to keep a pillow in front of it so that only a little light comes around the pillow and just enough to see by.

Lauren Pearlington, MS

nice bright light!

2 pack nightlighti love the switch optionthe switch is on the bottom of the nightlight.1 of my nightlights i have facing down so its easy to see and access the switch.bright lights.i recommend.

Kristi Greenway, AR

Great night lights

Cool to the touch, great for baby. Gives off just enough illumination. I thought the aesthetic wouldn’t be great, but they don’t look bad.

Marie Driver, AR