Safety 1st 2 Pack Custom Fit All Purpose Strap

Safety 1st 2 Pack Custom Fit All Purpose Strap

Adjustable length strap for easy positioning, dual press release, adhesive backing, designed series safety aid, designed to fit in well on todays home decor and appliances, easy for parent to use; difficult for children, easy to assemble – requires no hardware.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Easy to assemble – requires no hardware
  • Dual press release
  • Adhesive backing

Verified reviews


came right off doesn’t stick at all

i dono why ppl say it works i dumped it right in garbage waste of money… maybe give me some trick but these baby products must chage they rob ur money

Antionette Montrose, IA


Sorry for waisting consumers’ time, but I feel the need to say this publicly -I put this on my wish list, and the price was raised OVER 140% on me the next day. I will not be purchasing this item.It’s LOUSY sales technique, and it’s lousy of Amazon to permit it.

Juanita Norristown, PA

Not for ovens

The parameter I would like to draw attention to is that the product instructions indicate that it is not to be used to secure an oven door. I did not realize this prior to purchase.

Loretta Pedricktown, NJ

Great for drawers

These locks are great for drawers especially if you don’t want to drill in your cabinets. I only wish the adhesive was stronger since I’ve pulled the drawer without unlocking and the lock has come off. This lock is also great with side by side cabinet doors.

Natalia Coplay, PA

Love these- used them as a toilet lock….!!!

I bought several of these and love them. Couple of things to be made aware of:Pros:1- stick best on flat surfaces. I use one on our round stainless steel “foot pedal” trashcan to keep my daughter out the trash and it works ok but the adhesive definitely works best on flat surfaces2- they definitel stay put- didn’t have a problem with thes popping off or anything.3- I used these as an effective toilet lock and they are GREAT!! put the “release” piece on the lid and the other piece ont eh bowl. Again with the rounded edges but it still stopped her from opening the lid at all. I hated all the other toilet lock options and so far this had been the best, least noticeable way to lock the toilet.Cons:1- agaqin, best on flat surfaces2- As a side note do not stretch the strap too tight as that is most of the problem with the adhesive pieces “popping off”So far I have used these on drawers, toilet lock, trashcan lock, warmer drawer on my oven lock, etc- all works great.

Marcie Bellevue, IA

Complete garbage

This product stuck for about 1-2 days and peeled off from itself, not from the surface I stuck it to (my refrigerator and the glass doors to our fireplace). The sticky surface broke away freely from the plastic piece it was attached to and was in no way due to strain or stress placed on it from use. DON’T BUY. THIS PRODUCT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

Catherine Johnson, VT

Works great!

I use these straps on two “lazy susan” cabinets. They prevent access by the little ones, but are easily opened by adults. I actually think these are the best, most secure locks available. They are more secure and easier to install than the common drawer/cabinet lock mounted inside the door. The downside, of course, is that they are less than aesthetically pleasing. As for function, these can’t be beat!

Patti Nicholson, MS

Crappy Piece – DO NOT BUY

Not worth the money! Fell apart from a 18month old tugging at it! With a little determination, my little one was able to pull the one part off it’s glued pad. The pad stayed on the wood, but the actual plastic piece came off. needless to say, she is back in the drawer until I can find something better.

Sheree Milford, CA

Our favorite!

We have tried several different cabinet/drawer locks and these are our favorite. There is no damage done to the drawers with nails and screws. They don’t look the most appealing but they do their job and come off easily when no longer needed. They are easy for adults to deal with but not so easy that a little one can get in.

Latanya Warsaw, MN

Works great, but poor quality plastic strap that breaks easily. Update – workaround, use shoe laces instead!!!

We got half a dozen of these to secure the kitchen cabinet doors from a 1 year old. The adhesive is good and so far it has stayed on. The lock is also practically impossible for infants/toddlers to open. My problem has been that 2 of these are already broken. The plastic strap broke right off the connecter and there is no way to fix it. It just snapped and came off. The plastic is a bit rigid and hence it’s breaking off easily. In my opinion the design is good and they could have gone with a less rigid plastic strap, even a rubber/fabric strap would’ve worked.Feb 2013 – Update 1: I had ordered more to replace the broken plastic straps and then just keep breaking. Great product ruined by poor quality material.Jun 2013 – Update 2: Now after being tired of replacing it every time the plastic strap broke I’ve found a workaround. I used extra shoe laces that were lying around and just folded them into two, cut them in right length and used them in place of the plastic straps. You have to use a filler (any tape) or tie a knot to hold it in place inside the connector. Works great and no fear of it breaking, ever!

Leeann Bakerton, WV

Twins ripped it off in one day (along w/ some dry wall…)

I have had one closet lock for six years and NO problems. This one was ripped off within one day =(

Mamie Houston, TX

The only straps you need!!!!

I love these straps! I’ve got my house looking like its in military lockdown! They’re easy to apply (no tools required), they stay put, they work on almost everything and they hold up really well. I’ve got them primarily in my kitchen and bathroom and have been using them for almost a year with no problems. I tried some flat multi-purpose straps that look a bit like a seatbelt lock, and had to replace them all after a few months. Easy to quickly open and close, but too challenging for little fingers to manipulate. They’ve taken a big load off my mind and have made baby-proofing less of a hassle for the grown ups.

Rosa Bird In Hand, PA


These were great for about a week until my 8 month old figured out that he can pull the strap completely out of the latch with just minimal tugging. I had no problems with the item sticking to my furniture (as another reviewer had stated) but this item clearly does not work. Do not waste your money.

Margot Grove Hill, AL

Very helpful

These latches are similar to Munchkin latches. I bought both products and they each have its pros and cons. What I like about these straps is the small size of the latch and the fact that the strap can be adjusted to the desired size. I personally like these better than the Munchkin latches, because they fit better to more places. However, only one side can be opened. Also, the strap can be adjusted only once, when installing. I would recommend these latches; my one year old gave up opening my kitchen cabinets, drawers and dishwasher.

Christian Pinehurst, GA

Easy to undo

I liked the idea of this strap as it just sticks on surfaces and does not cause damage. However, my 16 month old was able to open the strap by clicking open the end (the white box without the button) that is not fixed to the belt. I believe the quality of the white box is poor. If the plastic and open/close mechanism were of better quality or if they had put buttons on both ends, then it would have been much more difficult to open.

Jeanne Sterling, MI

Effective in keeping my baby out of drawers and cabinets!

I just bought a 4 pack of these and will be buying more. So far, I use two for the cabinets on my entertainment center and two on my desk drawers. I followed the directions – clean the area, make sure it is completely dry, apply the double-sided adhesive and stick to the surface. I let it sit for a day or so before my son tried to open a drawer without success.They are incredibly easy to open if you know how – squeeze the top and bottom buttons and the latch is released. But my son won’t be able to figure this out for a long time (I hope) and I won’t let him see how I do it either.Edit: Does anyone know how to adjust the strap after they have been on for a while? I just want to open one side and make the strap shorter, and have tried prying it open but it doesn’t want to give. I don’t want to break it if its not meant to be opened again, so I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get them open?

Jacquelyn Rineyville, KY

flimsy and they don’t stick well

Within a day of attaching these, my 9-mo-old had pulled several off the cabinets. And despite the promise that the tabs holding the clear strips lock fasten permanently, several of them had also come undone. We ended up throwing them all away and buying a system that actually screws into the cabinets. These are not sufficient for a child’s play room. Maybe they would work for a cabinet that they rarely attempt to open.

Trina Bieber, CA

Awesome product

So far, I really like these and I am about to order more. The reason I give it 4 stars is because of the price, it is kinda expensive but does the job well. You do have to follow the instructions; clean the surface before applying and leave it on w/o using it for 24 hrs.

Patty Pritchett, CO

Safety 1st 2 Pack Custom Fit All Purpose Strap

Safety 1st 2 Pack Custom Fit All Purpose Strap work great. hope they will last longer. recommended, but not cheap. ^_^

Alisha Saint Albans, VT

Simple and Easy

I had tried a bunch of different magnet and latch systems for my cabinets but never could get them secure enough that my child couldn’t get her fingers in. So far these have worked great and withstood my child’s initial attempts to pull them off. Now she just ignores the area’s that have these installed.

Dessie Koppel, PA

Sticky doesn’t last

These are great for a little while, but the stickiness goes away quickly. They can also be difficult for some people to unlatch. The one on our garbage can gets the most use and it lasted maybe 3 months with multiple uses a day. Would like it to be more durable.

Allie Woodbine, MD

Do not buy

Within one year, 3 out of 4 of these were broken. We are able to use the last one still but I am sure it is only a matter of time before the plastic band breaks on it too. Do not waste your money. At first they seem great but they will break!

Patti Groveland, CA

Cheap, sturdy, and quick to install. Perfect!

My 1.5 year old daughter recently took an interest in the silverware drawer so we needed something to keep her from getting her hands on everything. These were REALLY simples to install. They’re sticky-backed but it’s very strong. It’s adjustable length so it easily fit on all of my drawers. I installed some were around the corner (like the picture) and some were installed on the same side of the cabinet. Once the length of the strap has been set, you can’t change it again, but unless you’re really sloppy while installing it, that shouldn’t be a problem. You have to push the two buttons on it and it pops right open. Then you just push it right back in and it snaps closed easily. I expected these to make getting into my drawers a pain, but I got use to it in less than a week and it doesn’t effect me really at all.

Alisha Rockwood, IL

Perfect for drawers.

These are perfect for drawers in our bathroom. Our toddler was opening drawers with bathroom supplies and this worked as a quick fix. She can’t open the drawers anymore. Plus, it’s easy to install you just use the two stickers and you are done. It’s also easy to open. We didn’t want to drill holes into our cabinets so this worked as a great quick fix. I’d suggest for anyone that needs something fast and easy.

Esperanza Pennington Gap, VA

It works

I used this to keep the baby from pulling open the stove. They work great but make sure you do not insert the strap before you place the ends if you do you cannot re-adjust them! I have not had to remove them yet I imagine its going to be a pain. But you do what you have to do as I could not find a better solution for the stove.

Judith Beaver, WV

Works well, haven’t had to take one off yet though to see if it leaves a gummy residue….

These are super easy to install, and they work, and they are cheap.My son can’t figure out how to open it, however, he quickly learned how to close it (which lead to a disaster one day as he locked me on the other side of a door!!!!).I haven’t had to remove any from the doors yet, and am slightly scared to do this for fear that it will ruin the cabinet… Will repost once I do.

Mona Mount Aetna, PA

Al over my house

I use these for cabinets all over my house. My son has broken a few of them by tugging on the cabinet handles really hard over and over, but they take a fair amount of abuse. They definitely deter him though.

Twila Kenton, OH

baby locks

Work great. Bought these to keep my 15 month old out of several different types of cabinets. They stick to all types of surfaces and I am very pleased with them!!! I even used a couple to add over standard cabinet locks where I keep my chemicals and other dangerous things.

Leah West Milton, PA

They work

We’re using these to close side by side cabinet doors and the work perfectly. The adhesive is very(so strong I don’t know if they will leave a mark when we remove them) and I like the way they look. Very easy to install and adjust, but do we sure to read the directions first…once you close the one little piece, you can’t open it again.

Joyce Hawthorne, NY

a bit annoying

I use these on my fridge and it works, but a bit annoying when opening and closing door. It’s good to leave over night or a long period without opening the fridge, but I had to invent something to stop being so annoying during hours were the fridge gets used constantly.

Sydney Madeline, CA