Safety 1st 2 Pack Custom Fit All Purpose Strap

Safety 1st 2 Pack Custom Fit All Purpose Strap

Adjustable length strap for easy positioning, dual press release, adhesive backing, designed series safety aid, designed to fit in well on todays home decor and appliances, easy for parent to use; difficult for children, easy to assemble – requires no hardware.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Easy to assemble – requires no hardware
  • Dual press release
  • Adhesive backing

Verified reviews


useless product

I bought this product based on some good reviews, and now I know I should have payed attention to the bad reviews, because they are true! I tried it on the numerous surfaces with the same result: it holds for a day or so and then falls off on its own. I bought several packages, so I don’t think I got a defective item, they are all like that. My advice? Don’t waste your money!

Judy Columbia, IA

Works Great

We bought these to keep our (1 year old) son out of the entertainment center which has a glass front to it. We have not had a problem with it not sticking (and trust me he has pulled and pulled on it). We only have used one (the other is for back up) and have had it on for a few months now. Its easy enough for our 5 year old to figure out so he can get into the stand to switch movies and what not which is nice.

Holly Bossier City, LA

Not sticky enough, not easy to open, and UGLY!

I bought these thinking they’d be a great solution to not having to drill into dresser drawers, and to keep our toddler out of the cabinet that holds our fish tank stuff that can’t be closed another way. I WAS WRONG.1. The sticky stuff isn’t sticky enough to work on a semi-gloss or high gloss finish on furniture, or really any very smooth surface. I used these to try to keep dresser drawers closed, and my son figured out how to pull hard enough on the drawer that the sticky part would just pop off. I’ve had no problems with them ruining finish on furniture, because it doesn’t stick well enough to damage. I think the command hook sticky things are stickier, honestly. I’ve had those cause a lot more damage than these.2. They’re UGLY on dark furniture, they’re pretty chunky and super obvious.3. They’re not very easy to open, I have to jiggle the "male" part when I squeeze the tabs to try to wiggle it out. Save yourself the trouble and money, and buy something that attaches with screws on the inside. Also, IF you buy these, keep in mind they can’t go too close to an obstruction (counter top, for example) otherwise you can’t fit your fingers in to squeeze the tabs.I guess the only real way I’d recommend these is if you’re trying to keep a pet out of a drawer, or if your kid(s) aren’t trying to constantly get into whatever these are closing (maybe a medicine drawer out of reach, and you’re using this as extra security?).

Vilma Roxbury, NY

hold very well

I absolutely love them. they hold very well and serve very well whatever purpose I bought them for. I use them on the cabinet, the toilet and the baby gate.

Marianne Gillsville, GA

Save those fingers!

These work great! We installed them for the ‘knife’ drawer and the lazy susan cabinet. Follow the directions and you’ll be good to go!

Alfreda Jemez Springs, NM

HORRIBLE – my 22 mos. olds broke this off in ONE DAY

I have had another strap on another closet for 6 years and it still works perfectly. This strap (along w/ some dry wall) was pulled off my my twin 22 mos. old within the first day. =(

Brittany Boykin, AL


My grandmother apparently doesn’t get the concept of childproofing but she pulled open the oven before my son even got close to it and broke the darn thing. This is not a strong woman so I am just so glad it was her and not my kiddo but would not recommend this product.

Anita Sedalia, IN

Wear at the snap closure and break off

I’ve used several of these, and they always wear and break at the flex by the closure after about 2-3 weeks.

Maureen Berryville, VA

Fell off

I really an disappointed with these. They didn’t hold at all. I don’t think they held for 24 hours. Now I need something else.

Jannie Daggett, CA

These work great!

I bought some of these to keep my 3 yr old from opening the fridge and freezer, they work great and are easy to open for the grown ups too. I also put one on my back yard gate too…..these are much easier than those cupboard hard plastic locks.

Simone Valdosta, GA

Works Great!

These things are really magic… works exactly as i expected. easy to close and open, but still keeps my 18 month old out of the danger drawers. Already purchased more!

Natasha Anaheim, CA

Work for me

I bought these to put on doors in our apartment to keep my toddler daughter out of certain rooms. These work great. With practice we can even open the strap with one hand. We havnt yet tried to remove these from the doors, I hope they come off easy when the time comes to move.

Yesenia Papillion, NE

keeps drawers closed, removes finish

These do their job, which is to keep my son from using his dresser drawers as steps. BUT!!- They will peel off/remove/damage the finish on your furniture. But being that I want to refinish my son’s dresser anyways, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I just think that other parents should know. They are pretty easy to use, hard for a child to use. Very good at keeping drawers shut.

Emilia Manassa, CO