Safety 1st 2 Pack Grip n’ Go Cabinet Lock

Safety 1st 2 Pack Grip n’ Go Cabinet Lock

The Safety 1st grip ‘n go cabinet lock features a SecureTech lock indicator to let you know when it’s locked. Just slide the button for easy removal. Product comes is a two pack.

Main features

  • Safety 1st grip n’ go cabinet lock comes in a pack of two
  • The grip ‘n go cabinet lock features a securetechlock
  • Just slide the button for easy removal

Verified reviews


Not a good option.

There are better options available for securing cabinets. We are currently using the slide type lock on other cabinets (no complaints or problems with these), but we wanted to try this product on an entertainment center because this product is less conspicuous. However, the hook portion of the product is too thick to use on knob style handles. Also, the handles must be spaced a good distance apart because the hooks do not slide all the way together. The gap on our entertainment center was too large (3″ apart). We also tried to use it on a kitchen cabinet with conventional handles, but it was not very secure. This may be a usable product in the exactly right situation, but I don’t know what that would be.

Jacklyn Tuscarawas, OH

I wish I hadn’t bought these

I agree with the other reviewers – they are adult proof as well as child proof! Unfortunately, I bought these at a Buy Buy Baby, and I hadn’t read the reviews beforehand. Lesson learned: always do research, no matter what the product.

Maritza Clines Corners, NM

If I could give it 0 stars I would

My husband purchased these locally, not on Amazon.They’re great if you have a cabinet you want EVERYONE to be locked out of. Try cooking dinner and being in the thick of it, and not being able to access your cabinets because you as an adult can’t get these POS’s to work.Don’t buy. There has to be something better than this.

Antoinette Walnut, KS

Keeps the kids out!

My oldest (now 4) figured out many cabinet locks by the time she was two. She lacks the strength and coordination to get this one undone, but my husband’s arthritic grandmother has no problems undoing it. Love that it changes to green when it is tightened enough. Great feature for caregivers and visitors to our home. Doesn’t work on all knobs though, as it is rather thick. We’ve found it works best on handles and longer knobs. It’s quite strong too. We had one in use on our bathroom vanity and our oldest liked using it as a step to reach the faucet (much to our disapproval)

Alyce Wales Center, NY

Ridiculous piece of garbage

Bought these locally. They looked similar to one I have, which works great. These, however, are useless in that the parent can’t even get these to open. I have one that works okay. The other one was violently ripped off the cabinet by my husband this evening after being on for only a few hours as he nor I could get the lock to budge. Going to remove the other one before it seizes up and has to be broken in half like the first one. Waste of time and money.

Thelma Lone Mountain, TN

Really hard to use

We bought several of these. The instructions seem easy enough, but I can assure you even NOT attached to a cabinet they are a pain in the you know what to open. I’m having to buy all new locks, so don’t bother getting these…no, your kids won’t be able to open the doors, but neither will you!

Elaine Decker, MT

lock forever

this lock is not working at all, once it locked, you won’t be able to open it. they should re-design this or discontinue this product.luckily, I didn’t buy it. I got it from a friend and decided not to use it after we couldn’t open it! what a waste!

Valarie Greenwood, MO

These keep everyone out, including parents!

I bought these (vs other brands) because it looked a bit more stylish…and because we’re in a rental and don’t want to drill or leave adhesive if we can help it. However, it was a mistake. These are such a pain in the butt to put on and take off that I hardly ever go into the cupboards that I put them on. So, if it’s for cupboards that you hardly ever use, go for it. Instead, I finally just emptied the cupboard (guest bath) of anything dangerous. I should have taken these back to Target the day I bought them but I thought “Oh, they’ll get better when I get more used to them.” NOT. It’s been months and I still hate them and now don’t have the packaging or the receipt (at least they weren’t terribly expensive). And as others have mentioned, be sure the spacing works for your cabinet knobs…

Jordan Elysian Fields, TX

Hard to release

Let me start out by saying this lock is not for every cabinet which is why I gave it three stars. For cabinets that store items such as pots and pans,etc. I would recommend an easier lock to get on and off. However, we use this for our cabinet with household cleaners, etc where I do not want our toddler having even a remote chance of breaking the lock and this serves its purpose well. The lock takes a a few times to master but it can be easily unlocked once you have had a little practice. This lock is perfect for cabinets that store dangerous items.

Sadie Embarrass, MN

Looks nice with cabinets

We have beige cabinets with knob pulls and these blend right in. I do not believe they will work with handle door pulls though. We have gotten a pack that was hard to open but these have been great. If they are a little difficult to open at first they loosen up over time.

Evangeline Toler, KY

You might as well super-glue your cabinets shut

Listen to the reviews! Unless you have at least 10 extra minutes every time you want to open your cabinet, buy something else. ZERO STARS!!

Angelina Dartmouth, MA

Not THAT hard to open

OK, I’ll write one for the other side. These aren’t THAT hard to open. Maybe they did some redesigning with it (I’m using this in mid 2009, and the other reviewers seemed to have this in 2008). Yes, it takes two hands – i dont expect any of the child proofing devices not to. (I have never been in a situation where I absolutely couldnt put my child down – when they are in the stage when you need to child proof, they are a lot more independent).What I am taking stars away for, however, is that they technically are too large for my cabinets. My knobs are only 2.5″ apart center-to-center, so the thing doesnt close enough to activate the button on the right-inside that turns the safety indicator from red to green (looks like you’d need at least 3″ between the centers). The device stays on and wont come off without you using the button at the bottom. However, this means that the cabinet doors can be opened somewhat. My daughter is 1, so I’m not sure how much this matters or doesnt, but the product should be designed for closer set knobs. It might help that she probably cant really grasp the knobs with this over it since its bulky (we have ones like this […] We’ll see how long that lasts…

Josefina Louisville, AL

Don’t Buy These!

I don’t review on many things, but I felt I should say a word or two about these locks. I bought these for the babysitters house since my 8 month old son is now getting into all her cabinets. It took us about 5 minutes to even get the things open after messing with them and once we got them open and on the cabinets, they didn’t even fit. Unless, your cabinet handles are literally within an inch of eachother, it won’t work. I took them back right away!!

Christa Vail, CO

Works great to lock your cabinets, but quite a hassle to remove.

We bought this when we were planning to set up our childcare at home. It works for cabinets with small knobs that are close together like the one below the sink where most of the cleaning products are kept.It is mostly made of plastic in neutral color which is actually not a sore eye at all. Relatively easy to install, you just need to hook both ends to the knobs and push them close together. There is a window indicator which will tell you if it is properly installed. A red open padlock signals you to push it further together and a green padlock tells you it is safely locked.It works very good for protecting and locking the cabinets. There is a slide button on top that you need to push with your thumb if it’s time to remove it. I got the hang of it after some practice but not without a some effort. I agree that it is probably safe for toddlers and smaller hands, but my wife complains that is quite a hassle even for adults to unlock it.

Marta Waterloo, IN

Do Yourself a Favor and DON’T BUY these!

This is the WORST babyproofing product we have tried. I wish I would have read the reviews before buying but I got these at a big box store. Once the lock was on I couldn’t get it off. My fingers were sore from trying to get it to unlock. Finally, I had to unscrew the cabinet knob (which was a feat in itself!) to get it off. These are awful. Listen to the other negative reviews and save yourself some frustration and hassle and buy something else.

Debra Wilmore, KS

Don’t purchase

I should have listened to the other reviews. One of the locks was defective – it would not release/open after locking my cabinet. The other was very difficult and painful to get open.

Yvette Eighty Eight, KY

Difficult to use

We have beautiful wood cabinets and wanted to avoid drilling holes into them with the latches to prevent our infant from opening them. We bought these cabinet locks for all the cabinets in our house (so we have a bunch of them). They’re extremely difficult to open (for adults), which makes them inconvenient when you’re trying to get into the cabinet. You have to push a button while applying pressure to the inner part of the hook and pull outwards…maybe wrapping rubberbands around the cabinet knobs would have been easier and more enjoyable to use.

Sonja Amigo, WV

At least they’re inexpensive

The Safety 1st Grip n’ Go is super frustrating to open without a little experience. To echo what one of the other reviews have pointed out, you have to push the two clamps together while pressing the button before you can pull them apart. This takes a little practice, and even then, it’s not the most intuitive experience. The "button" is less like a doorbell, and more like a latching device that you have to press with a lot of force at a specific inward angle to unlock.There’s also a crude, color-coded red/green indicator that lets you know when your cabinet lock is locked. This indicator tells you nothing, you know when the device is locked by giving it a tug, and the indicator slides out of place pretty easily. I don’t know why they bothered including it.Once you learn how to use it, it does keep your cabinets secure from prying little hands, and unlike other locking devices, you don’t have to screw them into anything. That said, a simple cabinet lock shouldn’t be this difficult to operate, no matter how inexpensive they are.

Matilda South Carrollton, KY