Safety 1st 30 Pack Secure Press Plug Protectors

Safety 1st 30 Pack Secure Press Plug Protectors

Our Press ‘n Pull Plug Protectors feature an easy pop-out tab for parent-only use, and it’ll also save your nails from chipping. They clip right to your vacuum cord when cleaning so you’ll never lose them again.

Main features

  • Plug protector covers one electrical socket, Clips to electrical cord when outlet is in use so you never lose outlet plug again, Two size cutouts to accommodates various size cords, Push tab to pull out

Verified reviews


doesn’t secure

although the description says it has a secure press release, it really doesn’t you dont need to press anything to remove these and my 10 month old daughter has proven that time after time. Her little fingers are smell enough to pull these right out the outlet. I just think that the design of the plugs make you think that they would be a better option, but to save yourself some money you would be better off just getting the well known kind with the flat surface.

Holly Ames, IA

Good price and works well

We needed an extra box to take with us on trips and plug up the plugs in hotel rooms, so pretty good.

Frances Park Valley, UT

Too easy….

My son didnt’ take any out of the outlets only because he was not interested until he was 17 months old. As soon as he was interested, it takes just a couple of seconds for him to pull it out. They just do not push into the outlet flush enough. Tehre is a gap between the cover and the outlet so he can pry his fingers under it and pull it out. We do not even use the push tab to remove it….it is not needed. We had to go to the more expensive sliding outlet covers.

Fern Harrington Park, NJ

No protection!

These worked great when my daughter didn’t know outlets existed. Once she discovered them, it took her no time at all to pull these out of the outlet. I found a pile of them on the floor one day and realized she went around collecting them. She’s 13 months old. She does not do this with the other style of outlet covers we have, just this one. Bottom line is that they are just too easy to remove.

Liza East Millinocket, ME

Sleek but not practical

This is the new product you see everywhere. The product looks sleek and obviously covers the outlet, but the center push piece does not work as advertised. Actually,. most people who visit try to bend the center piece out and pull it like a tag, which results in the plastic breaking. Next time I will just go for the standard flat plastic covers.

Krystal Forbestown, CA

Waste of money!!!

It took all of 2 seconds for my 10 month old to pull these out of the wall and put them in his mouth. How can they even sell these worthless pieces of junk?

Ava North, SC


These stay in and my toddler can’t get them out but they are easy to put in and take out for adults. A hard combo to find.

Celina Stratford, IA

Does the job

I was hoping these would be small enough to fit on a power strip. They aren’t, but work fine on normal outlets. Certainly a good deal for the money.

Emilia Freeport, MN


My 9 month old grandson can EASILY pull these out of the outlet. There is NOTHING safe about these. Don’t waste your money or risk your child’s safety. I gave these one star because zero isn’t an option.

Taylor Otis, MA

Exactly what we needed.

These work very well. Its exactly what we needed to keep our 18 month old from playing in the outlets. Shipped quickly and was just what we expected.

Molly Climax, MN

Don’t bother….

Putting these things on your outlet/plug is just another way of enticing your baby to come play with them and pull them off. My 9 month old learned to take these off within a few seconds and then found it an amusing game to constantly pull them off so I had to switch to the full outlet covers.

Margo Garrett, KY

I actually like these but my baby has never tried to pull them out

I bought these before my daughter was born because they seemed so inexpensive and I felt like I wanted to be prepared. They actually fit great in the outlets we have (home built in 2006) and don’t come out easily. However, they are easy for me to remove, which makes it easy for vacuuming or charging a phone. My daughter is now 10 months old and we have them pretty much everywhere in the house where she roams. She hasn’t tried to pull them out (I can’t say the same for the nightlights we have, though; and, to be fair, she has not actually removed those either). They really don’t interest her at all but I feel safer having something blocking her from sticking her finger into the outlet.I actually plan to purchase a second package of these particular plugs since I’ve used up my first. I will update this review if she does manage to pull them out in the future. But for now, they really do serve their purpose. I wasn’t going to write a review except that there are so many negative reviews for this product and I wanted to present a satisfied view. The plugs go in easily, fit securely, yet are easy enough for an adult to remove when needed. They certainly protect you from sticking your finger into the outlet (which was my goal). On a purely esthetic level, I find them rather clean looking as well. (I will put up a picture as well.)

Marylou Breda, IA