Safety 1st 36 Pack Secure Press Plug Protectors

Safety 1st 36 Pack Secure Press Plug Protectors

Our Press ‘n Pull Plug Protectors feature an easy pop-out tab for parent-only use, and it’ll also save your nails from chipping. They clip right to your vacuum cord when cleaning so you’ll never lose them again.

Main features

  • Plug protector covers one electrical socket, Clips to electrical cord when outlet is in use so you never lose outlet plug again, Two size cutouts to accommodates various size cords, Push tab to pull out

Verified reviews


Buy them

I like to keep a few in my pockets and put them into every open outlet I see. At the airport, my brother’s house, at work. I’m like a baby=proofing Johnny Appleseed. Except I don’t preach.

Vicki Holcomb, IL

Disappointing and unsafe

These are simply too loose and easy to slip out. My 14 month old easily removes them from the wall and then starts to chew on them. Ahhhh! A better solution are the covers you actually screw into the walls.

Alyce Anton, TX

I recommend this item

these protectors are very good and secure . Just fit for the purpose, the quantity and the quality are good too. I highly recommend this item.

Sharron Barnesville, NC


I’m not convinced that these things are even necessary, but I would rather be safe than sorry. My 3 year old was never interested in outlets, but my 18mo old is. And she pops them off for sport, leaving little plastic caltrops everywhere. They’re too soft and flexible, and offer too much purchase for little fingers.

Mae Sheldon, MO

They Just Don’t Work

These were recommended to me by a Kindergarten teacher, and at first I thought they were great because they didn’t hurt my fingers when I needed to pull them out like the cheaper plugs do. The problem is that these are so thick, they’re not flush to the wall and therefore they’re easy for little fingers to grab. My 14 month old watched me pull them out once and has since pulled them out a dozen times just like mommy, without pressing the little button. He thinks it’s a game when I put them back in. Great. We’re upgrading to the sliding outlet style.

Lea Wild Rose, WI

Great for big and little fingers

For big fingers, this is easy to get out of the socket. For little fingers, this is difficult to get out of the socket. These are thus the perfect outlet plugs.

Shana Dry Prong, LA


Very affordable and now we’ve got all our outlets covered. These are easy for us to remove but not for our child.

Lilly Carlock, IL

Not worth the money or time

I returned these plugs because they did not fit tight in my outlets. A baby could get them out easy.

Kim Tiplersville, MS

Easy to install, and remove

I love these! They are very easy to install and easy to remove when you need the outlet. My toddler has not figured them out yet.

Kimberley West Lebanon, PA


These outlet covers are dome shaped, making them easy to grasp. There is a cutout feature in the center to make it easier for adults to get them out.That is a joke as my under one year old can just take them out and just hand them to me!Do not purchase this item, it is unsafe.

Margery Ten Mile, TN

My two-year old can pull them out

My two-year-old can easily pull these out. They don’t do the job that they’re designed to do. There’s really nothing else to say, but I have to reach the word limit in order to post.

Olga Cotton Valley, LA

Easiest we’ve found at this price point

These are easy to pop in and out, and very sturdy. They are the best ones we’ve found other than the more expensive options.

Ramona Capon Springs, WV

Look good, function fine – I like these but my baby hasn’t tried pulling them out

I bought these before my daughter was born because they seemed so inexpensive and I felt like I wanted to be prepared. They actually fit great in the outlets we have (home built in 2006) and don’t come out easily. However, they are easy for me to remove, which makes it easy for vacuuming or charging a phone. My daughter is now 10 months old and we have them pretty much everywhere in the house where she roams. She hasn’t tried to pull them out (I can’t say the same for the nightlights we have, though; and, to be fair, she has not actually removed those either). They really don’t interest her at all but I feel safer having something blocking her from sticking her finger into the outlet.I actually plan to purchase a second package of these particular plugs since I’ve used up my first. I will update this review if she does manage to pull them out in the future. But for now, they really do serve their purpose. I wasn’t going to write a review except that there are so many negative reviews for this product and I wanted to present a satisfied view. The plugs go in easily, fit securely, yet are easy enough for an adult to remove when needed. They certainly protect you from sticking your finger into the outlet (which was my goal). On a purely esthetic level, I find them rather clean looking as well. (I put up a picture as well.)[I originally wrote this review for the same product 30-packSafety 1st 30 Pack Secure Press Plug Protectors, also on amazon, but realized we have the 36-pack. They are the same product but this is a much better deal!]

Arlene Ely, NV

Play toy?

Thought I had purchased a decent item. My 9 month crawled up to the plug today and removed it from the outlet. She then thought they were toys and starting taking all of them out and carrying them around. Absolutely do NOT recommend this nor would I purchase again.

Theresa Henning, TN

Not child proof.

They worked when baby wasn’t interested what’s in the electrical outlets. 17 months old started to bring me these the first day he “found” them.I also use Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs:;=1339033291&sr;=8-1and they were tight from the start and it takes a bit to push them in and out for adult. They are much better and I can highly recommend them. Until the kids are better in using tool, but than they hopefully will understand the safety issues.

Lucille Moravian Falls, NC

Better than the clear, flat ones. Domed shape for easy removal by adults

I like these a lot better than the flat clear ones. Sure those you don’t see as well but I they are super hard to get out of the wall and they give baby a false sense of security because it looks like nothing is there and I worry that when he sees one where there really isn’t anything there it will encourage him to stick his finger in it. These are domed and have the center push for easy removal by adults and impossible removable by babies. love it. Would recommend to anyone.

Josephine Evergreen, LA

They work great!

They work great! Not much to say about outlet protectors. They are easier for adults to get out than the old style plug protectors.

Christina Hawkeye, IA

work great.

My daughter just realized there are cool things in the wall so I bought these to impeded her progress! =). These are a nice white color and match the white electric plate. They are easy to put in and pull off so I don’t hurt my fingers or nails but she can not move them. You have to push the little bubble tab that pushes the plug away from the outlet enough to grab and remove. These are also inexpensie, however, not cheaply made. I would recommend.

Meghan Union City, NJ