Safety 1st 4 Pack ProGrade Pivot Position Cabinet and Drawer Latches

Safety 1st 4 Pack ProGrade Pivot Position Cabinet and Drawer Latches

As the leading expert in infant health since 1984, Safety 1st has created the ProGrade line of infant health products to help bring your family’s health to the next level.

Main features

  • Versatile design mounts easily
  • Made with nylon for supreme durability
  • Pivots flat against the drawer for periods of non-use
  • Large drilling slats for easy installation
  • SecureTech locking indicator

Verified reviews



These are not well made. They do not fit all types of cabinets and drawers. They are awkward to place and use.

Brittany Halstad, MN

Tricky to install but work great

The first set of cabinet locks we bought didn’t work at all. Our child figured out how to take them off. We installed these and have not had any problems. They are easy for us to get into and difficult for her.

Alma Monetta, SC

Works well on hard to fit cabinets

Our cabinets were very hard to attach child locks to. I really liked the magnetic locks but they did not work on all our cabinets, nor did the spring form locks. These work! They are not as nice as the magnetic locks but I’m really happy to find something that works on the inside of our cabinets so we don’t have anything showing on the outside.

Lily Taholah, WA

Works Great!

I thought that these were very easy to install and they keep my munchkin out of my cupboards. I bought another brand similar to these at the same time and I like these better because you can flip it to the side when the baby isn’t in the area, so that you can open the cupboard without messing with the baby proofing stuff.

Traci Highgate Springs, VT

Not user friendly

Not only are these cumbersome to install and operate we were unable to make them "straight" into the "locked" position. I’m only sorry I bought them. Still looking for a better alternative.

Kelli Durant, FL

My favorite – since you can turn it “off”!

I love these – work better than the others: easier to install, longer so it’s easier to unlatch especially for counters that hang over, and YOU CAN LEAVE THEM IN THE “OFF” POSITION! After a long day of undoing child locks it’s SO nice to be able to flip the clips to the side to allow free use of your drawers & cabinets until the little ones reappear!

Staci Jesup, IA

don’t work


Edwina Stokes, NC


Just what we needed to stop our baby girl from getting into more then she already does! My husband installed them very quickly, and they are holding up great!

Aileen Keota, OK

The best I’ve found

I had originally purchase a pack from Safety 1st and they were way too short. However these kind are actually longer and you can flip them to the side if you no longer want the cabinets locked or if you are baby proofing early. Easy to install, you do have to drill into the cabinets; but isn’t your child’s safety priceless compared to some drilled holes? =) I loved these and do recommend them.

Eve Temple Bar Marina, AZ

Work Great

We found these to work great. My husband installed them, without any problem and without taking too long! Our baby is only 5 months old but these work amazingly well from keeping our cat out of our cabinets!

Betty Mount Shasta, CA

Good locks

I love these locks they work great. My warning would be in you have cabinet insets these may not work for you. We have the basic cabinets that come with a Ryan home and they just fit. (hope that helps someone) the instructions are a little confusing at first glance but after I read them 2 more times I figured them out and it’s actually easy to install.

Tiffany Jarales, NM

Work great so far

These are kind of hard to install, but once they are in they work great. You also have to option to "turn them off" without screwing or unscrewing them, so it’s great for if you are between kids and don’t need it, or great for Grandma’s house so she only has to turn them on when the baby is there, etc. Very nice.

Tracey Elora, TN

It’s great to turn these on or off

Using these things is kind of a pain, but it seems to be a necessary pain. The alternative is to pick up all the pots/pans/lids/cookie sheets off the floor, over and over and over again. The great thing about these is that you can flip the hook to the side when baby isn’t around or when you’re getting in and out of a drawer a lot. These are really helpful for use at my parents’ house–they don’t have the baby there much, so mostly the hooks are disengaged, but when baby is around, there’s instant babyproofing with a quick flip of the pivoting latch.

Katharine Grandin, MO

Great lock.

This is pretty standard for a cabinet lock, but I like it because it is a bit sleeker AND you can turn it to an “off” position when you don’t need it without uninstalling it. Sometimes I feel like when I switch it from lock to unlock or visa versa it is going to break because it takes a bit of pull, but it is going strong so far.

Marlene Nucla, CO

Doesn’t fit my cabinets

You have to destroy the packaging to get the instructiuons, and find out that these don’t work on some cabinets (with inset panels so that the back of the cabinet door has 2 levels of thickness), and drawers (with a front panel attached to the front of the actual drawer). They seem to be of good quality though. The plastic is really strong-Nylon actually. Too bad I can’t use them.Update: It looks like these will work on some of my drawers which are also faced. There has to be a gap at the top of the drawer though, so that the catch doesn’t block the path of the inside front of the drawer. Otherwise, the drawer won’t close all the way.I’d really prefer to have one kind of lock that fits the cabinets and the drawers, so I (or guests) don’t have to guess whether to grab a magnet, or go for a latch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like such a lock exists.

Polly Garnerville, NY

Work well, tricky installation

Once installed, I really like these latches. They seem to be of high quality and will last a long time. I love the fact that you can disable them for times when you don’t want the cabinet locked. Installation does take a bit of time and patience. Reading through the instructions the first time I was a bit confused on how to use the template, but once I understood it, I thought it was quite clever. There is a two-sided adhesive template that you stick to one side (the catch), mark or drill your holes, then remove the adhesive backing to transfer the template to the perfect spot on the cabinet door to drill holes there. In theory, its perfect. In practice, it can be frustrating. If your cabinets have dampeners (which I assume most cabinets do to prevent wood on wood slamming) the “transfer” step can be tricky. If you are attaching to a left and right set of open cabinets, you can easily reach around and through the other half to help the template transfer. If you are doing a single cabinet or drawer with no way to reach the backside with the cabinet/drawer closed, sometimes the transfer just doesn’t happen as you don’t get good contact.

Juliet Niles, OH

Nice, also like KidCo spring latch (would recommend either depending on cabinet door thickness)

I carefully read reviews before buying these. I bought two 4-packs. Install was standard for these. I marked the wholes before drilling a pilot holes. The one thing that I worried about before purchase was that the screw may go through my cabinet door, since my cabinet doors are fairly thin – these installed with ease, and I had no issues. I also purchased: the KidCo Spring Action Cabinet Lock 4-pack as well, and I installed one of these on my cabinet that holds the garbage can, since I open that constantly (spring action is nice) and I wanted a smaller gap, to ensure my baby could not squeeze her fingers through there at all and pull out garbage. This wound up to not be an issue for either lock – but I’m so glad I bit the bullet and bought/installed both kinds on al of my cabinets – saves a lot of trouble for a parent. These leave a wider gap for little fingers than the KidCo, but like I said, she leaves the cabinets alone now for the most part. If I had to choose, I probably like the KidCo better, but if you have thicker cabinet doors, and a thicker section for these to latch onto, you may have a hard time squeezing your finger in to unlatch the KidCo. For thicker cabinets I would go with the Safety 1st.

Kenya Lincoln, CA

Works great

This product works great, many people I’m sure get a little apprehensive when they see the instructions….they are way too long and confusing. You don’t need the instructions or the hole marking guides. I installed 8 of these in less than 30 minutes by just eye-balling the location screwing in the screws. Our 15 month old cannot get into the cupboards anymore, she realizes that and she does not even try now.

Sonia North Branch, MN

2 1/2 yr old can’t get past these!

Our 2 1/2 year old daughter cannot figure these out! Love them! Perfect for our medicine cabinet and household cleaning cabinet as well.

Jade Thebes, IL

Excellent Locks for Cabinets, but not all Drawers

These locks are fantastic because of three main qualities:1) Very easy to open with just the push of a finger2) Not visible from the outside3) The pivot feature means you can UN-childproof the cabinets whenever you wantI’ve installed ten of these now, and I’ll admit they do take some time, a power drill, a 3/32″ drill bit, and accuracy (check and double-check before you drill… I ended up with a few extra holes due to carelessness.) But well worth it once they are in and working! My 1-year old has been unable to figure these out.One thing to keep in mind is that, because the latches are long enough to allow your fingers inside to unlock them, this means that a child could also reach fingers inside if he’s really determined to grab something. Shouldn’t be a problem though so long as you keep objects a safe distance from the opening.Also, you may not be able to use this on your drawers, depending on how tall they are. The height between the top and bottom of the drawer frame needs to be tall enough to allow a power drill in to drill the holes up into the frame. The majority of my drawers would not fit the drill, so I was unable to install the locks on them.

Madeleine Decatur, AR


These are much better than the non hinged type that just flex. They are easier to open. Be careful on installation though as a 1/8 inch can make a difference. We have about three out of eight cabinets that won’t close unless you push the latch first as they are just a tiny bit off.

Trina Jefferson, WI

Buy Magnetic

I tried a bunch of locks. Magnetic are the way to go, no pinched fingers and it is not obvious to children how to open it.

Maricela Neillsville, WI

Holds up well

A pain to install, but they hold up well against my toddler, and are being used every day. Not bad for the price.

Ellen Attica, IN