Safety 1st 6 Pack Diaper Pail Deodorizers

Safety 1st 6 Pack Diaper Pail Deodorizers

Safety 1st diaper pail deodorizers helps keep diaper pails smelling fresh. Deodorizers fits in the lid of the diaper pail. Baby powder scent. Lasts up to 1 month and is non-toxic. Helps keep diaper pails smelling fresh.

Main features

  • Tested for safety and durability
  • Made using high quality materials
  • The most innovative designs and manufacturing processes
  • Fits in lid of diaper pail
  • Baby powder scent
  • Lasts up to 1 month
  • Non-toxic
  • Helps keep diaper pails smelling fresh

Verified reviews


Better than Arm & Hammer ones

We had been buying the arm & hammer deodorizers for a while because they were what was available at our local store. I bought these on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised that they covered diaper pail odor better, and lasted longer. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars, is that I wish the powdery scent were just a bit stronger. But, if you rather have odor neutralized than smell the product doing it, it should work for you.

Petra Taylor, MO

like it

I like these it because they really keep the diaper pail smelling nice and fresh,love the prize too and it come in six pk

Jannie Curtis, AR

Too small

These disks are not the right size for my diaper pail. There is a small place to insert deodorizers but this one justs falls out of place.

Trina Moorestown, NJ

Didn’t fit

I have used the Orange Deodorizers before and they fit perfectly in the lid of the bin provided by my Diaper Service. These are hard plastic (not flexible at all) and also just slightly smaller than the Orange ones, and they do not fit. I am using them to just toss in diaper bag, but I highly prefer the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda deodorizers for that purpose. I won’t buy them again.

Dana Glendale Heights, IL

Non-deodorizing disks…

As the other reviewers have mentioned, these disks don’t do a damn thing! We have the Safety 1st diaper pail, and we just ended up using really cheap plastic bags in it and changing the bag every time our son poops so we can avoid any odors.

Joann Jewett City, CT