Safety 1st AdapTable High Chair, Chloe

Safety 1st AdapTable High Chair, Chloe

The Adap Table High Chair is Ultra compact, standalone frame with machine washable seat cushion. It comes with 3 position recline for versatile newborn, infant and toddler feeding, 4 position tray with 1 hand removal, 6 position height adjustment and 3 point harness.

Main features

  • Dishwasher safe insert tray
  • 3-point harness
  • Accommodates child up to 50 pounds
  • 4-position tray with 1-hand removal
  • Infant and toddler feeding

Verified reviews


Pretty good highchair; Great value

In general, I like the minimalistic design; There’s no extra plastic to bulk up the look or take up extra space near the floor. The wheels were an absolute must and these roll smoothly. While a little rough, the fabric is neutral and cute. I also really like the trigger method of adjusting the seat height. Lastly, you cannot beat the price.REVISED (twice! – I want to love it, but there are a few issues):1.) Tray adjustment: My main concern is the tray doesn’t adjust so it’s snug against my 2.5 yr old’s belly. It’s almost okay, but 2-4 more inches closer would be perfect. What stops the adjustable tray from moving in closer is the hinge for the legs. It would take a redesign of the shape of the tray to solve the issue. Building a deeper tray articulated a little closer around a child’s belly would not have prevented larger children from being able to fit because the tray slides outward.2.) Dual tray design: I like the 2-tray system. Unlike other highchairs that have received bad marks in this area, the top tray is not easily snapped off of the main tray by my toddler. I hope this remains true over time! However, there is a major issue at the edge facing his body. Food and drinks keep dripping and oozing in between the two trays because there is an open gap that faces upward. The top tray could be redesigned with a lip that curled completely over the edge of the bottom tray. Okay, so you might be thinking, “what’s the big deal?”. Well, it’s not a gigantic problem, but it does cause me to have to take the two trays apart from each other and clean the tops of both and the bottom of the top tray…. often. This is extra work that could have been prevented.3.) Legs / Stance: While in the intro of this review, I raved about the minimal plastic toward your feed. Well, this was my initial impression. Now, I have realized that the plastic support connecting the two front feet actually does get in the way sometimes. I cannot get as close to the baby as I could with my Graco chair that didn’t have plastic in this area. Also, the stance is deeper. So while the chair design IS in fact minimalistic (compared with my much-older Graco chair), the stance causes me to trip. Maybe I’m just a little clumsy ;)Bottom line – It’s almost perfect so I DO still recommend it. A bib with a pocket to catch food and a towel on the lap does help the situation. However, after a couple of weeks I am growing tired of spills that make it to his lap and of washing extra towels. It was really no trouble to put together. I’m not sure why the previous reviewer had problems. The only tip I’d add is be careful when you attach the gray brackets to the sides of the seat. I wasn’t paying attention and did not make sure the adjustment nubs (on the chair) were inside the groves (on the brackets) before I tightened the darned things down. That mistake caused a 5 minute backtrack, but no big deal.

Sherrie Perdue Hill, AL

Great affordable chair

I bought two of these for my 6 month old twins. I assumed we couldn’t afford all of the bells and whistles of the more expensive chairs but this one has all of the features I wanted at a good price. The only thing I don’t like is the front bottom plastic bar. It seems like I’m constantly running my foot into it and scraping up my toes. Other than that, I love that it reclines, that the tray stores on the back, that there are two tray options, and that it’s easy to clean.

Earline Poestenkill, NY

For the price, i like it!

I have had two Mamas and Papas fancy shmancy highchairs in the past, and whilst they are expensive, they are also sturdy, bomb-proof, and the features are great. So when shopping on a budget for an unexpected baby, I was hesitant to choose this seat for so much less than i bought my others… however, i’m pleasantly surprised! It put together well, it has a tray that comes off easily and i love that you can adjust the height just like the more expensive models.Where it may fall down in performance is over time. Its… a little more rocky than other chairs, so i think over time it will be kinda creaky… also i see other reviewers’ points about food and mess being able to sandwich between the two tray layers, but honestly that’s just a quick wipe-up, and for the price this high chair is really a great competitor if you can’t afford the fancy trendy highchairs!!

Mitzi Lodgepole, NE

Nice highchair, good purchase

We looked at so many highchairs, but I am very pleased that we settled on this one. The assembly took about 15 minutes (12 pieces plus 3 screws, 2 bolts, and 2 nuts) with just a screwdriver and pliers. I have assembled plenty of DIY furniture and such (Ikea bookcases and the like) and this was by far simpler. I assembled it by myself, and did not have to grow extra arms to hold everything together while doing so.I uploaded some pictures, as the only one on the site is the generic pic. Among the things you can see: how compactly the highchair folds up, how the tray hangs on the back of the highchair when not needed, how it fits underneath the dining room table.I am very pleased with this purchase. There are no crevices to clean, so the highchair doesn’t get all gunky. The cover removes easily for cleaning, and I really like the pattern. The chair rolls easily and folding/unfolding is simple.All in all, very pleased. Especially for the cost, this highchair seems hard to beat.

Kristin Freelandville, IN


This chair is really great. We starrted using it when my baby was 2 months old. If you use the body support pillow with it (such as, it works great for a younger baby. My daughter started trying to sit up in this chair, and she seems to truly enjoy it. Add a couple of toys, and you will have time to do something in the kitchen or eat. I would definitely recommend it to everybody. It made our life much easier.

Tamera Harris, IA

Pass on this

Clunky, doesn’t lean back well, tray is hard to maneuver and it takes up too much room. It has been passed on to a local children’s resale store and I hope someone else will like it.

Bessie Clark Fork, ID

Great value!! All you need!

I spent days researching high chairs and am glad that I picked this one! I looked at several others that blended with our home better – but all of those were almost triple the price of this one. This chair is all you need! It is super easy to clean and so so pretty! My 8mo daughter LOVES it!

Esmeralda Imperial, NE

great chair

this is a great chair for when you don’t want the super low end and don’t want to pay 200 bucks for a high end chair. your child just eats in it! they shouldn’t sit in it all day! easy clean up and folds

Heidi Irwinton, GA

Very good high chair

I like this high chair a lot. It was a good price and the quality is fine. My only complaint and why I didn’t give it 5 stars is that the tray, even when pushed all the way in, is still a bit too far away. My daughter spills a lot of food in her lap.

Sheila Grand Meadow, MN

ok but not great

I purchased this high chair because of its price and the fact that it folds and can be put away easily. The material is a bit cheap looking but not horrible. It does fold nicely but it has a snack tray thay is not removable. When I first looked at the product to buy it, I thought it would be a good thing. However, it’s annoying because it sticks out pretty far, which makes it more difficult to store. Also, the removable tray does not store easily. It does wipe clean easily though.

Betsy Richville, MN