Safety 1st Adapter and Plug Cover

Safety 1st Adapter and Plug Cover

Child resistant, dual release design, neutral color, easy to install, accommodates standout outlets, can use used while outlet is in use to prevent the child from pulling out the plug.

Main features

  • For use only with a standard (duplex) receptacle having a center screw
  • Use with 2 AC Adapters or an AC Adapter and a standard plug

Verified reviews


very roomy and safe

They’ll fit pretty much any plug and are easy to install and to use. And there is no way that my daughter is getting this thing off the wall. I would definitely buy this product again.

Pearlie Beatrice, AL

Good solution

They do not work on really bulky outlets, but it worked pretty well on most our large outlets so that our baby can not get to them.

Mildred Woodson, TX

The plug cover is the center screw style

This will only fit with outlets where the plug cover is the center screw type. This won’t work at all with set ups that only allow for top and bottom screw plug covers. Had it actually worked for me, it did appear to be sturdy and well made. Such a shame about the set up.

Shirley Laurel Bloomery, TN

Only works for specific types of outlets

This looks like it would be a great product if you have the types of outlets with the two ovals and your wall plates have two oval openings (not the ones where both sets of holes are on one rectangular section and your wall plates have a single rectangular hole for both).

Melva Lawndale, CA

Worked better than the rest

We bought a few models and this was the only outlet cover that accomplished everything we needed: fit large cords, install easily, be childproof.My ten month old can’t figure them out or pry them apart (and he’s broken a few locks and childproofing items so far). They fit the cords for our lamps and extension cords. They install easily over our standard outlets and they don’t look hideous. If anything, they neaten up the corner where all our items are plugged in.The little boxes that our cell phones plug in to will not fit in this outlet cover. Our heavy duty outlet extender fit into it no problem, though. It is deep enough for large cords but not wide enough for box chargers.

Michell Wild Rose, WI

Great plug covers

put these in the kids room where I couldn’t monitor them all the time. Keeps me at ease- sometimes they will pull the little plugs out but these are really fixed over plugs.

Sharon Fielding, UT