Safety 1st Adapter and Plug Cover, 4 Pack

Safety 1st Adapter and Plug Cover, 4 Pack

The Adapter and Plug Cover is specifically designed to fit over outlets in use and expands to accommodate up to two AC adapters. Ideal for home offices, telephones and nursery monitors. Child-resistant dual-action release. Expands to accommodate two AC adapters or standard plugs

Main features

  • Use with 2 AC Adapters or an AC Adapter and a standard plug
  • For use only with a standard (duplex) receptacle having a center screw

Verified reviews


Does not work in any outlet in our places

I have tried to install them in the USA and abroad and it has been impossible. I would not recommend buying them unless you are sure they will work with your outlets.

Ina Redmond, OR

Does the work but it’s too low for plugs of big surge protector

It is okay when the plugs are small/short. When you use a surge protector or other equipment (fans, elliptical machine for me). The box is not big enough for them.

Opal Allston, MA

It does exactly what it says and was easy to install.

They work wonderfully. I have various adapters and chargers throughout our home and these were perfect except for those sockets that have both an adapter and a large plug. In that particular situation we had to install the thing upside down. It worked but the cord sticking up instead of down drew my little daughters eye and she wont leave it alone. She can’t get to it but she still enjoys pulling on the cord and a few times has unplugged it but since the cover is on the plug doesn’t come out. We then have to remove the cover and replug it. It’s easy to take the cover off and on but a bit loud so don’t try it when the baby is sleeping.

Johnnie Berkshire, NY

Not made for all outlets

The pictures don’t show the type of outlet shape this is meant for so you may end up with the wrong covers. Although I sent it back I was never given my money back. Be careful.

Gretchen Scott, AR

Perfect solution for surge protector and lamp cords

I purchased this as part of a cord management plan for our entertainment center area during a week of intense baby-proofing. I used this on an outlet into which a surge protector and lamp cord plug. It provides total protection, and you wont’ have to worry about your toddler touching the outlet or pulling out the cords. Reserve this for cords you don’t need to unplug, though, because it’s not easy for adult to get into, either. On the outlets that I use frequently to plug/unplug things, I installed the Mommy’s Helper Safe Plate Electrical Outlet Covers.

Mandy Kennard, NE