Safety 1st Adapter and Plug Cover

Safety 1st Adapter and Plug Cover

Child resistant, dual release design, neutral color, easy to install, accommodates standout outlets, can use used while outlet is in use to prevent the child from pulling out the plug.

Main features

  • Child resistant, dual release design
  • Neutral color
  • Easy to install

Verified reviews


Have to take the outlet apart

I bought this to cover a 220 outlet and found that I have to take the outlet apart to install this cover. I just don’t feel comfortable messing with a 220 outlet and don’t understand why this can’t just screw straight into the wall

Violet Rutherfordton, NC

Doesn’t work for our outlets

This product will only work for outlets that have one screw in the middle, as opposed to the ones that have screws on top and bottom. Not sure why they can’t make it for both like the Kidco ones, but in any case, it’s not useable for our outlets. I wish I knew that before I ordered it.

Ivy Pittsfield, VT

Needed for large wires on power strips

Most other covers work fine with lamp cord wires but will not work with the larger wires found on multi-outlet power strips. This one does. It is made of heavy duty plastic and the locking cover should be difficut for toddlers to open.

Elba Malad City, ID

Good product

This is a really good product, super easy to install (I outfitted our entire house in less than 1/2 hr). The only thing I wish were different is the color: It’s off white, not pure white, and doesn’t look it’s best when the rest of your outlets and the electrical sockets/screws are all white. Small price to pay for safety though – Overall I’m very happy.

Beth New Gloucester, ME

Decent quality, poor execution

It feels like decent quality, built well, but I’m not sure it will continue to hold up to my 8 month old pulling on it. Also, it only works for one center screw face plate, won’t work with two screws on the top on bottom. A real shame when trying to cover upgraded outlets and cable connections.Also, it was near impossible for me to get it apart. I had to pry it open with a screw driver.

Rhoda West Union, OH

works well

i really like this cover. using it on two outlets in my house- one for my computer cord and the other on my deep freezer- last thing i need is for my kid to unplug the freezer and all that food go bad. it goes on easy and my one year old leaves it alone after he figured out he can’t take it off.

Terrie Bedford, WY

Works like a dream!

Installing this plug cover was quite easy once I read the instructions. This is a very carefully designed and well manufactured product. I give it high marks for performance. My toddler used to tug at electric plugs for our stereo and printer, the lamp and pretty much anything else he could find. I bought and installed this and since then he can’t see the plugs and so he doesn’t get tempted to go investigate. High marks!

Ada Gray, ME

Only one that works for us

This is the only version of outlet cover I have found that will work with all sizes of extension cords. The snap on ones didn’t fit over the cords, but this one is adjustable in size so it is perfect.

Kay North Garden, VA


Easy to install. Capable of fitting larger plugs such as three pronged power cords. It’s hard for me to open it, I can’t imagine my baby is going to be able to. Great product.

Allyson Derby, OH

Effective and easy to install

The installation was very quick and easy. I have installed these on both outlets in our baby’s room. I think it will be a while before he figures out how to defeat them, and hopefully by then he will be old enough to be taught not to play with outlets! These are definitely only appropriate for outlets where the devices will remain plugged in all the time, as removing the cover, while not impossible, is difficult.The only slight hiccup with this product is that the bottom part of the cover slides onto the plate from the bottom up. In the room where we were using them, the outlets are right above some molding, which made the sliding difficult. I managed it using some muscle and willpower, but if you have very thick molding or a chair rail or something right below the outlet, or if the outlet is too close to the floor, you will not be able to use this product.

Lynnette Pedricktown, NJ

easy to install, works great

Was easy to install. Fit two large surge protector cords through the hole. The case is deep enough to put over plugs that stick out from the wall. Love it!

Cornelia Mineola, NY

Must have for toddler proofing

These are really great for keeping your curious toddler safe!! If I could ask for an improvement it would be if they were slightly smaller in size.

Roberta Beacon Falls, CT


This saved my sanity. You don’t see this item in stores, which is why I did not buy it sooner. Great product that is super easy to install in less than five minutes.

Gale Shinhopple, NY


For a while, my twins got to watch movies in 5 minute intervals. If one got bored, he’d go unplug everything. Enter the plug cover…easy to install, durable, does the job, and not too expensive. Kids had at it for about 15 minutes and have given up ever since. Works as promised!

Sally Pioneer, OH

Check you outlets first

The description needs to include the fact that this item only works on outlets that use one screw in the middle, between the two slots for plugs. Most of the outlets in my house do not allow for a screw in the middle– they use 2 screws, one on top and one on bottom instead.

Sydney Lockwood, CA

Pretty good but not as sturdy as expected.

I liked these for doing a job I couldn’t find many options for, which was to cover a wall outlet with AC adapters plugged in so they can’t be unplugged. They do that, and as long as your child isn’t too rough on things, they’re fine. If you have a wild one, which is presumably why you child proof, the two halves might separate.

Cassie Hersey, MI

Works well.

So far so good… It’s one of the few products that my 2 yr old hasn’t hacked. Phew. Hoping it’ll buy us a decent amount of time where he can’t unplug our alarm clock every time I reset the time. So far we’ve had these for about 2 months

Sofia Diamond, OR

Wish it was easier to remove but it is childproof

Definitely childproofed but annoyingly difficult for me to remove. So much so that I seek out other outlets rather than play with the ones covered with these. I’m glad I didn’t get these for all the outlets…just the exposed ones with things plugged into them.

Sydney Havaco, WV

works well

This is great for those little ones that refuse to stop playing with the electrical plugs/outlets/cords! My 10 month old is very persistent and this works wonderfully! A little tricky to fit on the outlet unless you have a longer screw then you would generally use, but other then that it is easy, effective and sturdy.

Addie Mount Dora, NM

Great product

Great cover for large plugs – use for my daughters monitor so that she can’t pull it out of of the wall and turn off her monitor.

Julia Otis Orchards, WA


I was looking for one of these that would fit around a power strip. This worked great. I don’t know why some people have a hard time getting this to open, I don’t have a hard time at all.

Sue Eaton, TN

Effective and stood up to infant daily testing

This covers an outlet that is located behind my daughter’s crib. Despite her occassional exploring of this outlet cover through the crib slots she has been unable to unlock the cover. I am confident that she is safe in her crib with this coverning the outlet.

Gladys Redding, CA

necessary for baby proofing

the plugs for baby monitors and such all have the large adapter ends that don’t fit in the regular outlet covers so you’ll need these for those larger items. this box is very easy to install and extends to a size larger than what you’ll ever need, so far we haven’t found a plug that won’t fit in it… saving us many headaches from when my son used to decide to unplug the video monitor outlet from the wall.

Juana Atlanta, LA

Did the Trick for Us

This is plug cover works great for us. Keeps our son out of harms way and actually looks more attractive than seeing the plug. We painted it so it would match our wall color, and to cover up the Safety 1st logo.

Angelita Mowrystown, OH

Covers large charging boxes, but no place to wrap cords

I bought this because I thought it would work well to help hide a rather long cord going to our speaker under the TV. However, there were no prongs on which to wrap the cord, and the covers only slide on, so it was rather difficult to maneuver. However, I had another problem safety area with a large charging box outlet, and this was large enough to hide that completely, so it ended up working well.

Judith Campbelltown, PA

A pain to use

The benefit of this cover is that it expands so you can control how long the cover is (as in, its length along the wall, not how far it juts out from the wall). So if you have a long adapter, this is probably the cover you need. But I found this a complete pain to use. You have to take the whole thing apart in order to plug a cord in or take one out. The bottom part doesn’t stay attached while you remove the top part to access the plugs. This got annoying fast. I wound up removing it completely and going with the KidCo outlet cover – much better.

Ebony Bolivar, PA

Simple and effective

We use this in our daughter’s room to cover the adapter and plug next to her bed. Even without instructions I was able to figure out how to install this in 5 minutes.

Tommie Rowland, NC

Works great

So far so good! It’s easy to install and my son (10 months old) isn’t able to pull it off.

Nadia Silverton, ID


Works perfectly, especially for outlets that you don’t intend to use for constantly plugging and unplugging electrical cords. Toddler has no luck breaking into it. We feel much safer all around.

Rena Thrall, TX

So far it actually works

So far she hasn’t figured out how to get it open! I have two things plugged into the outlet and once you get the hang of it it’s pretty easy to open a close. She does’t really mess with it much because it’s pretty boring looking – which is a good thing. We tried a couple other brands and they were terrible.

Leola Flowood, MS