Safety 1st Aerolite Deluxe Stroller, Silver Leaf

Safety 1st Aerolite Deluxe Stroller, Silver Leaf

Safety 1st Aero Lite Deluxe Stroller (Silverleaf)5-point harnessMulti-position seat reclineUltra-compactAccepts the onBoard 35 Air Infant Car Seat featuring Air Protect (sold separately)Parent tray with 2 cup holders and fabric covered storage compartmentStroller holds child up to 50lbsLength 30.5Height 38.5Width 25.5

Main features

  • Plastic, Nylon
  • All weather sun visor with multi-position canopy with airflow mesh window and cover
  • Ultra-compact, 1-hand fold n’ stand
  • Multi-position seat recline
  • Child snack tray with cup holder and Slide guard protection
  • Accepts onboard 35 air infant car seat for quick-click car seat attachment

Verified reviews


Lots of nice features for a more economic stroller

Okay so I have upgraded to an Uppababy Vista, which is majorly more money. But in my research I realized just how nice this one that I’d been spoiled by was.This one both folds and unfolds with one hand (after mastering the process) and it stands on its own folded. The fabrics are very nice and actually very much like Uppababy in texture. It’s not super heavy, it has cup holders (though any liquid in anything but a bottle will jiggle out), plenty of storage and looks nice.So when we decided maybe we should upgrade I was dismayed at a lot of high end strollers where they lacked some of these features. Like standing on its own when folded – how hard is that to build into the design?!Or what I consider supremely inconvenient but seems de rigeur: removing the seat from the frame for folding – really?!My main beef with the Aerolite is 2 things. The seat does not really go fully upright, and seems to not be comfy enough for long periods of time, at least for our little prima don. Other biggie is the wheel base would get hung up on things. I think b/c with the Aerolite you can see the front wheels while strolling, you use them as your gage of how much room you need down an aisle, but then you get in trouble with the wider rear ones.The canopy doesn’t offer full functionality and doesn’t like to stay fully open.Obviously it’s not really fair to compare a $150ish stroller with a $700ish one. But I did! You can see my Uppababy review for other details. If you can spring for it or get it on sale I’d get the Uppa, but the Aerolite is really quite decent!

Paula Brownwood, TX

What a great Stroller

We bought this stroller to go with the Safety 1st Air infant car seat we purchased from Babies R Us. The stroller fits perfect with the car seat, looks great and is very easy to operate. Very glad with our choice.

Enid Racine, OH

Very Nice and Slightly Different…

I love this stroller! I gave it 4 stars because the rear wheels stick out farther than the front so you think you made it through the door just to remember the rear may not.. after a while you get used to that. Also, the seat recline holds it’s place but is kind of cheaply made.. I just prefer the metal bar that locks to the draw string type of this stroller. I love the way it folds in half! It is much less bulky than other travel strollers! It opens and closes easily! But it’s not like anyother stroller I have ever used. It closes backwards.. with the seat facing out, but this allows it to be free standing on the wheels. It takes getting use to but I like it. It is good and heavy duty.. I dont feel like I got something cheap (except for the draw string seat). It also works great with the Air35 car seat as a travel system… its very secure and the canopy covers the entire thing to realy enclose the baby if needed. Overall, I love this thing!

Madeline Forest, OH

Nice Stroller!

We got this to make a “travel system” with our Safety 1st carrier. It was easy to set up and it is easy to fold and unfold. We have only used it a couple of times as the weather hasn’t been great yet (winter), but we have used it outdoors and indoors and with and without the carrier. It traveled well outdoors – across a park lawn (so fairly bumpy). I didn’t have a lot of trouble maneuvering it over the rough terrain – It would probably have trouble on a hiking trail or in the woods, but it is not really designed for that, so I wouldn’t expect it. The infant carrier easily attaches and detaches from the stroller, which is nice when you have a sleeping baby. The canopy is nice – it has a mesh panel that you can open to see baby, or close to keep it dark and a separate panel that you can adjust for extra sun blockage! When you have the infant carrier in the stroller and you use the carrier canopy too, you can have complete canopy coverage to keep it dark (and to keep people from waking your sleeping baby LOL!). When used without the carrier, it has a harness to keep baby safe and the seat can recline to make a bed. The only “negative” is that the “storage area” under the seat is a little on the small side. For us, it really only holds the diaper bag and a few toys (which you will need for a full day out and about!). So it holds the necessities, but there is not a lot of room for extras.

Marci Mount Carmel, TN

NOT a swivel / fixed wheel like claimed.

We bought this stroller to “upgrade” from the safety 1st jaunt travel system.The GOODThe slidegaurd, which keeps a child’s head from getting caught between the tray if they happen to undo thier buckle.The fold is easy to doEven though it’s not a all terrain stroller, it works well over gravel, grass and dirtThe canopy is unlike any other it gives you the option of sheilding from the sun while having a nice brezze come through the mesh opening, howeverdoesn’t help when it rains, even when buttoned up.The BADAfter using this stroller for about a month (I used it almost everyday & sometimes through gravel/bumpy sidewalks) it would squeak even after using WD-40The wheels would stop rolling after going over a bumpThe seat back was hard, no cushion what so ever, but if you happen to have a extra car seat or highchair padding around you could use that, which is what I ended up doing.The storage basket is at a angle to if your doing lots of shopping be sure to put your heavy items in front and small in the back otherwise the heavy item will just keep sliding towards the front.The cup holder on the parents tray are short, any slight bump i would go over and my water bottle will fall out rolling down the street.Overall for the price now (we paid over $150 through here) I would say it’s worth if you don’t mind the bad, although I think they should of added the car seat with it. When connected and all canopys are closed it makes a nice sheild from looky loos. Also there is no front wheel lock to make it a fixed /swivel stroller.

Yvonne Forked River, NJ

Room for improvement but still nice

Pros…Moves freely and easilyCarseat fits snugglyHigh quality, made sturdyNot hard to put togetherConsHeavy! Not impossible to lift, but much heavier than others I tried…requires two handsCollapse feature is a little stiff…still works with one hand might get easier with useAdjustable incline also a little stiff…def need two handsParts are tiny for wheels…I have small hands and it was very hard putting the pins inOverall…if i would not have bought the carseat for it’s high safety rating I would not have bought this stroller. But i do like the quality and durability and it fits my carseat nicely so it will due. Moves great just heavy…I love the carseat (air protect 35) and this is the stroller that it goes with so I’m def keeping it. I keep thinking the weight is just a trade off for the very high quality construction!

Johnnie Lake Zurich, IL