Safety 1st Air Protect Complete Convertible Car Seat, Silverleaf

Safety 1st Air Protect Complete Convertible Car Seat, Silverleaf

The Safety 1st Complete Air Convertible Car Seat with Air Protect Side Impact Technology is perfect for infants rear-facing from 5-40 pounds and 19″-40″ and toddlers forward-facing from 22-50 pounds and 34″-45″. This Special Edition Car Seat features a 4-position recline that provides extra comfort and premium fabrics with custom embroidery.1 in 4 car crashes involving children are side impact collisions. They are by far the deadliest type of collision for children, accounting for 1 in 3 child fatalities; nearly all of which are caused by head trauma. These are frightening facts, but Safety 1st has been by your side for 25 years providing innovative products to help protect your child from becoming a statistic. It is in this tradition that we proudly announce Air Protect side impact technology. Safety 1st engineers designed Air Protect using next generation testing methods that simulate the most violent types of side impact crashes, those with vehicle intrusion. Dimensions: 26.95 H x 18 W x 21.25 D Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.

Main features

  • 2 modes of use: rear-facing 5-40 pounds; forward facing 22-50 pounds
  • air protect – Revolutionary Side Impact Protection, immediately reduces impact forces through the precise release of air
  • Quick fit harness system: adjust harness height from the front in one easy step
  • LATCH equipped with push-button attachment
  • 5-point harness with up-front adjustment

Verified reviews


Probably fits someone’s car, but not any of the ones I’ve tested.

Things a car seat should do:1. Fit in the car securely.2. Hold the baby securely and comfortably.3. Be easy to adjust.Fitting in the car:Rear facing with this seat is a no go. I tried this seat in a Volkswagen Rabbit. No go. “Ok, but it’s a Rabbit” you say. Tried it in a Honda Passport (Mid sized SUV), no go. Tried it in a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4dr (practically a freaking Hummer), no go.By “no go” I mean that the seat won’t fit in the car, rear-facing, which is what states are requiring these days. By “won’t fit” I mean that you can juuuuuuust shoehorn the seat into the car if you massively reduce the comfort and fit of the front seats, lean to the side while driving, roll the driver’s and passenger seats all the way forward and raise the backs up vertical, and place the seat in the middle section. WHAT?1?!? Also, in every vehicle that I tested, the angle of the seat was far too vertical for a baby who can’t properly support his head. Safety 1st’s solution? Roll up some towels and shove them under the seat. I’ve got a better idea: Add some more cars to your test bed! Like actual cars, not minivans.Hold the baby:As other reviewers have mentioned, it’s a bit of a bear trying to unbuckle the big buckle. It’s a two-handed press. Maybe that’s a safety feature so the little ones can’t get themselves out, I’m not sure. Other than the fact that I’m 99% sure that this seat is not properly fitted to any of our vehicles it seems pretty safe. Our daughter has never had any issue with comfort or fussiness in the seat. She goes right to sleep.Easy to adjust:It’s not terribly complicated, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be as easy as it should be. We need that Dyson guy to redesign car seats from scratch, because the gyrations parents have to go through to get a kid in the seat in the 21st century is just ridiculous. It should be as easy as clicking down the big bar on a rollercoaster ride. Maybe that’s a slight oversimplification but I shouldn’t have to feel like I’m strapping Ricky Bobby into his NASCAR seat every day. The lap belts, no matter how I adjust them, always seem a little pinchy, but like I said the Tiny Boss never complains, so it’s all good.It’s not terrible, but honestly I don’t like that it doesn’t fit behind the seat in any of our vehicles and doesn’t even fit in the middle seat without a ton of tweaking, and even then not angled properly. So, according to Amazon rules, that means 2 stars. If you buy one, do it in person, and take it out to the car. Don’t buy one here, whatever you do.

Lacey North Franklin, CT

Returning It

I have a 30 pound 9 month old so I was looking for a rear facing car seat with a high weight limit. After doing hours of research I narrowed it down to the Graco MyRide 65, The First Years True Fit, and the Safety 1st Complete Air but decided on the Safety 1st Complete Air primarily because the rear-facing weight limit is 40 pounds and after reading other reviews that the seat stood up well in accidents. I have a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder and the only way this car seat fits in there rear facing is in the middle back seat (where I wanted it anyways) and with both front seats scooted up slightly more than preferable (they probably should be scooted up a little more to make the level to ground line 100% horizontal–it’s 95% there now–but I do need to be able to drive without being totally squished (I am 5’7″ and 120 pounds, not a huge person). I will say that there is plenty of room on either side for medium sized passengers to sit comfortably. It took me about an hour to install it but that is with reading the manual and watching the online video. I had to use the towel like other reviewers; I don’t see how you can properly install it rear facing without using a towel. It’s a good looking car seat, the fabric is nice, and I am optimistic that it will perform well safety-wise but it sure is a tight fit and if you need to put it somewhere other than the middle seat you may want to keep looking.***10SEP10 EDIT***After driving around with this seat for a few days I have decided I am going to return it. My daughter cries every time I put her in it (never had any issues with her old seat) and pretty much every other time I take her in or get her out, the straps get twisted/tangled. While I am now a pro at untangling straps, between the size of this seat, my daughter not liking it, and the strap annoyance I am going to take it back and getting a Britax.***25SEP10 EDIT***I got the Britax Advocate 70 CS. This seat, although initially looks way bigger than the Air Complete, fits MUCH better in our Pathfinder (still in the rear-facing position). The seat is way cushier but still firm, the straps have not gotten twisted once yet, and my daughter just looks way more comfortable resting in it. I can get the seat in much tighter much more easily due to there being strap tighteners on both sides. It is heavy–21 pounds, and I anticipate that when I turn it around to forward-facing it will squish but still accomodate mid-sized passengers on either side. Bottom line–I returned the Air Protect and am happy to have found my permanent new seat in the Advocate 70 CS.

Joy Cottondale, FL

Great seat! A bit big rear facing but that’s ok!

I purchased this seat after watching the safety video on the manufacturers website. I knew i wanted a seat with good side impact protection and this one seemed to fit the bill. I like that the side impact headrests are easily adjustable and seem to grow with the baby which was my main complaint when looking at some of the others like Britax. I do admit that we installed wrong the first time and my son definitely let me know by crying cause he was basically sitting completely vertical. Make sure that when you install that you pay attention to the recline bar which is up underneath the unit. In my car it’s installed with anchors and I feel that it was easy and secure. I plan to keep my son rear facing in this seat for as long as his legs aren’t in his mouth 🙂

Mindy Wendel, PA

Great Toddler Seat — Chevy Malibu

We are using this as a rear facing seat in our Chevy Malibu, and it fits just fine. Yes, it is a big car seat, but safety was my number one priority when upgrading to a toddler car seat, so I don’t mind the bulk. I love that we can keep the seat rear facing up to 40 lbs, now that the AAP’s new recommendation is to wait till age 2, this seat makes it easy to do so.I’m glad we had the Chicco Keyfit 30 when our guy was an infant. I’m sure this is safe enough, but I wouldn’t want it as an infant seat . . . too inconvenient. Even though my son isn’t quiet 1 yet, he was ready for a more toddler friendly seat. This delivers, he isn’t leaning back as far and the sides don’t cave in next to him. I could tell he liked having things a little roomier the moment I put him in this seat. He still falls asleep with ease.The cup holder isn’t pictured, but there is a detachable one in the box. The material is easy to take off and machine wash when accidents happen.My hubby and Father in law set this up in about 7 minutes. If you are going to use it rear facing, you do need a rolled up towel or pool noodle underneath (this is clear in the instruction booklet).Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Cara Columbia, NC

Pluses and minuses

Disclaimer (about me): I got this seat largely because I drive a Mini Cooper Clubman. The Mini has only two back seats so it is impossible to put a car seat in the center seat for added side impact protection. Thus, I was looking for the ultimate side impact protection to make up for mounting next to the window. Although the Clubman has an extra half door to make it easier to get in the back seat, I have to put our daughter in from a standing position — outside and “behind” the (rear facing) seat. I have to lean over the seat to buckle her in / unbuckle her. Thus, some of the inconvenience I mention is an interaction of the seat with my car. That being said …Pluses——1) The seat seems to offer the ultimate side impact protection. That is why I got it and that is why I will keep it,2) The back strap height adjustment is beautiful — the best I have seen (better than my wife’s Graco and as good as any of the others I have played with in the store).3) The padding seems comfortable4) Quality is good (no issues to report)5) The mounting (latch system) works well and is convenient6) The fabric seems to breathe well7) Adjustable lower buckle positionMinuses——-1) The air pockets block access to the seat making it very difficult to snake my daughter around them to get her into the car. I dream about turning the seat around so that I can get her in and out better.2) The other latches (the ones that hold the baby in the seat as opposed to the ones that hold the seat in the car) are hard to work. I have pinched my fingers in the chest clip more than once. The lower buckle is hard to get closed and harder to open. Last night we were in Babies ‘R Us and I spent a few minutes opening and closing the chest clips on the Britax seats wondering if the straps were interchangeable…. By the way, I tried from the front — they are easier to open when facing the seat than when reaching over it.3) The manual is annoying (accurate, but annoying — everything is divided and listed by procedure not indexed by page and the procedures read like a tax form).4) The reclining feature is lacking. It has positions for front and rear facing, but not a fine enough adjustment: our daughter’s head droops forward when she sleeps — far enough forward that it is not between the air pillows; thus, there is no safety advantage if she falls asleep. The manual says to adjust it so it is level, the unanswered question is: how?Bottom line———–My car is the secondary vehicle for baby transport: if the family goes out together, we take my wife’s (four door, three seat back seat) Honda CRV. I only put our daughter in my car a couple of time per week (maybe three on average). If this were the primary car seat, I would not keep it, it is simply too difficult to get a baby in and out without bumping her head. As it is, I figure I can manage the 50 to 100 uses left before I can turn it around. We just bought aBritax Advocate CS Click & Safe Convertible Car Seat, Onyxfor my wife’s car (to replace the Graco bucket). It costs twice what this one did, but since that is the primary car seat our daughter will use for the next couple of years, it seemed worth the price.

Velma Bloomington Springs, TN

Safety First!!!!!

This car seat does what it was made for.I fainted from low blood pressure and before I think I was going 65 and who knows after. We just made it off a mountain pass and we rolled 3-4x’s! My son woke up just after (just turned him FWD facing he was 3 months shy of 2yrs). The Truck was a total loss (Will always Love my Toyota Tacoma), everything was smashed in, the shocks, bed, it was all reshaped but the cabin- esp. the back was retained. I was strapped to a table with cuts (glass, brush and door), burns, bruises etc. but my son was up smiling laughing and running around! A year later and he is still perfectly fine! I had bought another one and will do so for my little girl coming!

Trisha Crescent, IA