Safety 1st All in One Child Care Kit

Safety 1st All in One Child Care Kit

The Hospital’s Choice All-in-One Child Care 12-pc. Kit is a must-have for new parents. Designed especially for babies and children, this grooming and care set includes Clear View tweezers with magnifying lens, Clear View nail clipper with magnifying lens, 4 mini emery boards, digital thermometer, medicine dispenser, Sof-Grip hairbrush, Sof-Grip comb and Sof-Grip toothbrush. A sturdy carrying case allows for safe storage and portability. Makes a perfect registry gift. Imported.

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Excellent Care Kit

We got this as one of our shower gift. It is very nice and has everything you need. I like the hard case because it is durable. I really like the the finger nail clippers the best. We use the brush and comb a lot also. I think it is reasonably price and has everything you need.

Ella Pawlet, VT

The plastic case is awful

This kit represents overall good value in terms of the contents, since a single digital thermometer costs … It could include a scissor.However when we first opened the hard plastic case, half of the contents fell out, since they are not secured inside it. Additionally the case is difficult to carry by the handle (there’s no hole) and is not securely closed. Not to mention its bulkyness.We returned it and bought Nursery and Bath Care Set by Summer Infant Products. For additional [money] you get a few more extra items, all secured in elastic loops in a compact pouch.

Jodi Lebanon, KS


I registered for this thinking it would be great. Everything I need. RIIIIGHHHTTT.. haha.. The only things in it I can use are the nail clippers (but I cannot use the magnification because it distorts everything and I cannot see my sons nails), the hair brush which is nice, the comb which is nice, and the nail files which I dont like anyways because the chalkboard scrapping sound lol. The thermometer [stinks]! It doesn’t beep so you dont know wen its done. You have to watch for it to blink or something like that and it only blinks a few times so if u miss it ur gonna sit there for a LOOOONNG time but hey it takes a long time to work anyways. The medicine dropper is TOO hard to pull out and push in. And the tweezers are very flimsy

Josie Marysvale, UT

good product for the most part

I like the items this kit contains. They are all helpful and can be used until your baby is a toddler. The only thing I don’t like about this kit is that there really isn’t a handle to hold it with and it is kind of bulky but other than that its great. The nail clippers and tweezers have a magnifying glass on them which makes it much easier for clipping babies nails. I would recommend this product to others.

Marisol Elkwood, VA

Good Kit (relatively) – I recommend the 30 piece hospital kit instead.

The 30 piece hospital kit has everything this one has plus the items you’ll find in two other similar kits such as hair brush, medicine dropper, clipper (USE ADULT CUTICLE SCISSOR INSTEAD as it is much easier to handle.)

Caitlin Vilonia, AR

Sounds good but not really

The nail clippers,hairbrush, and comb are great but I did not care for the rest. It would be cost effective to buy the items seperately from this company.

Deborah Dorchester, SC