Safety 1st All-in-One Convertible Car Seat, Scribbles

Safety 1st All-in-One Convertible Car Seat, Scribbles

Designed for your growing child, the All-in-One Convertible Car Seat by Safety 1st will take your little one all the way through three different stages, starting as a rear-facing infant car seat, converting to a forward-facing car seat, and then transitioning to a belt-positioning booster car seat when your child is ready. The 3-position recline adjusts with one hand making it easy to get your child into the most comfortable position. The car seat also features our QuickFit Harness System that easily adjusts harness height right from the front in just one easy step. With a removable cup holder to store a drink or snack, your little one will be sure to love this car seat as much as you do.

Main features

  • 3 modes of use: rear-facing: 5-35 pounds, forward-facing: 22-50 pounds, belt-positioning booster: 40-80 pounds
  • 5-point harness system with up-front harness adjustment fits children up to 50 pounds
  • Quickfit harness system adjusts harness height from front in one easy step
  • Side impact protection with 3-position recline
  • LATCH equipped for easy installation and meets or exceeds Federal and ASTM safety standards

Verified reviews


Great price, lightweight

This was the most reasonable priced and well reviewed of the 3 in 1 seats that we could find. It was easy to travel with although I had some difficulty attaching it to a borrowed Go Go Babyz roller thingy. My only complaint is that it seems to make my son’s head sweatier than our Britax.

Katharine Creal Springs, IL

Too large/awkward for infants.

Be bought this for our newborn. We’ve only just started using it (8 months later) because it was too awkward for her and not reclined enough. Even now, it’s tilted too far forward. I’m hoping it will recline more once we switch to a front facing install. I’ve adjusted the rocker back as much as possible but the level line on the seat it still not level with the ground. Frustrating purchase.

Angie Van Tassell, WY

A very good buy

I like the pattern and the design of the seat. Plus my son seems pretty comfortable in it and the price was more than enough to put a smile on my face.

Brandie Campbell, NY

Once installed, it’s good, but hard to install correctly

Although this
• can
• be a good car seat, I do not recommend it due to the difficulty of installation. When our daughter was newborn, we used a different seat that had a removable carrier. That seat connected to our Honda Element using the LATCH system, and installed like a dream – you simply latched each side, cinched up the slack, and you were done, it was easy and virtually foolproof.Our daughter outgrew that infant car seat, and we graduated to this seat, which we use in the forward-facing position. First of all, the LATCH connectors on this seat are not confidence-inspiring – they look and feel pretty flimsy, enough so that we’re considering buying a different seat just to be safe.Secondly, and more importantly, it is a frustrating, two-person job to properly install this seat and get the slack out of the LATCH belt. Essentially, the LATCH belt is a separate piece of this unit, with connectors at either end and a cinch near one side for taking up slack. You thread this belt through an opening that goes in one side of the seat and out the other, latch the two ends to the LATCH mounting points, then cinch up the slack in the belt.It’s pretty straightforward, right up until the last step. You see, cinching up the slack requires that there be no tension whatsoever on the belt. What this means is that if you are pulling on it, and take a bit of the slack out, you then can not pull any more slack out unless you lean all your body weight down into the middle of the chair, creating more slack to be taken up. It is virtually impossible for one person to get enough slack out of the strap to be safe, particularly if you are also trying to deal with a toddler.When we have to move or re-install this seat, my wife and I treat it as a two-person job. First, our daughter has to be otherwise occupied (sleeping, playing with grandma, etc). Then we both go out to the Element with the seat. I fully recline the seat so that it’s laid back flat, thread the LATCH belt through the car seat, then attach the end clips to the two LATCH connectors. Then I raise the seat back so that it is gently (but not snugly) resting against the back of the car seat.At this point my wife uses both hands to push her entire body weight into the middle of the seat, which creates slack that I can cinch up. Even doing it this way leaves some slack, so we’ve learned to then finish the process by taking the final step of moving the seat back upright forcefully, so that it presses against the car seat and removes the remaining slack. We then connect the LATCH head strap to the corresponding connector to complete the installation.This complicated installation ballet has significantly reduced the usefulness of this seat for us. It takes two adults, plus an otherwise-occupied toddler, to install it safely, in my opinion. Given the difficulty of installing it safely, I can foresee times when it will
• not
• be installed safely due to the complex nature of the install process.After investigating other car seat options, I see that many of them have a simpler, more robust LATCH solution that does not have these issues. However, all that being said, once the seat is installed it’s not a bad seat. It has a great feature, which is that the shoulder strap height can be adjusted from the front, without detaching the seat and re-threading the straps. This is a nice feature, although that’s something that’s probably only going to be done once or twice over the useful life of the seat.All in all, I cannot recommend this seat due to the complex and potentially error-prone installation process. My recommendation is to do yourself a favor and find a different seat that installs more easily and securely.

Emilie Holly Springs, NC

Beware: Poorly Rated by IHS

This car seat was put on the “do not buy” list by the Institute of Highway Safety in November 2013. It failed safety tests because of the placement of the belts (too high on the abdomen and too far out on the shoulder).

Pearlie Pamplico, SC