Safety 1st Alpha Elite Convertible Car Seat, Dolce Latte

Safety 1st Alpha Elite Convertible Car Seat, Dolce Latte

3 modes of use: rear-facing 5-35 pounds. Forward-facing 22-40 pounds. Booster mode 40-100 pounds. Quickfit harness system: adjust harness height from the front in one easy step. Side impact protection, 3-position recline, adjusts with one hand. Removable infant head support pillow. Epp energy absorbing foam. Rotating arm rests. Detachable cup holder. 5-point harness with up-front adjustment.

Main features

  • Rear-facing 5-35pounds
  • Forward-facing 22-40pounds
  • Booster mode 40-100 pounds
  • Side impact protection

Verified reviews


Straps won’t tighten in rear-facing position

I hated this car seat so much that I returned it and got a different one. I installed it rear-facing for my 10-month old, and it was impossible to get the shoulder straps to tighten – the strap you pull on to tighten the shoulder straps was pressed against the actual car and I had to use all of my strength to even budge it. The latch belt was also very, very difficult to get tightened to the point that the seat did not move around because of the way it sits on the plastic.I have a feeling that as a forward-facing seat, it would probably be fine, but I absolutely do not recommend it for rear-facing.

Chasity Ewing, KY

comphy for my little one

i really like this car seat. i have a 2006 chevy malibu and a 2002 chevy silverado and it fits perfectly in the backseat (its a little wide but it needs to be so your kid can grow into it).
• i have it rear-facing and the only thing i hate about it is that the latch system isn’t long enough (can only use it when front-facing).UPDATE: figured out that the latch system goes underneath where the buckle for the 5 point harness is. one problem- the slot is SOOOOO small and i can barely fit my hand in to feed the buckle through. but once you move the seat forward facing, then that’s not a problem anymore.
• the reclining latch and height adjustment latch is a little weird to use at first, but you get the hang of it after playing with it.
• i LOVE the 5 point harness: great shoulder pads and the two-part buckle that inserts between the legs can go in individually- i hate my previous car seat that had to clip together first then buckle in. so annoying.UPDATE: the straps twist a lot! but it’s a really easy fix and doesn’t bother me.
• it’s better padded than my previous car seat and my baby seems more comfortable in it.
• the straps are easy to take off and on.
• my son fell asleep and his head was well supported and wasn’t awkward or anything 🙂

Ruthie Woolrich, PA

Awesome Car seat!

Love this seat and its affordable price. We have had great success with it over the last 7+ months. Great design and easy to install both forward and backwards.

Edna Edwall, WA

I love this carseat

I initially purchased one of these car seats for my car and a less expensive one as a backup for my husband’s car. After installing this one, we decided to return the cheaper one and buy another one of these for my son. This is a great car seat. It is very secure and has a lot of padding. I am confident in the quality of this car seat. Plus, my son does not get overheated in it.

Dollie Novelty, MO


My daughter loathed her infant seat and I did too, so we graduated her to this seat (rear facing) at about 6 months. At 12.5 months she is still rear facing in it and loves it.

Meredith Chicken, AK

Can’t beat it for the price.

I found it for $89 at Sam’s. Also, I have twins so this should count as two reviews! The boys sleep in it just fine thanks to the adjustable base and seem comfortable just riding around town in it when it’s fully upright. Also, I love it because of the price. With twins, everything is twice as expensive and I have to keep an eye on cost. It had great safety ratings and was the right price. Cup holder is a huge bonus! It only lost one star because the shoulder strap adjustment (little cord up front that you release or pull to loosen or tighten the shoulder straps) seems to stick quite a bit when it comes time to loosen the shoulder straps. The wifey has a hard time with it. Takes some effort from me.

Connie Glen Allen, VA


This is a very comfortable seat, or at least appears to be. My grandson likes it. Went to the fire station to have it installed properly for rear facing. They used a small noodle, similar to the ones for the pool but much smaller. Works great.

Isabella Claridge, PA

NOT for babies with no head control!!!

I managed to get this seat in and secure it well in my 2009 Scion XB, but even at the most reclined position, it seems like it is sitting straight up. My sons head slumps forward and it looks so uncomfortable. I did get a good deal on it, but I dont think I would recommend it. Needs to be able to recline a little better. Not impressed.

Tammy Gerrardstown, WV

little luxury car seat

I really like this car seat I bought it for my oldest son I have not yet used it with my youngest but will like the could decline it works good in my car but does not work good in the truck you have to sit it out which is fine I like this car seat

Helga King Of Prussia, PA

Safety 1st Alpha Elite Convertible Car Seat

I needed a car seat for my grandson and this is a very nice one for a very good price!

Teresa Traphill, NC

Has worked great.

We have two of these seats and they work great. We have had no problems. It isn’t the easiest seat to put in but I can get it nice and tight which makes me feel confident.

Shelia Tornillo, TX

Great Carseat, Good Price, Heavy Duty, We have 3!

I’ve been reading the reviews on this product just to see what others thought of the carseat and I figured I’d leave a review as well.We started out with the infant carrier, but my son is in the 90% of weight so you can imagine, he was very heavy to carry around after a short time. We got three of these seats in 2011 and while he was not on the 5 lb range, we did use this as a rear facing seat for quite some time. I found no issues with the recline, infact I think the recline of the rear facing capability works better than when the seat is forward facing. When my son was younger, his head never fell forward when in my car (I have a Tribute) but my husband has an xterra and I really do believe it’s the car because no matter how we strap that thing in, our son always seems to fall foward when sleeping. It’s also a much bumpier ride in the xterra- just the design of the car. I would sit in the back with him and move his head back when it would fall. If there was a con for this item, I think that would be the only one. It just made me uneasy, but again, this only happened in my husband’s car.Now he is 3 and rarely naps HA! so we don’t have to worry.We’re considering getting a highback booster seat for when our son hits 40 lbs. and using this seat for our daughter.Overall, we do love this seat and it has kept our son safe and comfortable while riding in the car.

Cleo Unionville, MO

Amazing birth to toddler seat

I had two of these seats already for my car & my husband’s. I purchased this for my parents car when we were expecting our 2nd child. I LOVE that I can buy ONE seat for newborn to toddler booster seat. Rear facing, forward facing — it has been wonderful for our 2 year old. Fitting in both a Ford Explorer, Fusion & now a Dodge Avenger. No problems with installing in any of these vehicles & easy to pop out and reinstall elsewhere. I also love that the cover comes off. It takes a bit of work (and a few youtube videos) to figure out but my toddler gets car sick from time to time & washing it was a must. Do it once and you will be a pro 🙂

Jeanine Boone, IA

Great seat

First off, I want to say I LOVE (even though I have a couple dislikes) this seat. My daughter likes this seat, also. She is 14 months old and still rear facing. I like the weight and height limits on it, not having to buy 3-4 carseats is helpful on the budget. She was in the infant seat until she was 13 months old, and was out growing it quickly. After months of research, we decided to get this seat. It is not too heavy (I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and I can carry it up and down our stairs just fine), It fits in our Envoy with plenty of room for the front passenger (our Kia Spectra, even with the infant seat we had to move the front seat all the way forward, have not tried this seat in the Kia). I like the neutral colors, I like that the arm rests can be stored upright and out of the way, and the cup holder is not flimsy (which was actually a selling point for me, because as our kids get older, they want drinks and cannot always reach the cup holder built into the car).I would have given this seat 5 stars except for 2 issues. First, I have to put towels under the seat to get the angle correct. I understand this is probably an issue with my Envoy seat and not the actual carseat, but it would be nice if the carseat had more recline flexibility. Again, I have only used this carseat in the rear-facing position so far.Secondly (and the more annoying), my daughter dumped milk in her seat. Like the entire bottle. Milk. Yuk. Anyway, I am attempting to remove the cover of the carseat to wash it. I can read in the manual how to remove it, so I know it must be possible, but, I am not having any luck. None. At all. I like easy. Easy Peasy Please. No such luck with this seat. I have searched the internet, and talked to friends. This cover will not come off without a huge fight. I am still fighting the cover, and I have less than 2 hours to get it off and wash and dry it before I go get my daughter. Hmmmm. Wish me luck.With another baby on the way, I am not sure we will be getting another one of these carseats, JUST BECAUSE OF THE COVER.The seat itself is great. I love it. But, there are other seats that were in the running, that specified easy cover removal. They lost only because of the weight limit. This one is still going to be considered, but now I will actually have to think about it. Having to buy another seat after 40-50 pounds, or fighting with the cover on this one every time I want to clean it. Kids are messy. I’m going to have to clean this thing how many times?Really, the seat cover might not be a big deal, certanly doesn’t compromise the seat’s ability to be safe and do it’s job, but, it is a big deal to me when I am a busy mom who doesn’t have time to fight with a stupid cover just so my kid doesn’t sit in rotten milk.Another plus- the seat cover is SUPER SOFT, lots of carseats it’s like sitting on a rock, this one is like a lazy boy. (which holds milk a little too good)All things considered, I am happy with the seat. I am not sure we will get another one for the next baby only because of the cover. It is easy to install, easy to use, easy to buckle/unbuckle. I know it sounds petty, but the cover is the biggest con I have for this seat. Not every seat will fit in every car perfectly, we use towels to make up for that, which we had to do with the infant seat, too. We have a ratchet tightener on the seatbelt, so I feel that the seat is safe and secure.Other than the cover, the carseat is great. Wish someone who had kids and has had to clean a carseat would have designed the cover :)I would like to update…..I GOT THE COVER OFF!!!! The manual does not say to remove the base. I ended up removing the base (I thought I was going to break the little end cap of the bar, but I didn’t) With the base removed, it was pretty simple to use a flat head screwdriver to pry the little plastic clips to get the harness guides off. You do not need to remove the headrest part…The cover (that they sit on) has a cut out section (under the headrest) so it will slide over the headrest part. I did not need to remove the headrest because it didn’t need to be cleaned, so I have no idea if it is easy or hard.That being said, it is still a pain in the butt to get the cover off. However, now that I know how to do it, it will go much quicker next time. This seat is still in the running for the next baby.Also, buy this at Amazon! It is so much cheaper (and free shipping). We wanted the green one, but my hubby procrastinates, and by the time we were going to buy it, the price jumped too high, then it was discontinued because the color was a limited edition. We got the grey/black one, which I like because it’s unisex. Although our kids will be close enough in age, we will have to buy another one for our boy.4/26/13 update…Apparently, I actually did “break” the seat when I removed the base. But, will a little re-manipulating of the plastic covered metal thing that goes on the end of the bar that holds the seat to the base, we got it back together. My dad has a tool that he can turn the end of the metal bar into a screw and I can just put a bolt on the end to make it removeable. I highly recommend doing this to make the removal of the cover easier. This doesn’t make the seat dangerous or anything, but it probably will void any warranty the seat has. We will get another one of these seats for our son and just modify the bar on that one, too.

Celina Pine Valley, UT

Its pretty good for the price

It doesn’t seem very comfortable and took my girl a little while to adjust to it. Its not very cooshy.

Rhonda Gordon, AL