Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat, Beaumont

Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat, Beaumont

For use in infant, toddler, and belt-positioning modes, the alpha omega elite convertible car seat has a weight range that will work for your little one from baby through growing child. It starts as a rear-facing car seat, converts into a forward-facing seat and then transitions to a belt-positioning booster car seat as your child gets older. In addition to these 3 modes of use, you’ll also appreciate the superior comfort and added convenience features which make this an elite car seat. Pivoting armrests make getting your little one in and out of the seat a breeze, and comfy padding makes for a nice ride. The seat also includes a removable cup holder which is a great place to store a drink or snack.

Main features

  • Rear-facing 5-35 pounds
  • Forward-facing 22-50 pounds
  • Belt-positioning booster 40-100 pounds
  • 5-point harness with center front adjust
  • 3-position recline adjusts with one hand

Verified reviews


Not recommended by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Safety 1st Alpha Omega and All-in-One booster seats were NOT RECOMMENDED. They did extensive research and almost all other boosters passed their testing. These were the only 2 that did not. They were okay for use as child restraints but not as booster seats. The lapbelts do not lay flat on the child’s lap and the seatbelt was in in an unsafe position accross the child’s chest.Please watch/read the press release entitled “Boosters improve: Most new seats provide good belt fit;Two Safety 1st models are not recommended as boosters” at was seriously considering this booster based on amazon reviews but will definitely NOT be buying this now. Perhaps the company will make a safer model in 2013.

Annette Glen Saint Mary, FL

Good seat, but big and won’t work on a plan

Love this seat for my 1yo, but although it is airplane safety approved, the non-removable armrests make it too wide for an airplane seat. Also, it is very tall and takes up a lot of room rear-facing. Would not do well rear-facing in a small car, though it fits fine in my minivan

Brittney Battle Ground, WA

Perfect for growing babies

I would not place my daughter in this as an infant, simply because of comfort reasons-the child carrier seats just look more comfortable for really little babies. This is perfect for the 20lbs and over due to the convertible options. I would have purchased this for my car if i had seen it before i purchased my Britax 70-G3 just for the convertibility and price. This is in my husbands car since we do not ride in it frequently and it will last for many stages. This would also be perfect for grandparents or other family members to get the max use of converting for the cost!

Rachelle Fall City, WA

Great car seat!!!

My baby loves this seat!! He cries when I take him out of it, he use to cry when we put him in his old seat!I love that the straps are very easy to adjust and you don’t have to play around with them at the back of the seat to adjust them. It is very easy to take apart for cleaning, just read the instruction manual. That was the first thing I did as recommended by another review on this seat I read prior to purchase. So easy to install, my 16 year old son installed it in his truck when needed. :-)It is a very tight squeeze rear facing in my Subaru Forester, so it’s a good thing I am not very tall. But it does work in smaller cars like mine, read other reviews, I have found helpful tricks to making it work in smaller cars than mine. Also if you have something like a Ford F-250 Crew Cab, and have the seat rear facing a rolled up towel, swimming noodle (or in a pinch a folded up tarp) is helpful to make the seat level.**Update** We love this seat so much we just bought a second one for our daughter!

Odessa Angier, NC

Not what I expected

I bought this seat becasue my 16 month old just outgrew his rear-facing 35lb infant seat and I wanted to keep him rear facing longer. However, there is NO way I could get this rear facing in my 4 door Focus or my husband’s extended cab Ford F150. It is HUGE! I have it forward facing and it does the job. It seems very comfortable for my son and it is well padded and sturdy. But, I didn’t want to have to turn my son forward yet. I also don’t like the location of the cup holder. It is way down by the base. There is no way my son could reach down that far while strapped in the seat. But my biggest gripe with this seat is that I have to struggle with the straps sometimes. They don’t always tighten equally when pulling them (one shoulder will be very tight but the other is loose). It is such a hassel to have to pull the straps completly out (several times) before the straps pull equally. I have no idea what the problem could be since it only happens occasionally. But I don’t think I should ever have to be fighting with a car seat when I have places to go.I gave this seat 3 stars because I do feel that this is a safe and sturdy seat. But unless you have a HUGE backseat there is no way you’ll get this in there rear facing so it defeats the whole point of a convertible seat.

Leonor Gove, KS

Does not work rear facing in a truck

This is a great car seat if you are forward facing but DO NOT purchase as a rear facing seat in a Ford F-150 Super Cab! With the cool recline button it does not get close enough to the seat in order to be safe. We had the car seat inspected by our local police department and they could not get it tight enough either and actually suggested we switch it out since our 9 mo old will be rear facing for a while longer. They suggested the Evenflo Titan Elite since it has a flatter front and gets snug against the seat. Not sure how this works in a car but it’s a no go rear facing for a truck!

Monika Chagrin Falls, OH

Excellent quality seat, difficult to install rear facing

This was my newborn’s going home seat that we got before he was born for my husband’s car. For my car, we got a more conventional rear facing infant seat that detaches from the base so you have a baby carrier as well. That’s my entire experience with car seats. Here is my experience with the Safety First Omega car seat so far:Difficult to install rear facing: There are two issues here. One issue is the seat is all one piece unlike seats that detach from the base. So, as you move the straps through to connect to your car’s LATCH system, you have to deal with the entire seat being in your way. You also have to thread the straps through holes that you will only be able to see by crouching, and squatting inside your car. The kinds of car seats that have a base and detachable carrier don’t have this issue, since you just thread straps through a base, the seat isn’t in your way, and it’s easier on those other seats to see what you are doing because the top layer is stripped off. The second issue is that the seat is super wobbly when installed rear facing, unless you use rolled up towels to wedge under it (the installation instructions say to do this). It’s frustrating to have to reattach and detach the seat several times, as you wedge different sized towel rolls under the seat, reattach the seat, then test the wobble to see whether you guessed right about what size towel you need. That second issue would not be the case for a forward facing installation.Hard to adjust straps for baby’s size: On leaving the hospital, we had to readjust the straps to fit the baby. This took about 20 minutes to figure out how to do. It was easy once we figured out what button we were supposed to push, but the owner’s manual was not so clearly written, and we disconnected then reconnected a lot of different parts of the seat before finding the correct button.Seat looks comfortable for baby: Once the baby was in the seat, he looked pretty comfortable. He also had been fussing a lot while leaving the hospital and didn’t fuss on the drive home. The seat comes with a bumper to go around the head of small babies, and this kept his head from flopping around or tipping to the side. And, since it came with the seat, I know it is safety tested and won’t be a suffocation risk. If I were going on a long trip with a drive of more than 45 minutes, then absolutely I would use this seat. Our other seat does not have neck support which makes it a bad option for longer car rides. This one is great.Easy to strap baby in: After adjusting the straps to fit the baby, it was very easy to put him in and out of the seat. This is important, because you will need to do this every time you make a stop with the car.Not having a detachable baby carrier bothers me: The most inconvenient thing about this seat with an infant is that the seat is all one piece and there isn’t a removable carrier portion. I thought I didn’t want one, and would use a baby sling, but after trying that out, I really want the detachable carrier. With a detachable carrier, baby stays asleep if he’s sleeping, and finding a sling that is easy to get baby in and out of safely is harder than I thought it would be. Even if you think you don’t want a detachable seat to act as a carrier, rethink that if it is your first child. The detachable seat carrier is very convenient, especially not waking baby up when you arrive at a destination, and having somewhere to keep baby if you get a follow up exam, which you will have to do.Hospital may or may not check that this seat is properly installed: Supposedly, at the hospital I went to, they check that you have a car seat and it is properly installed. Really, they will help you adjust the carrier portion of a detachable seat, if you bring it into the hospital with you. With a seat that is fixed in your car, they wouldn’t help with the seat. This bothered me a little, because I hadn’t taken the seat to a fire station or elsewhere, where the state will have someone look at the seat and check that it is installed correctly.Overall, this is a good quality seat. If you have a child who is old enough for front facing, then this is an excellent choice. If you have an infant or small child who needs rear facing, then look at seats specific to that age range. It was difficult to install this rear facing, and seats with a detachable baby carrier are much more convenient with a newborn or infant.

Krystal Forestville, PA

This is good.

Good car seat but his head falls forward all the time. Still, I’m glad I bought it. It serves the purpose.

Christi Locust Grove, AR

hard to adjust the straps

This carseat does the job and our son seems comfortable in it on longer trips, but we have a heck of a time adjusting the straps. The straps are constantly getting "stuck" in the back. I dread putting him in the car in the winter months and trying to get the straps to adjust snugly around his coat or bigger sweatshirts because the darn thing is always stuck somehow. We’re happier with the Evenflo seat we bought as a 2nd seat and will probably buy another one of those for our next child.

Merle Montgomery, VT

Difficult to clean and not recline enough (facing forward)

I like the idea of having a car seat that my son can grow with it. Unfortunately, not this one.First, it’s difficult to clean it with the material they used for this car seat.Second, it’s not reclining enough when we placed this car seat facing forward for my son in our Ford Escape and Ford Explorer. My son basically leans forward. especially when he is sleeping, he basically hanging there by the seat belt. No support for his head what so ever. Those 2 pillows even make the situation worse. We removed one of them to make the situation better. we also put a cushion underneath the car seat with an intent to make it reclined to a certain degree. but via time, the cushion shifts, we need to constantly adjust it. Now just by looking at the picture now, I should have known it wouldn’t be reclining enough, especially with pillows.

Frankie Kidder, MO

excellent car seat

I did a lot of research before I bought this car seat – safety is most important. I’m VERY VERY satisfied with this car seat. I don’t know how well some of those more expensive($300+) ones works, but this particular ones is very well made for a lot less money. The construct is solid and reasonably heavy, doesn’t feel flimsy like a cheaper($60) one I also have.The car seat is very adjustable, degree of recline etc. to make child comfortable sitting in it. The weight is a bit heavier than the cheaper ones, but once installed, one wouldn’t be moving it very often anyway. The seat is well padded, so it’s comfortable. The installation is easy, i used it with seat anchor, hook into the anchor, pull the tab on the belt, and it’s done! Wife really liked the this one, we ended up bought total 3 of these to install in various cars.

Gayla Elmhurst, NY

not quite perfect.

Cons:Seat is uncomfortable for newborns due to the angle it sits at in the car.Seat is not suited for small / compact cars.Pros:nice thick paddingsoftcheaper than average

James Forney, TX

2nd one!

I bought this for our third child’s car seat we have one for our two year old and I love it. It is easy to clean and install and use. (Grandpa can even figure it out) And It isn’t a fight having to get her in it. I have no complaints regarding this car seat and rest assured knowing my kids are safe in them.

Beth Olyphant, PA

Cannot remove cover (Plan on never washing your seat)

The car seat was difficult to install rear facing. I took it to the hospital near my home that performs car seat checks and they stated that it is one of the most difficult seats to install rear facing. I drive an SUV and the seat in front of the car seat needs to be pushed forward to a point that an adult cannot sit there. I was dissatisfied at this point of using the seat but we were working around the issue. Today my child threw up in the seat and I need to take the cover off to wash it. There is apparently an older version of this car seat in which the base is removable, the current seat does not have this feature. The cover is seriously impossible to remove. I just spent 15 minutes on hold waiting for a customer care agent to explain what I’m doing wrong…I spent 15 minutes on the phone with her explaining that I’m not doing it wrong, I just need to try harder. To remove the round plastic pieces holding the cover down where your child’s bottom would be you need to stick your hand in between the base and the seat and press the bottom of the piece through the top by pressing a lip that holds it in place toward the outside of the seat (this is an extremely small space, even with the seat fully reclined). Once there you need to use great force (enough force that they recommend a screw driver or butter knife) to press the lip toward the outside. Unfortunately to reach this plastic lip I need to bend my fingers around another large plastic piece – I wear a women’s small glove and they barely fit – good luck bending a screwdriver around in this manner. I’m seriously going to have to get a babysitter so I can drive my car (without a car seat and child) to purchase a new seat or deal with vomit smell. Only buy this car seat if you won’t be installing it rear reclining and you plan to never never wash it.

Frankie Big Island, VA

very difficult to install and operate

It took us 3 hours to install this in our truck that does not have the latch system. Trying to use the locking bar was horrible. Now, it is extremely difficult to tighten and loosen the harness strap which to me is very dangerous in an emergency situation. I have to use all my strength in order to loosen the strap with one hand while pushing the button with the other. Not safe and I have a hard time trying to get ahold of anyone at Dorel. You have to email. Would never buy again. I have like our Evenflo Symphony that we have in our other car. Much easier to use!

Marcia Concho, OK

LOVE this seat.

I have been looking for a seat for my 7 1/2 month old boy for a long time… We still have his infant seat (Graco Snugride 35) but I wanted a larger seat for him to grow into. He is a big boy- 23 lbs and quite tall so his Snugride was already seeming quite snug.This seat is AMAZING…. Our boy loves to ride in it and is super comfy. We have it rear facing still (and will for likely another year), I love that this can then go forward facing and become a booster seat. Great value.My only complaint is that they didn’t include a piece to prop up the front for rear facing mode. The instructions literally say to put something under that part, why wouldn’t they just include a foam piece for this? I read a review that someone used a cut pool noodle which seemed like a great idea- we didn’t have one so a towel has worked fine for us.

Geraldine Challenge, CA

Difficult adjusting straps.

The seat arrived today and so far everything looks good. it comes completely assembled. I have bought at least 10 carseats in my life and not all of them come assembled. It does have arm rests but it’s kind of cool because they actually rotate up like in a regular car-seat, so they can be tucked away. It was kind of weird rotating them though, I really thought I would break them, because you have to pull them away from the seat. At first it made a noise that sounded like I had but all is well.Adjusting the straps is difficult. I didn’t have any problems adjusting the bottom piece, but the shoulder straps were difficult. Because of the way the seat is designed to recline (which it does easily), you can not access the part where the straps need to be released at from the bottom like in most seats. I had to use a flashlight to look at it, and I may have sustained some bruises. But over all it wasn’t a big deal and probably wont be as difficult next time. It really wasn’t difficult it was just the first time I had to do it blind like that.Everything with a lever adjusts easily. I had zero problems adjusting the straps. It moved through easier than any of my other seats have.The seat was not as pictured though. I thought I was ordering a light colored seat, and it’s actually very dark. the strap covers are completely black, The color is absolutely not as pictured. I will be contacting the company to see if I received the wrong one.The cup hold only appears to be made for one side of the seat (which in our car it is on the bad side.The item was received super fast. I ordered it on a friday and it arrived on a tuesday. I wasn’t expecting it for a few days after it arrived.Let’s talk about the IIHS guidlines. This seat has tested and been proven very safe. The IIHS guidlines state that this is not appropriate for most children in the BOOSTER setting. This is not necessarily true for all children though. If you feel your child is going to be tall and want to take the chance, go for it. In comparison to our four other booster seats, all of different makes, I feel it is far superior because it has more allowances for adjusting the cross strap. The entire seat itself is safe, but like with ALL boosters, you will need to ensure that the straps are fitting your child appropriately for their individual height and weight.I do not feel like this carseat is very heavy, or difficult to install. It’s clasps (where you hook it into the seat) are not as nice as Brittax, or Baby Trend. It is more like Graco, but it is very long, so if you have a car with the car seat hooks that sit farther into the seat (such as in G6’s) then you can breath some sigh of relief that it hopefully wont be as difficult to get in and out.

Lavonne Lidderdale, IA


we bought this car seat for our son when he was 7 months old for our second car and he loves it its very comfortable and super easy to install and even move if needed. So far we have only used it rear facing.

Augusta Mosheim, TN

Hate this car seat!

Wow, I really hate this car seat. It is the most uncomfortable thing in the world for my son… he never cried in his infant car seat; but in this convertible car seat, he hates car rides! Luckily, I am going to leave it at his grandparents, and try to find a new one for my car…. I bought this sight unseen based on the great reviews, but, even if my huge SUV it is so uncomfortable. The angle just isn’t right, if you lean it back as far as they say, he has his legs way up in the air. If you lean it forward, he is like smushed. And there is no head support, had to remove the one that was there, because it made it even MORE uncomfortable due to pushing his back too far forward, so now, when he falls asleep, his head falls over on his shoulders 🙁

Meghan Buchanan, MI

Do not recommend.

First off, DO NOT use this seat in booster mode. It does not position the seat belt in the correct way and is actually dangerous to use.Aside from that, this seat is notorious in child safety circles for being very difficult to install securely, and even more difficult to get the correct incline level.It will be a struggle every time you need to move it, and even then you may not get it quite in the right spot.There are many, many different seats out there at this price point that are much easier to use correctly.I am giving it two stars only because *if* you can get it installed correctly, it will contain your child in an accident as long as you are in harnessed mode. Of course, that should be true of any seat, and almost all will be easier to install correctly than this beast!

Robert Mascot, TN