Safety 1st Baby and Pet Gate, Brown

Safety 1st Baby and Pet Gate, Brown

Safety 1st Baby & Pet GateFits doorways 29 ½” – 42″24″ highadjustable designPerfect for hallways and between roomsLength 1Height 26.25Width 29.50-42

Main features

  • Easily allows cats to pass through portal
  • Sturdy, adjustable design
  • Pressure mounted, no hardware required
  • Designed to meet all safety requirements for children and pets
  • Fits doorways 29.5″ to 42″

Verified reviews


Cat hates it and doesn’t stay up well

The concept of this gate is good but is lacking in design execution. Our cat would never crawl through the hole and it is kinda flimsy and not as sturdy as I expect a baby gate to be.

Margot Oxford, MS

Does the job

Be prepared for the attractive dark finish to flake off within seconds of unpackaging. The gate does what it’s supposed to do, though, offering a quick and easy baby-containment solution while allowing even large cats to pass through the cut-out. It’s good enough for our purposes, so I bought another one. I’d recommend it.

Petra Baring, WA

Flimsy and Cheap

My baby broke this gate after a month by pushing on it. He was around seven months old at the time, which gives you an idea of how cheap this product is. To make matters worse, the wood splintered and the fragments formed potentially dangerous spikes. Bad product, shouldn’t be on the market.

Madeline Oakland, MS


This is the perfect baby/pet gate!!! I needed something to block the entrance to the kitchen where the cat’s water and food bowl is so my daughter won’t crawl in there and play with it. This works great! It is really sturdy and stable. My girl has tried pulling herself up on it and I don’t worry about it falling over on her. It is adjustable and I’ve had no problems with it fitting (like other reviewers). We have a skinny baseboard but that hasn’t been an issue with the fit at all. It has a lot of options for adjusting the size and it seems like it should fit many spaces. When the gate arrived I was afraid that the cat hole was way too small for my giant cat – he’s 14+ pounds or so, and a large breed – but he fits without any problem at all. The area around the cat hole is nice and sturdy and is not big enough for my girl to put her head through or anything worrisome like that. I highly, highly recommend this gate! I would buy it again.

Natalia Fayville, MA

Works great to wrangle the kiddies

The Safety 1st Baby and Pet Gate is fantastic! It is exactly as described and works exactly as one would expect. So much so that I have now purchased two of these gates.I purchased this gate to keep my niece away from our stairways when I babysit her. The gate also kept her out of the portion of our home that houses the litter boxes. I have two cats (one with arthritis) and they of course need to have access to their boxes, but I didn’t want them to have to jump over it (especially the one with arthritis). The Safety 1st Baby and Pet Gate is sufficient is serving both purposes.The gate is sturdy and when locked into place is does not budge under duress from my niece or my cats. It is easy to lock into place, and just as easy to unlock and take down. The cat head opening is big enough for both my cats to fit through (12-15 lbs), and they use it without hesitation. (They also like it to keep my niece away from them).The description says it fits doorways 29.5" to 42". I have it in a 41" hallway and it fits perfect. I was worried when I purchased it that with the measurement being so close I might be pushing it, but this was not an issue at all. In fact, there are still a few more notches on the gate, that it could probably fit 43", although don’t take my word for it.Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the Safety 1st Baby and Pet Gate. It does exactly what I needed it to. Fits exactly like it should. And it was affordable to boot!

Lakisha West Granby, CT

great for keeping the kid away from cat food and litter

I’m only giving four stars instead of five because this is a standard pressure gate, and has all the minor annoyances that come along with that mechanism (mostly that it’s a bit of a pain to set up, and you always feel like you’re forcing the bar down even though the instructions specifically say not to force it).But it does what it needs to: it blocks doors for toddlers, but even lets through cats that are too stupid to jump over a two-foot-tall gate. And unless your cat is absolutely massive, they’ll fit through the cat-door. Our cat weighs 20lbs and fits through with only a little bit of ducking (she’s not just fat, she’s also tall).

Jaime Turkey City, PA

Don’t waste your time or money

Despite all of the negative reviews I thought I would give it a shot because it’s such a great price point. We didn’t need it for the top of the stairs or any other crucial safety feature, just to keep our 9-month old out of the kitty litter room. It’s even more flimsy and cheap than I expected it would be! My daughter can easily pull it down and unless your door is the right dimensions, the kitty hold can get covered up by the interior part of the gate. It’s a shame because I like the idea! It’s taking me more effort to order and return it than it deserves.

Felecia York, NE

Not good for large cats, but works well for smaller ones…

Note: I had to change my review due to a recent experience with this product.[…]This gate is great for smaller cats, probably about 10 lbs or less. I have one cat that is approximately 18 lbs and he can’t fit through the opening. Instead, he has to jump over. If they made a larger opening, the gate would be great.Though I would purchase this gate again, there are some points of interest to share:1. The gate leaves black marks on the walls. Our walls are a tan/creme color and we have black rings and smudges from the rubber stoppers on the side of the gate.2. If your baby is anything like ours, once our son became more mobile, the cat hole became a game for him. He throws small items through the hole to the other side. Mind you, he does the same over the gate but in case you have any concern about this, it’s good to know.3. Finally, the gate can shift along the wall if enough force is used. Our son is 28 lbs and is able to shake the gate and move it along the wall. He hasn’t succesfully moved it enough to have it push down, but it does shift.I also wish that you didn’t have to leg over this gate. If it would somehow open and allow you through and still have a pet hole, that would be ideal.Bear in mind, we don’t have a lot of experience with other gates so the points I’ve listed above may just be normal in the world of baby gates…I think though if you do have a smaller pet, this gate is worth it.New comments:Recently my son was able to push the gate and fell on top of it. It seems that the tension starts to wear out and doesn’t hold the gate up as well. Our son is now 32.5 lbs. If you have a kid that’s strong, I would probably opt for a gate that attaches to the wall and let the cats jump over rather than putting the kid at risk…

Reva Panhandle, TX