Safety 1st Baby On Board Sign Magnet

Safety 1st Baby On Board Sign Magnet

Safety 1st baby on board sign magnet lets people know that you’ve got a baby on board with the classic sign by Safety 1st. The sign measures 4″X4″. Adheres to the back of your car without leaving any marks. Alerts drivers to be cautious.

Main features

  • Adheres to the back of car without leaving any marks
  • Alerts drivers to be cautious
  • Measures 4″x4″

Verified reviews


buy this magnet baby on board sign

buy this magnet baby on board sign. I had a suction sticky one as well, which was awful because i had to place it from inside my car window and it was not visible. This one can be stuck on to the outside of your car which will make it very visible!

Mable Dugspur, VA

damaged my car.

previously had a good review for this but not anymore. it damaged our car. somehow the sun faded it and you cannot see any of the letters. it just turned white. I went to remove it and it was stuck to our car. it ruined the paint job. I contacted the company and am in the process of getting estimates for them to pay for my car to be re-painted! 🙁

Abbie Bronson, TX

Very happy with this product

I am an expectant mom and I already have this on my car. I bought the magnet for my sister in law and myself. Our first children will be 5 1/2 months apart and I have to say that this gives me a peace of mind when driving.It has held up great so far and sticks really well to the car with no damage to the paint. We just take it off when we wash it and make sure the car is dry before we put it back on. Also the color really stands out against my red car, and my sister in law’s gray jeep. I would highly suggest the magnet over the one with the suction cup that stays inside the the car. I do a lot of nyc driving and when I see a car with the “BOB” with the suction cup I barely notice it as many cars have tinted windows. My sister in law used to have the suction cup and it kept falling off too. She threw that away pretty fast. The magnet is much more visible to other cars and that’s what you want when all those crazy drivers zoom past you and much more durable. I’m thinking about getting one for my mom’s car when the baby comes too.

Dianna Middletown, NY


This magnet is great. It’s bright and stays on in all sorts of weather. I prefer magnet so that if we sell our car we don’t have to worry about removing a bumper sticker and the hassles that might come with it.

Lynn Huntington Mills, PA

excellent item for families

we put one on both vehicles and plan to order some for the grandparents. People are always commenting on it, so I know it is being noticed while driving too. I always get asked where to buy one

Noelle Absarokee, MT

Safety first!

It’s bright, it stands out, and it’s easy to read. There’s not much more to say about it…. it’s a good car magnet to have to alert people behind you that you are carrying precious cargo.

Freida Hemingway, SC

Cute, Strong, But Didn’t Make it thru Summer

This magnet is the classic style that I wanted for my car just in case it would deter crazy driving behind me.It stuck very well- it is strong enough that it isn’t going to slide down your car. It stayed in place for us even though we had to sort of angle it and one corner didn’t lay as flat as I would have liked (our car has a big spare tire container in the back and I could have stuck it on there and laid it flat, but I didn’t like how that looked).I’ve ordered two of these now- which does tell you something about the durability, right? The first one lasted about a year before it started to crack and then peel while mostly parked inside the garage. The second one lasted only about two months. But to be fair the second one was on a car that got parked outside in the direct summer sunlight of CA the last few months. It started to discolor quickly and then the letters started to shed and peel.If you expect this to last long in a sunny locale, it probably won’t. It isn’t made to last long. But I still like having it and think the magnet is a better option than a sticker or the inside suction thing that always falls off.In fact, I’m about to order my third one now.

Bertie Pittsburg, TX