Safety 1st Baby On Board Sunshade, 2 Pack

Safety 1st Baby On Board Sunshade, 2 Pack

This SunShade by Safety 1st easily clings to car windows to help protect children from the sun’s harmful rays. See-through material helps maintain driver’s view. Removable and reusable. Durable static cling material.

Main features

  • See-through material helps maintain driver’s view
  • Removable and reusable
  • Durable static cling material
  • Universal size fits most any type of window and secures without brackets or tape
  • Set of two 13 1/2″ by 21″ vinyl shades

Verified reviews


What a waste of money!

The concept was great, and I love the fact that they are not potential projectiile risks in an accident (like the suction cup sunshades)….however, they do NOT stay on your windshield at all, especially in weather warmer than 75 degrees. I live in Southern California where it is always sunny and needed to shade my daughter when the sun hits the back windshield at a certain time during the day. THey work well when they actually stay on the windshield, but they inevitably start to peel off, which is incredibly annoying. What is more annoying is that it is also very difficult to apply this onto your windshield in a smooth fashion-there are bubbles that I can’t avoid, and unless i had anothe rperson helping me, I don’t see myself being able to attach this thing without bubbles and smoothing it out on my own. I wish they would make it so that it clings to your windshield better, but I guess that’s why the price is so low….you kinda get what you pay for.

Betty Heathsville, VA

Reduces the sunlight

The product was easy to install and reduces much of the bright sunlight on our baby’s face, but not as much protection as I expected.

Madeleine New Germany, MN

These do not work.

Waste of money. They do not work. They will not stay up. I cleaned the windows to make sure that wasn’t a problem, and that did not make a difference. The suction cupped ones work a lot better.

Mary Revelo, KY

Pain to Get Flat on the Window, but Does the Job!

I bought these after hearing horror stories about bulky window shades coming off and hitting a child during a collision. I wanted these because they are flat on the window, thus there is nothing to fly off and become a hazard. While I like that they can be cut to the desired size, it’s similar to working with cling wrap. Unless you have a second set of hands, it’s a pain to get it cut straight and on the window without bubbles. Just ask someone to help!

Allison Cornland, IL

Doesn’t stick

I wish this worked but it doesn’t. Just doesn’t stay on. It is Very cheap. You get what you pay for.

Sadie Redgranite, WI

Safety 1st Cling Sunshade – not large enough for full-size SUV windows

Safety 1st Cling Sunshade 21" wide – 2 Pack was very easy to install, but I wished that had one size larger for full-size SUV windows. I used both sheets for just one window…

Susie Teec Nos Pos, AZ

much better than any other sunshade

much better than any other sunshade, and we ‘ve tried a lot, but they just don’t cover enough sunlight as well as this one. Yes it don’t look good as good, but as least you can block your window perfectly with 2 packs of Sunshade. I could open the window as well after attaching these. Totally recommend it if you don’t care so much about the look.

Kristy Yosemite, KY

Inexpensive, but looks awful

This is actually a great idea, but the idiots who packaged it created a ton of creases that are obvious once applied to the window and make it look like old window tinting that’s coming off. If they simply rolled the sheet up and sold it in a tube, we would not have this problem.Aside from this major negative, this is a great solution if you want to be able to roll the window down with the shade on it. You can also cut it up into shapes/sizes to custom fit your window.Based on other reviews, I think a lot of people don’t know how to install this correctly (blame it on the vague directions that come in the box). So I am copying another reviewer’s tips on installing from a similar product’s page. If you follow these tips, it should be a breeze (though don’t expect the creases to go away):Here’s what you do…1. Clean the window to remove any dust and lint.2. Remove the cling from package and avoid too many finger prints on it. Also, try not to place it on your car seats or anywhere that it can pick up dust/lint.3. Spray a light mist of glass cleaner on your window.4. “Float” the cling on the wet surface until you get it where you want it.5. Using an old credit card, work any bubbles/liquid out from the center of the cling towards the edges. Be careful to do this gently and slowly so that the card doesn’t catch on the plastic and make a kink.6. Use paper towels to soak up glass cleaner as it seeps out from the edges.7. If you have any stubborn areas, lift the cling away from the glass, spray more cleaner, and repeat steps 5-6.

Dorthy Burnside, PA