Safety 1st Baby Safety Railnet

Safety 1st Baby Safety Railnet

The Safety 1st Railnet is designed to help protect children and pets from balcony and railing accidents. This durable mesh guard installs easily on any type of railing. The net is weatherproof and is perfect for use both inside and out. It is a 10′ railnet, universal size and has railing ties and screw eyes which helps keep net securely attached.

Main features

  • 10′ railnet
  • Durable mesh net
  • Weatherproof
  • Universal size
  • Railing ties and screw eyes helps keep net securely attached

Verified reviews


Best I found

We bought a house that for all the other dumb stuff the sellers were asked to do after our inspection both personal and VA, they didn’t have issue with the openings between the rails on the stairway. My older daughter could not just fit her head through but her whole body with no effort! They are the typical late sixties rails and are metal. Before you scoff and say how you would just replace them with code wooden ones I implore you to look up the cost of a single family home in the DC Metro area of Potomac and you will likely gulp as you swallow your words! So this netting is a much more viable and affordable option. Easy to install and very sturdy if you attach it properly. Once my girls are old enough I will get rid of the netting and gates and maybe even reclaim the living room as an adult room. Until then this item is a great purchase to keep children safe.

Karina Bowman, ND

It looks awful

I hate to be vain but this looks awful. It does serve it’s purpose of keeping my baby from falling down the stairs which is most important. I am counting down the days until I can get rid of it though.

Jacquelyn Pecks Mill, WV


it does the job, my daughter is discourage from playing with the railing since we installed this mesh…. not the best looking product but there is nothing else available in the market.

Della Cabool, MO

Works great

We have this at the top of our stairs. It works great! It is obviously not he prettiest thing over a nice railing, but it keeps our little one safe and does not obstruct the view much.

Leona Windthorst, TX

Pretty decent

They give you a TON of ties. the reinforced fabric trim that you’re supposed to attach the netting to the rail with is not that strong. it started to stretch/tear when i put it in. i am not sure it is going to hold up with the kids.

Julie Fairland, OK

Does the Job

This net does what it says. I don’t really like that you have to screw into the railing, but a child’s safety is way more important. It was also a little wonky to size down the length. I wouldn’t say it’s too stylish either, but a person would be hard-pressed to find a stylish railing guard. At the end of the day, it does what it says and keeps the kid from falling though the railing.

Penelope Yale, VA

it’s a net

it does what a net should do….we set it up on our balcony. Nothing more to add here as it’s a net.

Irene Boulder Junction, WI


i use it in my indoor round stair and patio stair. to keep my child safe when walking up and down the stair. easy to install.

Luella Loysburg, PA

safe but short

These are safe no doubt.Easy to installShort…So I need two to cover my relatively small balcony.No more toys and even dishes landing on innocent pedestrians.

Lynnette Walker, KS

time consuming, but worth it

we are in a rental home so needed to set something up that would not leave any marks or damage. Took me awhile to thread and tie everything, but was certainly worth it. Not the prettiest net, but it works and it isn’t permanent!

Charlene Mendon, MO

Okay, could be better

Once you install this piece of netting, it really is a nice product. Installation, however, is worthy of an epic stress fest. The ties they include are nylon rope, cut into 7 inch or so strips. Pretty much worthless. We ended up using zip ties like some of the other reviewers and found that to work quite nicely for getting the netting taut. Along the bottom we did use their eye screws that they included. It would be helpful if they had more holes along the top pre-drilled so where your railings don’t perfectly match up you can switch holes one or two inches over. Same thing for the corner, we found there was a pretty significant gap of where the horizontal and vertical holes met, therefore the corner kind of sagged. We fixed this easily with a couple hand made holes, but they aren’t quite as finished as the other holes. Like I said though, once installed, this netting is virtually invisible and has been complimented on by many of our guests.

Lucia Jonesville, MI

Great fit and value!

Nice quality, fits well, and easily tailored to fit my application with little effort. Appear to be durable and safe!

Rosemary Graham, FL

Geat product

This works perfectly on my banister keeps baby safe from falling through the wide opening. This allowed me to save money because I didn’t have to pay a handy man to add more spindles to my stairway banister.

Corrine Rochelle, GA

Perfect for an outdoor patio

Let me start off by saying there is probably no way that I would install this inside my house. It is definitely not the most stylish or fancy looking safety net. But for the purpose of an outdoor guard it is perfect. My condo is on the second floor and while I wasn’t concerned about my daughter falling through I didn’t want to worry about her throwing her toys onto the deck below. I didn’t use the hooks and string that came with it because it looked sloppy and was frankly a bit of a pain to install. So I used simple tack nails to tack down the bottom trim to the side of the deck beam and along the top to the rail. The nails are nice and small and won’t leave any longterm damage. If you are looking for something a little less ‘attached’ then the twine they supply would work. All in all a nice cheap solution for a deck toy barrier! Just make sure you get more than one if you have a long deck…. one wasn’t enough for me and I need to get another one.

Avis Libertyville, IL