Safety 1st Baby’s 1st 3-in-1 Thermometer

Safety 1st Baby’s 1st 3-in-1 Thermometer

Great for oral, rectal or underarm temperature measurement, this digital thermometer features a flexible tip that is comfortable for a child to accept by any method. Takes an accurate rectal temperature in approximately 40 seconds, oral and underarm in approximately 60 seconds. Flexible tip for comfort. Over-insertion gauge for proper rectal positioning. Comfort-grip handle provides an ergonomic hold for parents. Memory feature helps monitor a fever. Large digital display is easy to read. Visual indicator signals when a temperature reading is complete. Protective storage case and one long-life battery included.

Main features

  • Takes an accurate rectal temperature in approximately 40 seconds, oral and underarm in approximately 60 seconds
  • Flexible tip for comfort
  • Over-insertion gauge for proper rectal positioning
  • Comfort-grip handle provides an ergonomic hold for parents
  • Large digital display is easy to read

Verified reviews


Accurate thermometer, but a little challenging.

Thermometer seems to be accurate, and I like the multiple uses (rectal/underarm/oral). However, it took me a bit to understand exactly how it worked and how to know when it was done reading a temperature. The instructions that come with the product are not very clear, but I eventually figured it out.

Eileen Breezy Point, NY


This is the slowest thing i have ever encountered in my life. Seriously MINUTES! YES MINUTES! to take a rectal or underarm reading. REALLY?!?!?!?! and its not even that accurate. My basal thermometer blows this one out of the water. My son right now has the flu. His temperature is 103.6. It takes like 45 seconds for the thing to even get over 96 degrees!! With a temp this high it should be moving a LOT faster than that!Save your money and buy something else, PLEASE!

Octavia Studio City, CA

Takes too long for a reading

My baby is a squirming active 6 week old, getting him to keep this under his arm, or "God forbid" in his anus is a task that gets us both worked up. Will be looking for a 10 second reader

Elena Little York, IL

Doesn’t beep when finished

This thermometer doesn’t tell you when it is done/can be read. It doesn’t beep. That’s a heck of a thing to discover when it has been stuck in your screaming newborn’s rectum for several minutes. Not only do I not recommend this product, but I am now hesitant to buy any Safety 1st products.

Sara Crescent City, CA

not quick enough, doesn’t seem accurate

I bought this thermometer to have on hand for our newborn because I thought this was as quick as they come. I wish I would have found the much quicker (less than 10 seconds) thermometers first and not wasted time and money on this one. It takes too long for us and doesn’t seem to be accurate (seems like it reads cooler than the actual temp).

Sybil Glasgow, MT


No problems. The concept of 3 in 1 is baffling to me. I don’t thinkI can sanitize enough. Sturdy product

Lenora Bronson, KS


You have to stick this thermometer in a baby’s butt for 5-10 minutes to get the temperature of the baby. In the meantime, the baby is crying hysterically and is extremely unhappy.

Stacy Island Grove, FL

price and quality

I am only giving it 3 stars because there is no Celsius.I do not use F here. Help if possible

Graciela Grand Island, NE


The fact that they can even call this a baby thermometer is laughable. I was expecting a thermometer that would read in 5 perhaps 10 seconds… this one takes about a minute to fully read. I bought this for myself when I was pregnant, but soon threw it away. Can you imagine taking a rectal temp for a full minute?!?!?Save yourself the trouble and spend a few extra dollars for a quick read thermometer that reads in 5 or 10 seconds tops.

Leticia Corinth, NY


This is the SLOWEST thermometer ever made. Seriously. It took nearly a hundred years for it to take my baby’s temp. It creeps up by about a tenth of a degree each second, starting at about 96 degrees. Yikes.

Isabel Fletcher, NC


This thermometer does not work at all. I should have listened to the terrible reviews. I threw it away yesterday. Don’t waste your money.

Erika Cambridgeport, VT